Chilipad REVIEW 2024: The Future Of Sleep Using Liquid Cooling


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The Chilipad is a revolutionary new device that controls your BODY TEMPERATURE while you sleep using liquid cooling tubes, that you LAY ON.

The optimal temperature for sleeping is 60°-67°F (15°-20°C), but most mattresses compress and entrap the heat that your body emits. Since lower body temperatures stimulate the production of melatonin, this trapped heat can hurt your sleep.

Some experts even recommend that you take a hot bath before going to bed. This is because when you finish with your bath, the core temperature of your body starts to drop.

Chillipad is a water-based mattress topper, designed as a cooling and heating system for ultimate control of your bed’s temperature. The water part is no surprise, knowing that Todd Youngblood, the creator of this mattress pad, is the nephew of the waterbed inventor.

Design and Comfort

The Chillipad is made of 150 thread count poly cotton and filled with polyester, which makes it very durable, and it weighs just shy of five pounds. Because of this, it’s very breathable and soft, and it doesn’t have any negative impact on temperature regulation.

The topper has elastic corner straps attached on each side to ensure a secure fit so that it won’t slide off the bed in the middle of the night. And it’s available in seven mattress sizes, ranging all the way to California king-size.

The pad itself contains a network of microtubes made from medical grade material, but you won’t feel the tubes when lying down.

There are two types of Chillipad systems to choose from, ME and WE. The ME system comes with only one unit, and it can cover either half or the whole mattress, depending on the size of the pad.

On the other hand, WE, the dual-zone system, comes with two units, and it’s made for people who sleep with their partner. The dual-zone, as its name suggests, can simultaneously heat one side and cool the other.

How to Use the Chilipad

Once you unfold and place the pad on top of your mattress, you can secure it with the elastic straps and put a fitted sheet over it.

It’s an EXCITING product, by the way!

The end of the microtubes should be at the foot or head of the bed, based on your preference. You can also add a waterproof mattress protector beneath the pad, just in case.

After you finish setting up the pad, you can start connecting it to the Cube with the provided hoses. It’s recommended for the Cube to be placed on a flat surface, with each of its sides having at least two feet of breathing room. Since it must be plugged in, it’s essential to have an outlet nearby. To prevent any leakage, the water tank needs to be positioned on top.

On top of the Cube, there is a cap that you take off to add water.

  • It’s best to use distilled water to prevent any sediment from forming in the tank and within the tubes. The Cube acts as a central unit that pumps the water through silicone microtubes that are spread throughout the pad.
  • Once you turn the Cube on, the water will start to circulate through the tubes; as this happens, you will need to add water until the Cube is full again.
  • To adjust the temperature of the Chillipad, there are two buttons on the Cube, one with a snowflake and the other with a flame on it. As the icons suggest, one decreases the temperature, while the other raises it.
  • For the best results of temperature change, it’s recommended to turn the system on at least half an hour before going to bed.

Features and Maintenance of Chilipad

The Chillipad comes with a remote that has all of the same buttons as the Cube itself. If you choose the dual zoned system, you get two remotes, one for each of the units.

The remotes are wireless and use radio frequency, so you don’t have to point it directly at the unit for it to register the commands. They are also straightforward to sync up with their respective units.

The system uses less than 80 watts to operate, and it turns itself off after 10 hours. You can also set the timer if you don’t want it running for the whole night. This makes it more energy-efficient than using air conditioning to heat up or cool down the entire room.

The Chillipad can generally operate with up to 500lb per zone. However, individuals that are on the heavier side may not have the same experience in the temperature range as lighter individuals.

It’s recommended to add hydrogen peroxide into the water tank at least once a month., to maintain and clean the Chillipad This will ensure that the system and the tubing remain hygienic and sterile. Also, the mattress topper is machine-washable in cold water, make sure the ends of the hoses are secured so that they don’t get damaged.

Benefits of Using the Chilipad

The temperature regulation this pad offers will improve your sleep, minimize hot flashes, prevent night sweats, and make it EASIER to fall asleep, and STAY asleep.

You can change the temperature of the pad in increments of one-degree, and the settings range from 55°-110°F (13°-43°C). This temperature range means that if you’re either a hot or cold sleeper, you’ll find your comfort zone.

When it’s turned on, the system does produce a faint hum, due to the fans inside it. Most users find this to be a good thing since the sound produced is very similar to that of a white noise machine. If you’re a very light sleeper, this might affect your experience, but the sound isn’t loud, and after some time, you can hardly notice it.

Chilipad review summary

If you’re a hot sleeper, or you want to have a constant temperature of your bed overnight, this product is excellent for you. Overall, I am delighted with the Chillipad, since it does what it’s supposed to do.

This product might be expensive, but there is a 90-night return policy, so we highly recommend that you try it if you can. Give it a month to try and find the right temperature for you and see if it’s worth the price. During this trial period, you are free to start keeping a sleep journal, which can help you see if your sleep quality has improved.

Click here to start improving your sleep with Chilipad. I can’t explain just how AWESOME this is, and how much of a big difference it’s going to make to your sleep quality. I wish I’d found this years ago.