Nova Dreamer Device Review 2023: The Lucid Dreaming Machine


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This is the most popular device used by lucid dreamers. The NovaDreamer Device was by Dr Stephen LaBerge together with his team at the Lucidity Institute. Let’s take a look at it:

The first mask is no longer in production. To acquire it however, you can get a second hand through ebay. The good thing is the second version known as the NovaDreamer II is set to be released soon.

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So how does the machine work? Once you wear the mask and go to sleep, you start to get rapid eye movements or REM. The mask detects these eye movements through your eyelids and flashes a series of lights. These lights will manifest in your dreams.

Inside your dreams, you might see bright rainbow colors, or the whole scene becomes lit up. You could also see an ambulance or perhaps a huge gate of gold. When you get these visions, you know it’s your queue to get lucid.
The whole process enables you to tap into your conscious mind when you are asleep and tell it that there is something that is off. For it to work as expected, you need to feel comfortable during reality checks.

What are reality checks?

These are methods that are used to get into your dreams during night time hours and boost your own awareness during daytime. For this purpose, machines such as the NovaDreamer increase your chances of getting lucid dreams.

How the idea came into being

Dr Stephen LaBerge formed the Lucidity Institute, then decided on an interesting concept of inducing lucid dreams at will. By incorporating state of the art technology, Dr Stephen developed the earlier models of the masks. These were known as the Dreamlink and Dreamlight. They did not come cheap however, with a single unit retailing for over $1000.

Over the course of the following years, the mask continued to be developed and enhanced. In 1993, the latest version by then called the Nova Dreamer was released. In 2004, production of the Nova Dreamer as ceased. But like we saw above it is possible to get a secondhand version on ebay costing between 300 to 600 dollars.

Currently the most anticipated version is the NovaDreamer II. Since its design in 2008, there have been many competing products such as the Remee, The REM Dreamer and The DreamMaker.

How to operate the Novadreamer

Among the many competing products that are designed to induce lucid dreaming, the NovaDreamer is the most popular. There is good reason for this. It is easy to operate, and very comfortable to wear. The mask also performs the task it was intended for with great success making it highly reliable.

When it comes to the instruction, operating has never been easier. They are simple and well laid out. You can alter the frequency of the flashes by increasing or reducing the time lapse between them. This makes it easy to fall asleep.

A display screen gives you a report every morning, telling you the total number of cues that took place over the duration of your sleep. They can be interpreted as the number of times you would have had lucid dreams.

The best sleeping position to use with the mask is by your back. Simply adjust the head straps and go to sleep. One of the main challenges is for people who either sleep on their side or their belly. The mask will certainly fall off at worst and at best result in false positives. False positives come about when the lights continue to flash as though you are dreaming while in actual sense you are not. This results in wastage of power.

How does the Novadreamer perform?

The NovaDreamer is not meant to create lucid dreams. What it does is enhancing your odds of getting lucid dreams. This means that you are required to put in your own effort and carry out reality checks.

One downer with using the NovaDreamer is once you are lucid and the flashing lights continue, it may interfere with your progress leaving you with little choice but to wait out the flashes. The upside is that the continued flashing lights will encourage you to maintain that state of lucid.

The next version, the NovaDreamer II has added features that enables the mask to detect when you are lucid dreaming. This is done by exchange of feedback between the mask and eye movement.

When it comes to detecting certain scenarios like false awakenings, the NovaDreamer is among the best there is.

False awakening are actually dreams where the person thinks he is awake. Everything seems as it is in reality.
To help you determine this, you can press any button of the mask and see if it responds. If it does not then you are still lucid dreaming.

The Novadreamer 2 (launching 2017)

Check back here for more updates, but it appears the device is being relaunched with a new set of hardware and software. Bookmark this page and we’ll update it as soon as more information comes out! For now, have a look at the Kasina device!


You can obtain the original NovaDreamer from ebay as a second hand. The new version, the NovaDreamer II was developed in2008 and since then has only been used at The Lucidity Institute in Hawaii.

As with any business venture, the NovaDreamer faces some serious competition from other brands. Since the Lucidity Institute failed to patent the idea, other players have now come into the market.

The concept sees a lot of duplication taking place with the introduction of masks such as the DreamMaker. The idea continues to be explored as we can see with the development of mobile applications such as the Dream:ON. These work by sensing body movement and relaying information through audio. Check out more lucid dreaming masks if you’re interested!