Using A Lucid Dream For Emotional Healing


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Did you know that you can use lucid dreaming to REALLY heal emotional damage, confidence issues, PTSD symptoms and other issues? Well, you can. Here’s how.

As you may know, lucid dreaming can be used for a number of different things, one of which being ’emotional healing’. As we explain the awesome implications of using this skill to heal yourself emotionally, remember that there are also lots of other things you can do with this skill, such as these 40 things, or THIS list. Read on..

What is emotional healing?

Emotional healing can be defined as the ability to heal yourself of emotional injuries. Stress, Fear, Doubt, or a deep seated trauma from something terrible that happened as a child. These are all the types of things which can be healed by lucid dreaming. Of course, results will vary form person to person, and some people who have experienced VERY traumatic things might have a bit more work to do, but it’s possible.

When you consider that every fear, doubt or stress we have in our minds is exactly that:


Because of that, we are able to heal these mental injuries by doing some work in a lucid dream. We’ll explain how to do it, as well as provide some examples of emotional healing from having a lucid dream. Let’s look at some things you can heal with Lucid Dreaming.

Removing self doubt with lucid dreams

You can remove doubts about yourself thought this skill. Think about the way you feel about yourself, and realise that the feelings you have become affirmations. What do we mean by this? Well, consider that your mind continues to bring you what you focus on and what you believe in your life.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • ‘I’m not good in social situations’
  • I’m always late – I’m so bad at time keeping’
  • ‘I don’t think I’ll ever be a millionaire’
  • ‘Why do you ALWAYS have to be that way?’
  • ‘You NEVER listen to me’
  • ‘I’ll only be happy when I get that perfect job’

These essentially become self fulfilling prophecies meaning that because you’re telling yourself you ‘can’t be social’ or ‘can’t get rich’ you actually stop yourself doing so, which serves to FURTHER re-enforce the belief. These are some examples of ‘self doubts’ or negative beliefs people may have about themselves.

Consider that you can also heal these negative beliefs in waking life as well, but you might want to start in the dream. These beliefs are usually conditioned into your mind by the time you’re 20 and at 30 if you’ve not been aware of them or the fact you can change them, they’ll be pretty solid in your brain. You can still change them however..

In a dream, practice demonstrating to yourself that you can do the OPPOSITE of your negative belief.

For example, let’s say you have a negative belief which is ‘I can’t ever turn up to things on time’. In a dream, tell yourself that in fact you CAN always turn up to things on time, and practice doing that in your dream.

Simulate a job interview for example and practice getting there on time. When you arrive (in your dream) Tell yourself ‘I always get to things on time’ and try doing this in real life too. Every time you find yourself telling your mind that you ‘can’t do something’ or that you’re always late, change it. Tell yourself something positive.

Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) nightmares with Lucid Dreaming

If you’ve experienced a serious amount of stress or trauma in your past, you may find yourself having nightmares after this stress. PTSD can cause fear, intense panic and depression in the person suffering.

Consider that most symptoms and problems linked to PTSD are because of recurring nightmares, night terrors and nightmares in general. Lucid dreaming stops you having nightmares, and instead lets you have beautiful relaxing dreams that you control.

Therefore, no guide is needed, the answer is simple. To cure yourself of most symptoms of PTSD and the nightmares associated with it, learn how to lucid dream!

You can use lucid dreaming to treat post traumatic stress by just being self aware in your dreams. If you have experienced something terrible such as being thrown into a pool at a very young age, or witnessing someone die from falling off a climbing wall, then treat it in a dream. Expose yourself to the stimulus which you’ve associated with this stress.

Show yourself that it’s not a danger, or that it’s not as bad as you think it is, and the fear will be gone. Let’s say you witness someone fall off a climbing wall and they die, for example. To remove the PTSD from your mind associated with climbing walls, expose yourself. Dream about a climbing wall (or try it in real life, if you’re up for it) and climb up it. Show yourself that there’s not always a danger, and the fear goes away.

Examples of emotional healing with lucid dreams

Let’s look at some examples of Emotional healing in this way. Remember that you can also treat these problems in real life, but many find it’s easier to try it in a  dream because there’s no danger and you can expose yourself to things which otherwise would be either dangerous or difficult to expose yourself to (Snakes, cliffs etc)

Here are a couple of examples.

1. Someone who’s afraid of heights

A fear of heights is usually because the person experienced a serious fall as a child or they’re just not comfortable with heights. They are aware of the danger, but in life sometimes we have to be able to deal with heights, specially if, for example, the person in question works in the military. So what should they do? Expose himself. Have a Lucid Dream and practice climbing up a cliff.

In time, the fear will be gone, because he would have exposed himself to the situation, removing the fear from his mind. The mind learns with repetition that there’s nothing to be scared of regarding heights, (Of course, you must be careful) and it starts dropping the fear. This can be applied to other fears like heights, (Skydiving, scuba diving etc)

2. A girl is terrified of spiders

It’s a common fear, so what should she do? Again, exposure. Dream about spiders, but allow herself some sort of comfort. Conjure up a ‘spider killing gun’ and go around blasting them. This will make her feel in control, and the exposure will work on removing the fear of the spiders from her life.  Usually the things people fear they just don’t understand, or don’t expose themselves to enough.

Emotional healing in a lucid dream (Final thoughts)

So hopefully you’ve learned a little bit about emotional healing and how you can use a Lucid Dream to remove a fear from your mind. It’s not too difficult, but it does involve you  being ready to try and expose yourself to the fear, or it won’t go away. The mind needs to be reprogrammed to not have the fear, and this takes a bit of work and courage.

How to start lucid dreaming and healing!

There are some simple ways you can start having lucid dreams, if you’re a beginner. Even if you’re not new and you know a little bit about it, here’s what you should do: