My Experience With Reality Shifting (How I Shifted Timelines)


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Have you ever had an experience with reality shifting?

Well, I have and it’s very trippy!

There have been times when I was able to shift timelines or jumped into different realities.

I want to talk about my experience with this because it is a bit strange and I think that you would find it very interesting.

You might’ve experienced a similar thing or heard other successful reality shifting stories.

Whichever one it is, you might be mindblown about how this stuff works.

There are things that I have learned from my experiences.

By sharing these with you, I might be able to make all this stuff less ‘mystical’.

So if you’re up for it, let’s try to make sense of all these timeline and reality shifting experiences.

In this article you will learn:

  •  What are reality shifting and timeline jumps
  • My personal experiences with them
  •  The possible explanations for these experiences

Let’s dive in!

My Experience With Reality Shifting

Maybe you’ve experienced it before or you’re not sure if you did. Or maybe you’ve been lurking at reality shifting Reddit threads about random people’s reality shifting experiences and you’re not sure whether to believe them or not.

It can be quite hard to define your own experiences with no one to compare them with nor to believe someone’s anonymous post on a thread.

So, let me share my own experiences with you.

What Is My Experience With Reality Shifting?

On average, I think I’ve had too many reality shifting experiences than I could count. My experience is with Deja Vu, when I feel like I’ve been in the same situation before and I’m able to predict what will happen next. 

This experience has something to do with quantum echo, which we’ll talk about later.

But first, let’s talk about reality shifting in general.

experience with reality shifting

What Is Shifting Reality?

The idea that you can teach yourself to shift into a totally new reality is surely enticing.

There are different reality shifting communities giving out shifting methods on sites like Amino, Reddit, or Tiktok.

But don’t listen to those especially if they tell you that you can shift to Hogwarts. That has something more to do with lucid dreaming.

Reality shifting is about shifting your consciousness from one reality to another.

By using your intention and focus, you can actually shift your entire consciousness to a different reality or a different timeline.

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lucid dreaming

What Is The Point Of Reality Shifting

The point of reality shifting is to make you realize that you’re not stuck with just one reality.

You are not a victim of your circumstances. There are multiple realities that exist out there and it’s up to you which reality you want to be in.

You just have to align your frequency to the frequency of that reality that you desire.

If you want to be able to reality shift but you don’t know where to start, I recommend reading this article about how to reality shift tonight.

Reality Shifting Proof

Before we go ahead, I want to cast away any doubt you have about reality shifting so that you can be able to resonate with my experiences better.

There are so many stories about reality shifting experiences out there but some people still don’t believe it. 


For one, there’s so much conflicting information out there and second, it’s hard to find credibility in just some random ‘story’.

man holding glass flask

But Reality shifting is very real and the scientific proof is out there.

If you want to know the scientific studies that prove this, I recommend reading this article about why reality shifting is real.

My Experience With Reality Shifting And Timeline Jumps

Before we get into this, I want to make it clear that I don’t know all the answers. 

I don’t know exactly how or why any of the stuff happens or works.

I’m just experiencing and exploring just as you are. 

time is nonlinear

I’m also just seeking answers and all I can do is share my experiences and how it feels.

Just like with lucid dreaming or any mystic thing, no one can really call themselves a master of these.

Why? Because there’s always more to learn.

There are always more aspects and deeper levels that you could dive into.

With that being said, here are my experiences with timeline shifts or jumps. When reality doesn’t quite feel completely normal. 

Deja Vu

Woman experiencing deja vu

Have you experienced Deja Vu?

You’re probably familiar with it.

It’s when you’re experiencing a moment and you feel like you’ve been in that exact same moment before. It feels familiar, even though it’s not really. 

There’s no way you could have been in that exact moment before but at that moment, you simply know that you’ve been there.

This feels the same as a memory and sometimes you can even remember what’s about to happen in a day.

I’ve experienced this a couple of times as well.

There have been many times when I’ve had a day job and I’ve thought, “this happened before and what’s going to happen next is this .”

man leaning on a clock with a plant

It doesn’t really matter whether I got it right or not. 

So it’s not like you can predict the lottery or do anything too crazy but it’s just interesting as it is.

Knowing What’s Gonna Happen Next

Let’s say I am walking down the street and I tell someone that I’ve been at that exact moment before. 

He asks: “So what’s on to happen next?”

“There’ll be a green car that will come from that street and it will go over there and beat its horn.”

It doesn’t matter if it happens or not, but it does happen. That’s what makes it interesting.

Sometimes, I’ll remember something that’s about to happen.

two men walking down the street

I say the detail or think of the detail.  Of course, I don’t always say it out loud.

And then that thing that I remembered happening before, actually happens. It’s very trippy!

Quantum Echo

The only explanation I can think of from the research I’ve done so far is that it’s some kind of a quantum echo.

Because in the quantum realm, time is nonlinear. 

Everything happens simultaneously. Everything is happening in the eternal present moment. 

What I think is happening is that we’re getting an echo of memory from something that hasn’t happened yet in our perception.

But like I said, it has happened or is happening in the eternal present moment. 

woman lying grass

I’m not able to control this, at least not yet. 

I wish I could but that’s not how I think it works. I also don’t think we need to know how they work. 

I don’t believe that it’s as important as it seems but it’s definitely interesting when it happens to you.

A Glimpse Into Reality

This is a common thing, at least with most of the people I’ve spoken to.

I’m sure most people have had a similar experience.

I think it’s like a glimpse into reality, a clue that reality does not work the way that we think it does. 

I think time works differently from how we think it works.

silhouette of people stargazing

I also think that through different cues and methods, we can be able to have more control and influence over this, over our reality.

By the way, now that I know a lot about creating or manifesting a reality based on your intentions and focus, I can go into more detail about it.

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Multiple Timelines

There’s a story I heard in a podcast about a guy called John Map.

He’s no longer with us but when he was still alive, he had an interview with a guy.

So he had a revolver and he would spin the chamber and keep pulling the trigger like in Russian roulette.

He would pull the trigger and each time, the reporter would freak out.

woman standing in front of moving train

“What are you doing?”

John would say: “Well, you simply don’t understand the way that reality works because what actually happens has something to do with quantum immortality.”

What he’s referring to is the idea that in every moment, there are different timelines in which different things happen. 

In one timeline, there’s a situation where he pulled the trigger and it did kill him. 

But in this timeline, the one that the interview was happening in, that doesn’t happen.

It would always be beyond the horizon so that those events would have already happened and his consciousness would have collapsed into the nearest stable timeline, which was the one where it didn’t happen.

Whether or not this story is real, we’re not sure. But it’s a very interesting concept. 

toy guns

Quantum Immortality

The idea of immortality is that our consciousness is immortal and where we’re focusing it is what we consider to be our reality.

But our consciousness is infinite. We exist in these infinite, different timelines.

This is where the idea of the multiverse comes from. 

The idea is that there are multiple timelines and each one contains an echo of our consciousness. 

There are infinite versions of our consciousness, each one thinking that it’s the real one, but in reality, they’re all as real as each other.

We are all just having different experiences anyway.

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Why Can’t I Shift Realities?

There are two common reasons why people can’t shift realities and those are having limiting beliefs and not ‘letting go’. 

If you consciously or subconsciously don’t believe that reality shifting is possible, you won’t be able to shift. The same thing goes if you over-obsess about wanting something, the more you repel instead of attracting things to you.

“Not wanting something is as good as having it.”

Can You Shift Reality Permanently?

You can shift to a different reality and stay there forever, just living your best life. As long as you stay consistent with believing in your new identity, thinking, and acting in accordance with that, you can stay in your new reality permanently.

Just make sure that the reality that you want to stay in truly aligns with your heart’s desires. Some people’s dream realities are based on their egos.

That can work at first but it will just leave you miserable in the long run and we know what happens when we’re in a negative vibration.

What Does DR Mean In Shifting?

DR in reality shifting simply means ‘Desired Reality’. The point of shifting is to be able to shift from your current reality or ‘CR’ into your desired reality or ‘DR’.

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longest reality shift

My Experience With Reality Shifting

So, what is my experience with reality shifting? How was I able to shift timelines?

It all just happened spontaneously.

I kept getting deja vu moments to the point where I can predict what will happen next.

These moments happened a few times and at first, it was all very mystical to me.

But as time went by, I was able to find some reasonable explanations for the things I experienced.

It has something to do with quantum echo and quantum immortality.

I realized that reality doesn’t work the way we think it does.

There are multiple realities because time is nonlinear. Everything is happening simultaneously.

There are infinite versions of our consciousness, each one thinking that it’s the real one, but in reality, they’re all as real as each other.

Through different methods, we can be able to have more control and influence over this, over our reality.

That’s where reality shifting comes in.

Now you’ve heard about my experience with reality shifting as well as with timeline jumps. Do you have a similar experience that you’d like to share?

Let me know in the comments!