Lucid Dreaming can be considered scary by some people, for a few reasons.

It’s nothing to be worried about, and if you’ve been Lucid Dreaming for a while now, you will know that it’s nothing to be concerned with, but it’s interesting to know which parts of dreaming can be scary, and why.

Here are the main reasons people sometimes consider Lucid Dreaming to be scary.. Don’t worry, keep reading and we’ll discuss each one…

is lucid dreaming scary,nightmare

A Lucid Nightmare!

Sleep paralysis. The feeling of being trapped on the bed and to see figures approach you.

The feeling of experiencing something for the first time.

Seeing graphic or intense situations.

There are many different things you can do with regards to Lucid Dreaming, you can explore alien worlds, experience all sorts of things, really whatever you can imagine, but there are some instances where you’ll ‘imagine’ something which you’re not quite prepared for.

For example, if you are in a Lucid Dream, and you decide to try flying, if you’ve never flown before in a dream you may find this experience a little frightening.

Especially if you’ve seen films about superheros flying and your mind simulates that speed and power when you fly.

It’s important to remember if you’re in a scary Lucid Dream that nothing can actually harm you.

For that reason, there’s nothing to actually be scared of, but as you probably know when you’re in the experience, your mind makes it real.

‘Sleep Paralysis’ can be scary for some..

This is probably the main thing that will scare you in a Lucid Dream, part of the process of inducing a lucid dream is ‘sleep paralysis’.

This is when you’re inducing a dream using the W.I.L.D method, you’re awake and you let your body shut down while your mind stays active. While doing this, you experience a wave of sleep paralysis which appears to ‘freeze’ you in place.

is lucid dreaming scary,nightmare,sleep paralysis,

A dark figure..

You are unable to move, and many have reported hallucinations and feelings of being trapped, even seeing scary dark figures approach them and threaten them. Some even report these figures trying to harm them while they’re laying there paralyzed.

This may seem scary, but it is really nothing to worry about, as long as your mindset is right. Let’s explain..

You’re laying there, unable to move, because your body has frozen your muscles to prepare you for sleep.

This happens every night, to everyone, it’s just when you deliberately keep your mind awake throughout this process, you actually experience the paralysis.

It’s very important to remember that although you will see things approach you at some point, they’re not real.

It’s easy to forget, and this is why many people consider this area of Lucid Dreaming to be scary. As long as you focus on the awareness, keep your mind awake and remember that whatever you see from the moment you start sleep paralysis, is a dream. Nothing more.

We now have a great post about this, and it explains a lot more in detail. Read it here: The supercharged guide to sleep paralysis.

Experiencing something for the first time in a dream

When you do something in a dream for the very first time, it can seem very scary.

This is because you’re not used to doing it so your mind thinks something is wrong, or it panics and you start to stress out or become distressed.

This is normal, and when you’ve practiced it a bit more, it will be less of a shock to, for example, walk on water.

It’s basically your brain telling you that something’s not right, and it’s usually got to do with ‘laws’ of nature that you know deep within you should work, but obviously in the dream, they can be bent.

For example, if you become Lucid and you decide to use telekinesis and you get a bit curious and decide to topple the skyscraper in the distance with your mind powers, you may panic if it’s the first time you’ve done it, because you naturally think, ‘I’ve just destroyed a building and potentially killed people’.

It’s only with experience and practice that you learn not to worry about things like this, because it’s not real. It’s in your mind, so it doesn’t matter if you throw cars around, walk on water, or run rampage in the city to release your frustration.

The first time you do something which conflicts with your ‘blueprint’ for how the world should work, you may feel frightened.

Graphic or intense situations in the dream..

As you go through the amazing journey of Lucid Dreaming, there is so

is lucid dreaming scary,nightmare,

A nightmare..

mething which you may find a little scary, and that is that your mind can create quite violent or graphic situations in the dream. Specially if you’ve seen horror films, know what gore and guts look like and/or have played video games.

Your mind can create this in a dream, and sometimes you’ll experience a situation where, for example, someone you know may be killed or injured seriously.

You may see your boss in a car accident and see the broken bone sticking out for example, it’s nothing to worry about because it’s just your brain being creative, but of course, it may feel scary to see that for the first few times.

Dreams about skydiving

Me falling from a plane.. something I recreate in my Lucid Dreams.

It won’t happen all the time, and as you get more skilled you can learn to control that sort of thing, and focus on positive elements of the dream, so as to block out negative experiences such as this example, but certainly for the first few times, people will find that scary.

Don’t be scared of Lucid Dreaming..

Is Lucid Dreaming scary?

Well, it probably will be for some, specially in the first stages of developing the skill, as you’re not used to it.

It’s the same as anything new, it takes time to get used to. If you’ve read this post, then hopefully if/when any of the things mentioned happen in a dream, you’ll worry less, because at the end of the day, it’s all in your head.

It’s going to feel real when you’re there, but as long as you’re Lucid, you should have more control and leverage over what you experience and how you feel about it.

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