Spire Stone Review 2023: Tiny Device That Helps You BREATHE Better


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The Spire Stone is a fairly new device that clips to your belt or clothing, tracks your breathing patterns, and REMINDS you to breath better throughout the day. IT does this with reminders on the app and vibration (haptic alerts) on the device itself.

So to provide some background, most of us don’t breathe properly. We’re supposed to breath DEEP and SLOW but most of us breathe shallow and fast, leading to all sorts of issues and problems linked to not getting the right amount of oxygen etc.

So there are various things you can do to improve your breathing like setting aside time during every day where you breath deeply, most commonly this is combined with meditation which is also very beneficial. But now there’s a device that can help you with this..

What is the Spire stone and spire breathing?

The Spire Stone is an exciting new way to just remind yourself to breath better, based on sensors and HOW you’re breathing already. Basically, it detects WHEN you’re not breathing properly and vibrates to remind you to improve it. The app it links to can show you how to do this, and you can view all sorts of technically information about your breathing, calories, steps etc and lots more.

There are many benefits of breathing deeper, and the chances are if you’re reading a review of the spire stone, you already know you should be breathing better and deeper, so I won’t mention those benefits here.

Spire breathing and anxiety

Anxiety feels awful. We know this and there are always people looking for ways to remove, reduce or deal with anxiety. Spire Stone and the term ‘spire breathing’ aims to REDUCE or remove anxiety from peoples lives. Anxiety is one of the most common causes of not breathing properly and by identifying exactly the moment you start becoming anxious or stressed, and reminding you to calm down THEN, you can massively reduce the impact of anxiety on your life.

How the Spire Stone Works

The Spire Stone works by sensing your breathing using motion and movement. It does this using a patented micro sensor in the device itself that you wear, so that it can detect tiny movements and breathing patterns. It uses a machine learning chip to constantly improve the way it does this and adapt to how you breathe.

So the device clips onto your clothing, usually your belt and senses your breathing. It feed this information to your smartphone app to track it all but more importantly, if it sensing you’re not breathing correctly, the device actually vibrates to remind you to fix it!

This means al day long you’ll be breathing perfectly, and if you slack, you’ll get a vibrating reminder to breathe properly and not slouch etc. By breathing better every day, you’ll feel better all the time! You’d be AMAZED at how much better you feel just by focusing on breathing better.

And after a while of wearing the device and being vibrated to remind you to breathe better, you’ll LEARN to breathe better and eventually won’t need to be reminded as much. This makes the Spire a powerful tool for permanently improving the way you breathe.

What you get when you buy a Spire Stone

So let’s talk about some details now. When you buy the Spire Stone you get all sorts of features included, which I’ll mention in the summary, but in terms of the actual device you can buy, you have two options.

  1. Get just the Spirestone
  2. Get a pack of several spire stones which they’re calling ‘health tags’ and attach to all your clothing

Now, from what I can see there is no need to buy the health tags because you can simply attach the Spire Stone to new clothing when you get changed. Unless you’re going to forget that you’re wearing it every time you change clothes, I would just move it from one pair of trousers to the next when I change.

I might be missing the point but as far as I can tell, there’s no added benefit to having all your clothes tagged, and you can just as easily move the clip on device (Spire Stone) from clothing to clothing.

Spire Stone health tag review

I don’t think I’m going to write a whole post to review the health tag, because from the looks of things it’s a VERY similar product, it’s just designed to be attached to all of your clothing instead of just clipping the Spire Stone onto what you’re wearing at the time.

Is Spire worth it? Spire Stone Review summary

The Spire Stone is WELL worth it and I would suggest getting one to improve your breathing. The truth is, breathing affects EVERYTHING just like sleep and diet, so it pays to get it RIGHT. Its especially helpful for lucid dreamers and sleep enthusiasts because by breathing better, your dreams will be more stable and you’ll be able to stay in deep sleep more effectively.  Here are just some of the benefits and cool things about the Spire Stone:

  • You’ll be improving your breathing FOREVER
  • The device and the way it works is backed by an recommended by thousands of doctors and researchers worldwide. It works
  • It TRAINS you to improve your breathing with the haptic feedback (Powerful for long term change)
  • The entire device is not only waterproof, but also washing machine proof (Hey mistakes happen)
  • It can be wirelessly charged, and lasts over 10 days on a single charge
  • They offer a generous 30 day moneyback guarantee, so you could try it out and get your money back if you don’t like it, risk free
  • It’s a very powerful way to end anxiety and finally breathe properly
  • I think it’s super cool and I’m going to be using it daily

So that’s it guys. If you’re interested, click here now to get a discount on the Spire Stone and learn more about how it works. You can also read lots of peoples reviews and testimonials on that page as well.