How To Remove Fears And Phobias With Lucid Dreaming


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By popular demand, I’ve got the best guide on removing FEARS and phobias from your mind using lucid dreaming.

This DOES work and I’ve been proof of that. Lots of people have used lucid dreams to stop being scared of something, and I’ll explain how it works and how to do it.

This will take you a couple of minutes to read, nothing too major. Get comfortable, maybe even grab yourself a beer. Curing fears has literally never been easier.

Overcome your fear of spiders like this one

How it works

It works like this. Experiences we have in our lives affect our brains. Our brains are naturally programmed to respond to stressful situations with a ‘fight or flight’ response. This is an automatic reaction in our brains caused by the Amygdala.

What it means in layman terms, is our brains are programmed to remember which things are stressful and dangerous and react accordingly every time you experience that stimuli again.

An example would be this: As a child, you’re chased by a dog and when it catches you, it bites you and it really fucking hurts. now your brain and Amygdala are going to associate the stimulus of the dog biting you with ‘shit, that could bite you again, get out of the way’.

Fear of dogs

And this grows into a fear of dogs that you’ll find hard to shake later in life. Later in life of course, you realise that not ALL dogs will bite you, and so there’s really no need to be scared of them all but for lots of people its hard to shake the fear that’s in your mind.

Now, the best way to REMOVE the fear and reverse the process, is to show your brain that the thing in question is okay and you don’t need to be scared of it. The only way of doing this is experiencing it again and again.

Of course in waking life this might not always be possible. For example, if you’re scared of heights, the thought of going up high is terrifying because you think you’ll fall possibly. In a LUCID DREAM however, you can safely experience heights while KNOWING that you can’t be harmed.

You can effectively DO the thing you’re scared of, with no worry that you’ll be harmed or anything bad will happen. This means you can reprogram your brain to NOT be scared of the thing. How powerful is that?

What are the alternatives?

There are alternatives for removing fears, and the main one is therapy and things like that but it’s reported that these sorts of cures just don’t work LONG TERM. Sure you’ll feel empowered all the time you’re going to the therapist, but those therapy bills can soon add up can’t they.

Lucid dreaming however, is free and more effective. (If you’re reading this and you DON’T yet know how to lucid dream, please read my beginners guide and then come back here, don’t worry I’ll wait).

How to remove fears with lucid dreaming

Let’s just get into this. It’s actually a LOT easier than you’re expecting to remove phobias through lucid dreams. Don’t overthink this, everything you need to know about how this works is in the paragraphs above this sentence.

– Bad experiences cause your brain to form a connection between ‘shit, get out of there’ and whatever it is you’re scared of.

 – To break that connection, you need to practice experiencing the thing AGAIN and not freaking out

 – Lucid dreaming lets you do that SAFELY and with no consequences

Step 1: Consider WHAT the fear is

So, step 1. Think about WHAT it is that you’re really scared of. Are you scared of water, or drowning? Are you scared of WASPS or is it just the sting and maybe you’re scared of needles and anything that can pierce your skin?

Really think about what it is you’re scared of so you can create a vivid picture of it later on in the other steps. It might help to even write down a vivid description or draw a picture of exactly what you’re most scared of.

Step 2: Enter a lucid dream

This sort of assumes you know how to lucid dream. If you don’t then please get a copy of this Ebook and then come back here. So you’re going to enter a lucid dream using your technique of choice. Do a few reality checks to ensure you’re dreaming.

Actually I’ll say that again; do a few reality checks to make SURE you’re dreaming. This is important because you NEED to know that none of the following stuff is real and it can’t harm you. It can be scary if you DON’T realise this, and you could end up having a lucid nightmare.

Step 3: SUMMON your fear

Summon up your fear, whether it be a wasp, dog, tall building or whatever. Whatever it is, try and summon the most vivid and scary version of it you can. Remind yourself that you’re dreaming.

It might actually jump out at you at this stage because you’ll likely have STRONG connections between your fear and negative things. For this reason, prepare yourself for this. You are about to see what you fear most.

Step 4: Ask it why it’s there, and what it wants

Just literally ASK the fear (in whatever form it’s in) what it represents, and why it’s there. Most times it will tell you, and this is your subconscious mind letting you know WHY the fear is there. In my case, I was scared of wasps, and this stems from being stung by a bee as a child and it really hurting.

It will tell you a story, as strange as that sounds. Listen to it and try and remember as much of it as you can when you wake up. Having good dream recall helps with this.

Step 5: Practice interacting with your fear

This is where the practice comes in. You want to just interact with it. Talk to it, go for a walk with it. If you’re lucid you’ll have a surprising amount of control over whatever it is. This applies to most fears but if you have a fear of a SITUATION like public speaking, this still works, just slightly differently. (Explained below)

Step 6: Repeat if needed

You might find that you need to do this for a few nights. It might even take a few weeks, but even if it’s takes a month, that’s still amazing. What’s it worth to you, to LOSE a fear completely from your life. To NO LONGER be scared of something you’ve feared most of your life.

That’s it?! The fear is gone?

That’s it. You have reprogrammed your mind, if you’ve done it correctly. It might take a few tries, depending on how much you fear the thing in question. Keep trying it until it works, because believe me, it WILL work.

What if I’m scared of public speaking, for example

I’ll use public speaking as an example. Lots of people are scared of this and you can still remove this fear with lucid dreaming, but it works slightly differently. Because ‘public speaking’ is not a physical thing you can interact with or talk to, you just summon the situation, and then practice doing it.

So in this case you’d summon up an audience, and just walk out onto the stage and start talking to them. Your brain DOESN’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between lucidly DREAMING about dong this, and ACTUALLY doing it, so practice makes perfect, you know what to do.

Don’t be scared again!

Hopefully this makes sense for you but there’s just one more thing I’d like to mention. If you’ve enjoyed this post I think you should look into advanced lucid dreaming. Specifically, I’m talking about developing advanced and powerful lucid dreaming superpowers because doing so, you’ll wake up with beautiful memories of your adventures.

Not only that, but you’ll find that lots of things just seem a lot less scary, because the night before you were creating cities with your mind, or soaring above mountain tops. It makes mundane and small things like spiders seem almost laughable.