Reality Shifting Is REAL, So Why Do Some Think It’s Fake?


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Are you still wondering whether reality shifting is real or not?

Is there any proof that shows without a doubt that reality shifting is real? is shifting scientifically possible?

Is there anyone that can explain exactly how to do it? 

The answer to this is actually going to surprise you. 

Yes, there is evidence that proves that reality shifting is real. In fact, there are multiple.

And there’s good news for those who are extra skeptical:

These evidence are purely scientific evidence and will cast away any doubt you have.

So if you want to finally have clarity on how reality shifting is real, then you’re in luck.

In this article you will learn:

  • How is reality shifting real?
  • The four scientific experiments that prove it 
  •  Other resources that will help you learn further

Let’s dive in!

Reality Shifting Is Real

Why do some people not believe in reality shifting? It’s because there is a lot of contradicting information out there. 

For one, some people think that it’s a part of lucid dreaming. I can see the connection but the idea itself is very different.

That’s what we will discuss here. What reality shifting really is and how we can prove that it is real.

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Is Reality Shifting Real?

Reality shifting is real and there are four specific experimental studies that prove it.

These studies will show, without a doubt, the proof that reality shifting is real.

But first, let’s find out what reality shifting really is.

reality shifting is real

What Is Reality Shifting

Reality shifting, often known as ‘shifting,’ is the idea that you can shift to a ‘desired reality’ with the use of your intention and focus.

You will be able to shift your entire consciousness to a new reality or timeline.

Anyone can do it as long as they have a clear picture of what reality they want to attract.

There are even binaural beats you can listen to that may help get you through this process. 

But what is the “point” of reality shifting? 

Not all of us are born into the life that we desire and some are put in situations they don’t necessarily want to be in.

But what’s awesome about reality shifting is that it teaches us that we are not merely helpless victims of our circumstances.

We have the power to change our current reality into our desired reality using our intention and emotions. Reality shifting takes the power back to us.

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how to shift reality fast

How To Shift Realities Instantly

There is so much information out there about how to reality shift and there are more and more shifting methods popping up seemingly out of nowhere.

Especially when it started getting viral on Tiktok. There’s the Julia method shifting, raven method shifting, and so on.

But don’t listen to Tiktok. It’s not really the best place to gather information as most of the stuff you’ll find there are either too complicated or inaccurate.

If you want to know how to reality shift, I have a long, detailed video showing you exactly how to shift realities for beginners.

You will find there all the different techniques, the things you need to be, know, think about, warnings, and hacks.

If you don’t know how or just want to refresh your memory, that’s the best video to watch.

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Fake News typed on paper

Why Do Some People Think It’s Fake?

The main reason why some people think reality shifting is fake is because of ‘programming’.

People tell them that it’s not real. Some people are just lucky and some of us aren’t.

We have to work at jobs we don’t like for little money because that’s just the way it is.

“There’s no way that that dream of yours will ever come true. It’s just too out of reach!”

When these beliefs have been programmed in your subconscious for so long, it will be hard to unlearn them.

Just like it’s hard to unlearn bad habits such as unhealthy eating, smoking, and even bad posture.

The same thing if you haven’t tried reality shifting for so long, along with the unlearning, you would have to learn and practice it just like any other skill.

how to shift realities

Reality Shifting Proof

What I will show you here are just my favorite experiments but there are way more that I will discuss some other time.

If, after reading this article, you decide that you want to know more, some books that I would recommend are The Divine Matrix and The Holographic Universe. 

These books summarize a lot of studies on this stuff much better than I can. 

What these books will show you is that everything is connected. 

Even the tiniest particle that we think is completely irrelevant is connected to every other particle. 

Time and space don’t seem to matter. There is no time, no distance between the two things that matter. Even Einstein said that time is an illusion. 

Confused? I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s discuss this in more detail using my favorite experiments.

quantum physics

Scientific Studies That Prove Reality Shifting Is Real

Proof #1:

The first experiment that I want to talk about is the twin sheet experiment. 

So what they did is that they took photons of light and they recorded it as they fired them toward a sheet,

When the lights hit the first sheet, they would enter the sheet, and hit the backing. Nothing unusual.

Then what they did is that they added a second sheet and did the same process.

This time, what they found is that the particles went through both sheets at the same time. 

This can only be achieved by an energy wave.

But we thought they were particles?

man confused

How are these particles transformed into an energy wave?

They went through both sheets at the same time and then reformed into particles to hit the backing. 

There’s no explanation for this in traditional physics other than that particles can act like a wave. 

A particle, depending on what and who is observing them, can act as a wave.

We’ll come back to this later but that’s a really important distinction. 

The particles changed into a wave as they were being observed and then reformed into particles to hit the backing. 

This is very very interesting.

hand with painting making peace sign

Proof #2:

The next experiment is probably one that you’re familiar with, and that is quantum entanglement. 

So what did they do in this experiment? 

There had been several experiments that demonstrated this. 

But the main basis is they will take a photon of light, split it into two pieces, and then separate the two by a given distance such as 20cm.

In some experiments, it’s a few 100 miles. The distance doesn’t matter.

When the two have been separated, they would do something to one of the halves. Let’s say, they excite it or create some kind of reaction in that half.

What happened is that whatever they did to the half, also happened instantly to the other half, regardless of the distance and time between them.

quantum entanglement

How on earth can you affect one thing and have the same effect instantly happen to the other half when they’re 200 miles away? 

The effects, regardless of distance, happened faster than the speed of light.

It’s like, what you do to one particle has already been done to the other half of the particle, as if it knew what was going to happen before it even did. Wild.

This is why a lot of traditional physicists refer to this stuff as quantum weirdness.

This is also why a lot of physicists refuse to discuss quantum physics because they have no idea how it works.

It’s hard for some because that would be like admitting that the whole foundation of physics you based your life’s work around might not be true. 

But for people who don’t care about whether they are right or wrong, the data is out there.

empty glass tubes

Proof #3:

In the next experiment, what they did is that they created a vacuum in an empty glass tube.

They sucked all the air out and all that was left inside were photons of light. 

They recorded these and they saw that the photons were scattered around randomly, just as expected. 

Then, they introduced a tiny piece of human DNA inside the vacuum. 

What they noticed then is that the light particles organized themselves into beautiful and unusual patterns around the DNA.

This is mindblowing because that should not happen according to traditional physics. There should be no effect.

What’s even more interesting is that when they then took the DNA out of the tube, the photons of light still remained in that pattern.

yellow lights at night

Again, there’s no reason why they would do that. 

DNA is a powerful thing and I’ve made other videos about this, especially on my Youtube channel, which explains why this is so powerful. 

This experiment is really interesting but not as interesting as the next one, which is where things really get spicy.

Proof #4:

Now we go to experiment number four, and this is really probably my favorite experiment.

What they did was they took somebody’s DNA and started to measure the electrical impulses in the DNA as they stimulate an emotional response in the person they took the DNA from. 

So imagine that someone took my DNA, put it in a tube, separated it from me, and started emotionally stimulating me.

Maybe they show me an exciting video or a scary one.

A man researching if reality shifting is real on an ipad

The piece of DNA electrically reacted to the emotions that the human was exhibiting. 

How do you explain this? 

The piece of DNA that was separated from the person had a measurable electrical reaction to the emotions that the guy was experiencing. 

What’s more interesting is that the DNA was in a different room across the hallway and yet, it reacted instantaneously again. 

There’s no time delay, no messenger being sent through the air to the DNA and back.

What this shows is that they’re already connected. They’re already the same thing. 

The human was able to alter and change the DNA through his emotions.

man sitting on wooden chair confused

Again, there is no explanation for this in traditional physics but when you open your mind to quantum physics, you’ll get the picture that everything is connected. 

There’s no separation between things, between me and a piece of my DNA.

It could be in another room, it could even be on another planet, no distance will make a difference. At least that’s what the experiments have shown.

Hemispheric Synchronization

Have you heard of hemispheric synchronization? It’s when there’s synchronicity between the two hemispheres of the brain. 

This synchronization happens when you listen to binaural beats and frequencies, and when you experience emotions such as love or gratitude.

By the way, check out this article about which are the best binaural beats for sleeping, dreaming, studying, and more.

These synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain and generate a very powerful electrical signal. 

Reality shifting is real and can affect the brain

This is not just some nonsense. You can attach electrodes to your brain and measure it. 

The electromagnetic field that your heart generates can extend up to six to eight feet around you in all directions. 

So when you’re feeling the emotions of love and gratitude, you send a physical signal eight feet around you.

To be honest, it could even be more than eight feet. Eight feet is just the default radius that it goes.

But as these experiments have shown, these connections can happen even 200 miles away from somebody. Even on another planet. 

These signals that bounce between the two places are not separated by distance or time anyway.

measuring tape


Is Reality Shifting Safe?

Reality shifting is completely safe. Just don’t be scared or expect bad things to happen because you might attract that instead of what you actually desire.

Check out this article about the 5 things you should never do while reality shifting so you can keep your shifting safe and smooth sailing!

Is Shifting A Sin?

Shifting realities is not a sin but rather a natural human ability that helps us get to the versions of lives where we feel most happy and fulfilled. It can only be a sin if you have bad intentions.

Many religious individuals have accused shifting of being an occult activity, a temptation to abandon religion but this is not the case. We are just aligning with the universe, not with any evil entity.

What Does The Bible Say About Shifting?

Neville Goddard is one great author who uses the bible as a reference for his teachings about reality shifting and spirituality in general. While teaching that consciousness/imagination creates reality, he quoted this:

“What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye recieve them, and ye shall have them.” [Mark 11:24]

A bible on a table can be seen as a link to reality shifting

Is Reality Shifting Real?

So, is reality shifting real?

Yes! And there are four experiments listed here that prove that it is.

One of the first things these experiments show is that it is possible to alter DNA using your emotions.

If you’re able to instantly alter DNA from 200 miles away using just your emotions, imagine what you could do. 

You could apply this in other situations. For one, you could heal yourself.

You can reorganize and reform the structures in your body and mind.

Even the reality outside of yourself, which is not really outside of yourself at all as these experiments have clearly shown. 

What these experiments also show is that emotion is the key to interacting with the divine matrix.

An emotion creates an immeasurable electrical signal, especially those of coherence or love.

Even the tiniest particle is connected to every other particle and we can affect each other. Time and space don’t matter.

Now you’ve learned that reality shifting is real. Are you already convinced?

Let me know in the comments!