6 Ways To Wake Up Early Without Feeling Miserable


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There is nothing worse than feeling tired and sleep deprived because of a lack of sleep. If you’ve been struggling with waking up early for work, school, or any other reason; we’re here to help! We found five ways that will help you get out of bed without feeling miserable.

Do you struggle to wake up on time?

Or when you DO wake up early, you feel MISERABLE?

It’s fixeable.

You CAN become one of those people who wakes up early, and FEELS good about it. With lots of energy. And motivation…

But why do we feel tired and miserable when waking up early?

What Is Morning Fatigue? (The Problem)

‘Morning fatigue’ is when you’re tired in the morning. It’s a type of insomnia that happens in the morning. This can be from a number of different things, such as not enough sleep or a sleep disorder.

It’s a feeling of tiredness that you have during the morning just after waking up. Some people have it more than others.

Morning fatigue may be caused by a lack of sleep, or it could be related to hormones, caffeine levels, or certain medications.

So, that’s probably the problem.

But why would you want to fix it?

What Are The Benefits Of Waking Up Early?

If you wake up early, you get to do more of what you want to do. You can go out and play with your friends, or get some exercise. You can also have breakfast with your family before they leave for work. If someone else wakes up early enough, they can help you get ready for the day.

There are other benefits of waking up early, like:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved mood and energy levels
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased ability to focus on work
  • More time with family and friends
  • Better sleep

Ready to learn?

How To Wake Up Early Without Feeling Miserable

Waking up early has never been easy. Every morning, it feels like you’re starting off on the wrong foot – especially if you’re not a morning person. There are ways to make waking up easier though, without too much effort!

Here are the powerful ways:

1: Prepare Your Room For Waking Up Early

A good way to prepare for waking up early in the morning is to set your alarm clock. One way to help you remember this, is by placing the alarm clock next to your bed so it’s within eye-sight when you go to sleep.

Another effective tip is to put your alarm clock on a nightstand where you can easily reach it from your bed when you want to turn it off in the morning and also where you can see and hear it clearly.

When you wake up early, you want to be able to see.

To do this, you need to turn on your lights, so it is not so dark. This will remind you that it’s morning and time to get up. You also want to have a drink of water or drink so your mouth is not dry when you start your day.

Get all of those things ready the night BEFORE.

As soon as your alarm goes off, turn it off and get right to it. Don’t procrastinate.

Another option is to go to sleep an hour earlier than your regular sleeping time.

2: Make A To-Do List

A to-do list is a list of small things that you need to do. You can make one by writing down the tasks you need to complete and then deciding which task needs to be done first. For example, if your to-do list has three tasks: “eat breakfast,” “drink water,” and “sort laundry,” the logical order would be “eat breakfast,” then drink water,” and finally sort laundry.

There are many ‘todo list’ templates and examples online you could use.

3: Get Up At The Same Time Every Day

Waking up at the same time every day helps you be on a schedule. If you wake up at different times everyday, it will be hard for you to know when to go to bed and when to wake up. It’s also good because then you will have more energy during the day if your body knows that it needs to rest at night.

Waking up at the same time every day will also help you sleep better.

And yes, even on weekends.

4: Build A Solid Morning Routine To Give You Purpose

A morning routine is a set of activities people do every morning. Some things people do in the morning are brush their teeth, eat breakfast, take a shower or bath, and get dressed. There are many other things you could do as well – if you have a dog, you might have to walk them before school starts.

Start your day by eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, keeping your hair clean, and wearing clothes that are comfortable. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself!

This actually helps you wake up early without feeling tired or miserable, believe it or not!

5: Wake Up With Relaxing Music

If you have a hard time waking up in the morning, you might want to try listening to some relaxing music. If someone is having a hard day and they feel like they need to relax, they might listen to some soothing music.

If you wake up to relaxing music, it will make you feel less grumpy. For example, I like to listen to jazz when I get up in the morning. It always makes me feel good!

6: Use An Alarm Clock With ‘Soft Sounds’

There are many different types of alarms, including the sound of an animal, a beeping sound, or a song. You can set alarms with soft sounds so you don’t wake up your family. Alarm clocks are designed for people who wake up with the sound of an alarm.

If you wake up more gradually, like by having a very soft noise slowly increase in volume, you might not be as startled when the alarm goes off.

It’s important to not start the day feeling stressed or alarmed too much. Waking up to a blaring alarm sound is one of the main reasons most people who wake up early feel miserable and tired.

Go for the ‘soft sounding’ ocean noises instead.


If you’re used to waking up LATE, from now on, every morning, set your alarm clock for 20-30 minutes earlier than the desired time. This will give your body some time to wake up on its own before you have to get out of bed.

Why Do I Feel So Tired When Waking Up Early?

When you go to bed at night, your brain and body need to do things like digest food and make repairs. When you wake up in the morning, those same tasks are still waiting for you. You can also feel tired because your body temperature has dropped and it takes a while for it to rise again.

A person usually feels terrible when they wake up because they have been asleep for a long time, and their body is out of sync with their surroundings.

Sleeping state

In the same way, a person who is hungry may feel tired and irritable because they are not getting enough food to keep going.

If you follow the tips in this post though, you won’t feel rough when you wake up.

How To Wake Up Naturally At 5AM

The best way to get up at 5am is to set your alarm for 2 hours before you want to wake up. For example, if you want to wake up at 5am, set your alarm for 3am.

This trains your body to wake up early.

After a few days of that, waking up at 5AM will feel easy.

The next thing you do is make sure the noise volume on your alarm is turned down as low as possible, or put it somewhere where it won’t bother anyone else in the house.

Are There Any Scientific Benefits Of Waking Up Early?

You have a better chance of being on time for work or school if you wake up early. It’s easier to exercise and eat breakfast in the morning before your day gets too busy.

The best part about waking up early in the morning is that when you wake up, your brain is refreshed and ready to go.

When you have a long day, it’s important to have a good night sleep so that when you wake up, you feel refreshed and ready for anything. It’s also a good idea to wake up before sunrise because this way you get sunlight which helps change your internal clock.

Conclusion To Waking Up Early

In conclusion, one way you can start to change your sleep cycle is by waking up at the same time every morning. The more regular your sleep routine, the easier it will be to fall asleep and stay asleep at night.

  • Waking up early, without feeling miserable or tired each morning, is possible.
  • The key to success with this is developing a consistent sleep routine.
  • Don’t use crazy stressful alarm noises, this just makes you feel miserable
  • Stick to your schedule, even on weekends