5 Incredible Lucid Dreaming Experiments You Must Try!


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

I’d like to share a fun sort of post with you today.  Some experiments you can do in a Lucid Dream to learn and experience various things.

As you know you’re able to talk to your subconscious in a Lucid Dream, so what sort of things could you do or discover? Well, here are a few.

1: Telling your dream characters they’re in a dream

This one is great fun, and can have very interesting results. I wrote a post about convincing dream characters they’re in a dream before but I feel it should be included here as well.

What do you think would happen when you tell your dream character they’re in a Lucid Dream? Would they become Lucid with you?

Well, it kinda depends on how aware and in control you are, but if you’re in control and you’ve grounded yourself properly in the dream the dream characters can also become Lucid with you.

It’s a way of advancing through the different ‘layers of a lucid dream’ That I mention in some of my videos.


2: Talking to your nightmares

Ever been so afraid of something that you just can’t stand even thinking about it, let alone talking about it? For me, it was dogs, and wasps.

I was terrified of them but then in a Lucid Dream, I found a dog and literally asked it, ‘Why am I afraid of you’ and it replied something along the lines of ‘You were chased by one as a young child and you haven’t really fixed the fear that came as a result of that. You also have minor trust issues, so you don’t trust that dogs won’t chase after you again’.

Wow. Pretty eye opening for me, and the same sort of thing happened when I asked a wasp the same thing in a dream. Turns out I got stung when I was 4 and could have died.

I tried to pick up a wasp because I thought it looked pretty and wanted to pet it, it then stung me and (as the wasp explained in the dream) I therefore developed slight trust issues and a deep seated fear of wasps. It took YEARS for me to fix that problem and Lucid Dreaming is directly responsible for helping me with that.

3: Look into a mirror!

When you look at a mirror in real life, you notice that it’s an exact representation of you, (obviously). The laws physics are at play and so you MUST see exactly how you look. In a dream of course physics and any other laws are non-existent, therefore looking into a mirror in a dream can show you a lot about yourself and the way you’re feeling about yourself.

It’s a little bit like your residual self image, which I’ve spoken about before. A blueprint of what you think you should look like stored in your mind. Finding a mirror allows you to see in great detail exactly the sort of person you think you are.

The scary thing however, is that sometimes we can see things which we normally ignore in a dream mirror. We can greatly exaggerate physical flaws and imperfections and it can loo really scary. Still an interesting Lucid Dreaming experiment though!

4: Speak to a psychiatrist/counsellor

Your subconscious mind is a fascinating person to talk to. Really, just search a city for a counsellor in a dream and sit down and talk to them. It will reveal things to you that you never would have realised before. You can also sort of ask the dream questions, and it usually will respond with something interesting. One of my lucid dreaming stories explains how I asked my subconscious mind what I should do with my life.

5: Travel in time and meet yourself in the future

Really good experiment to find out what you really think of your goals and aspirations. Do you TRULY believe you’ll achieve your goals and dreams? If so, you’ll meet a refined, successful and awesome version of yourself in the future and you’ll awaken feeling motivated and inspired.

If you don’t believe in yourself, it will come out in the dream. You can’t trick your subconscious mind, (easily) and often it will show you a merciless representation of your beliefs and thoughts towards yourself.

Oh, I made a video too. Thought you might like to hear me talk about this as well, if you don’t have time to read or you’ve skim read up to this point, I’ll go over some things about this post in this video..

Useful tools

To have a go at these experiments, you’ll need to be able to actually get lucid in the first place. The best way to get started is to go through our bootcamp course. It teaches you exactly how to start in less than 30 days. Here are some more useful tools:


  • Read this book, it will give you more inspiration for experiments you can try in lucid dreams and it’s backed by science
  • Try some lucid supplements to go deeper in the dream and have more stable/vivid dreams
  • Listening to these soundtracks while going to sleep can help you lucid dream (If you select the lucid dreaming package. Each binaural beat pack does something slightly different)