LucidCatcher Complete Review 2023 Selling Lucid Dream Tokens?


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UPDATE 2018: The LucidCatcher is no longer for sale or being marketed. I believe the business has shut down and you can now no longer buy the LucidCatcher from Luciding. This review will remain here for those who are interested or in case they bring it back in the future, but now all LucidCatcher links redirect to the main post about lucid dreaming masks. 

The LucidCatcher is a unique lucid dreaming device that can get inside your head and help you become lucid. This is my honest review of LucidCatcher for all those who are confused or curious.

What is the LucidCatcher?

The LucidCatcher is a ‘sleep neuromodulation’ device by Luciding which is designed to help you lucid dream. It’s the only mask I’m aware of that doesn’t require any background information and can be used as a complete beginner. I’ll explain why that’s possible later.

LucidCatcher by Luciding

The device is a headband that you wear when going to sleep, with electrodes on the inside of the band. These electrodes stimulate your brainwaves and help you lucid dream. It’s a truly unique mask and the feeling is very strange/interesting.

How does the LucidCatcher work?

The LucidCatcher works in a unique way:

You’re probably aware that most if not all lucid dreams happen during your REM sleep. The vast majority of lucid dreaming masks and supplements work by trying to ‘prod’ you into lucidity during this REM phase with either the active ingredients, or by flashing lights in front of your eyes etc.

The LucidCacther works differently. It actively DETECTS when you’re in REM sleep, and then actively zaps your brain with direct neurostimulation designed to instantly enter your brain into a lucid dream. It’s REALLY exciting. No other mask or device that I’m aware of can do this.

Lucidcatcher reviewed

There are other masks that can do similar things. Most of these are CHEAPER than the LucidCatcher but they might not be as effective:

The problem is that none of the above can directly induce a lucid dream through neurostimulation. This direct approach and direct results are why I’m so exited about the LucidCatcher and why I HAD to write this review as soon as I could.

The mask works by hooking up to an app on your phone which can track your sleep much like the Shepherd, but it can also detect your REM sleep and control how powerful the electrostimulation is as well.

Selling lucid dreams like Netflix sells films

Luciding have come up with a new and unique model for pricing the LucidCatcher. They’re saying that the device will be very affordable, but the main pricing model is based on dreams themselves. They’re charging per lucid dream in the form of ‘lucid dream tokens’.

So you could have a Netflix or online currency based system here where you’d have say 30 dream tokens in your account, and when they’re gone you’d need to purchase more in order to have more lucid dream.

This unique and slightly strange pricing model probably works because the mask and the unique way it induces lucid dreams can be done for beginners and very reliably. This means they can be almost sure that they’ll induce lucid dreams, and therefore they can charge per dream!

People have been trying to do this sort of thing for years, and although there have been countless lucid dreaming masks, meditation machines and all sorts of other crazy lucid dreaming devices, (some even involving your crotch), this seems to be the most promising neurostimulation lucid dreaming device.

Is the LucidCatcher safe to use?

Because the device works by electrically stimulating your brain, the question has to be asked; if it safe? Well, yes. The stimulation that the device uses is safe for use on babies, and so for fully grown adults, it’s absolutely fine. It’s gone through a fairly extensive (3-4 years) testing and design process, so by this stage the product is very safe, effective and ready to be used!

LucidCatcher discount codes and coupons?

Here I’ll list various discount links, codes and coupons as I find them. Bookmark this page and make sure to always check here before buying the LucidCatcher as you’ll be able to save some money! I usually find the best links and discount codes for lucid dreaming related products!

For now the best way to get a LucidCatcher is to click here and choose your benefit package. They offer some great bonuses depending on how much you pledge!

LucidCatcher review summary

The LucidCatcher is a unique product with a lot to offer. I’m in the process of testing it out for a number of months and I’ll be uploading videos on my channel of my findings and opinions of the LucidCatcher but so far it’s very impressive.

You should bookmark this page as I’ll be adding sections in here like how to use it to lucid dream better and loads of tips and tricks. For now, you might want to check out these things as well:

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