What Does It Mean To Be Chased In A Dream?


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Dreams when you are being chased or stalked can always be unnerving to say the least, you find you can never quite escape or run fast enough. But what does it mean when someone’s chasing you through your dreams?

Most often, dreams like this can represent running away from the truth or a feeling of being trapped in the daily grind of life and wanting to escape. Feelings of failure, insecurity and inadequacy are also the usual culprit. However dreams like this can mean several things depending on a few factors.

Being chased in a dream: What does it mean?

We’re going to go over exactly what this type of dream means, and what you can do about it. As with anything in Dream Interpretation, don’t take it literally, as it is slightly different for everyone, but knowing this will help you to understand generally what your dreams are trying to tell you. We’re going to look at the type of ‘Chasing dream’ and explain each one in more detail..

Being chased in a wide open space

Running in slow motion

Running away from something and someone in slow motion usually gives you the opportunity to plan out an escape route. Being stuck to the ground or “glued down”, generally leads to you having to confront the issue at hand.

In general, being unable to run away from your pursuer, means that you are frozen internally, and you do not know how to face or resolve the issue within your dream. Being stuck in quicksand however suggests the issue is pointless and no matter how much you struggle you are eventually going to have to deal with the inevitable.

Being chased by monsters

The sources of these dreams are usually a repressed childhood memory, phobias, feelings of betrayal or just a wild imagination. To look for deeper clues to this dream, try looking for clues in the outside world, what happened to you recently that made you feel threatened? What were you discussing? The conscious mind always stores the information for the dream, so dig deeper. Being chased in a dream by monsters could mean you’re feeling betrayed.

  • Being chased by monsters can be scary. It doesn’t mean that Lucid Dreaming is dangerous, but it can definitely cause you a bit of distress, as can most ‘being chased dreams’ actually. For more information, see these articles..
  • Is Lucid Dreaming Scary. A little explanation of why some parts of Lucid Dreaming are scary and how to cope with it. Also how to deal with ‘scary nightmares’.
  • Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous. Just in case you have particularly scary nightmares about being chased by monsters. They can be very vivid.

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Being chased in a dream by a person

This form of being chased within a dream indicates that you are evading the truth. If its somebody you know, do you have any unfinished business with them or lingering hostilities? If the dream is about a scary person you do not know, think deeper still, what scared you about the person? An action? Something they stand for? Their appearance? A feeling of impending threat can signify a secret about you will shortly reveal itself, and the threat itself is a reflection of yourself.

Being chased by animals

Dangerous animals represent harm that will come to you in one form or another. For example, Crocodiles represent deception within your closest circle of friends. Rats indicate theft, neighbourly quarrels and a swarm of rats can be suffocating and inescapable, perhaps you feel guilt over an action you have committed in the past fraudulently and you wish to resolve yourself? Dreams of snakes represent sexual energy, the phallus resembling slithering serpents; indicate danger of loss through excessive preoccupation with libido energy.

Feelings of sexual inadequacy, the fear of sleeping with a new spark or even erectile problems can also be conveyed by the pursuit of snakes. Dreams of domesticated animals represent your friendship groups. Cats represent emotional jealousy and Dogs can represent untrustworthy friends (If it harms you) and loyal friends (If it is friendly).

Chasing after somebody else

Congratulations! At some level, you know exactly what you are after.. Your goals in life or love are set and your subconscious mind has complete faith that you will get what you want. Knowing what you want is very helpful and will give you feelings of accomplishment and peace in your life.

Being chased in a dream is not always a bad thing. As with most things relating to dream interpretation, you can use the dream to uncover things about yourself, and what you’re feeling. Sometimes, your mind will reveal things to you in your dreams that you weren’t aware of otherwise. This is useful for learning more about yourself. If you want to learn how to stop being chased in a dream, we can help..

It’s about learning to have a better control over the dreamworld and it won’t be easy, but when you start learning you can do all sorts of things like learning to run at superhuman speed, or just simply telling the nightmare or person chasing you to go away. [/sociallocker]

Learning more about your dream symbols

If you want to learn more about what your dreams MEAN then there are several things you could do. Firstly, make sure you’re actually writing them down in a cool lucid dream journal like the one we designed for you!


  • Consider that a large amount of dream meaning is subjective, and you have to learn how to relate it to YOU specifically, or it won’t mean as much
  • That being said, there are lots of universal dream symbols and they have roughly the same meaning
  • Get a copy of a good dream dictionary (Lots of the online ones just aren’t accurate at all)
  • Highlight important bits in your dream diary so you can read them later, and work out what they mean!