Our Lucid Dreaming Ebooks, Programs and Courses

Each link opens in a new tab. These programs cover all levels of skill, from beginner to advanced.

Want one of these products for FREE? Here’s how: If you want this or any of my lucid dreaming courses, ebooks or programs completely free, you actually can do that now. All you need to do is complete a few online ‘tasks’ for us that won’t take more than a few minutes. Learn how to do it here.

The Lucid Breakthrough Video course (BRAND NEW 2021-22)

The Lucid Breakthrough Video course is a detailed troubleshooting guide to your problems. I’ve collected LOTS of information from my students over 8 years, and narrowed it down to a handful of specific things holding you back. I answer and explain those mistakes and how to avoid them.

Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp Program (Printable Calendar Template And Instructions)

The most effective lucid dreaming course, which takes you step by step through what you’re doing wrong. It comes with a printable template and several Ebooks, showing you what to practice every day for 30 days.

Ultimate Reality Checks Guide

The Ultimate Reality Checks Guide shows you how to have more lucid dreams with natural reality checks. They can be difficult to get to SHOW UP in your dreams and make you become lucid. We work on solving that problem completely in this Ebook.

Lucid Superpowers

In the lucid superpowers Ebook you’ll learn exactly how to master things like flying, teleporting and many more superpowers. It explains in detail the different superpowers and techniques. This is great for those who have started learning to lucid dream but don’t quite know where to go from here.

Remember Your Dreams: Have more lucid dreams

Remember your dreams is a brand new, complete, detailed guide for remembering your dreams, AND your waking life memory. Learn powerful proven methods for boosting your dream recall and the best guide for keeping a digital dream journal.

Beginners Guide

5 Steps to lucid dreaming shows you everything you need to know to get started and have a lucid dream. If you’re looking for something to get started with and actually get you results, this is what you should get. It’s a collection of all the essential information, so that you can start controlling your dreams as soon as possible!

Dream Meaning Manual

The Dream Meaning Manual is a detailed video course and PDF ebook about dream meanings. You’ll learn how to interpret ANY dream in minutes, even if it’s scary, weird or unusual. Learn about the powerful hidden messages in your dreams.

Binaural Beats Mastery Course

Binaural Beats Mastery explains in DETAIL how to use binaural beats to get the maximum effect. How to lucid dream using soundwaves, and how to MASTER them. You’ll learn how to double your focus using these soundwaves, and even how to create your OWN.