Best Lucid Dreaming Iphone Apps In 2023 Compared


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This is a collection of the very best lucid dreaming apps in 2019. This list is always being added to, but for now this is what I can find. 

I’ve gone through and had a look at various dream apps, and summarized them for you here. They’re arranged in no particular order, and clicking any of the links on this page opens in new tabs so you won’t lose your place. Enjoy!

The best lucid dreaming apps (list)

1: HowtoLucid (brand new)

I’ve spent a lot of time creating the best lucid dreaming app on the market.

I think this will really help a lot of people. the main features are that you can set REMINDERS to do reality checks during the day, and it’s also a dream journal. I didn’t want to make it JUST a dream journal.

2: Dream journal ultimate

Dream journal ultimate is probably the best lucid dreaming app for writing your dreams down that we’ve seen so far. It’s very simple, and fun to use. It has night mode and can actually be easily used in the early hours of the morning, without making you too awake!

If you have a lucid dreaming app

If you’re the owner, developer or part of the marketing team for an iPhone or android application that helps people do any of the following, please get in touch:

  • Learn to lucid dream
  • A dream journal app where people can write down their dreams
  • An app that in any way tracks or monitors your sleep
  • An app that wakes you up at specific stages of your sleep cycle
  • A smart alarm clock app that tracks your movement and was you up accordingly
  • An app that reminds people to do reality checks
  • An online dream interpretation app
  • A dream dictionary
  • Or anything else related in that way.

Email me and answer these questions

Get in touch using the email contact@ howtolucid dot com and we’ll arrange something. I’d love for you to submit an article to me explaining your app and what it does, along with possibly answering the following questions as well:

  • What gave you the idea to start or create your app?
  • What does the app do in layman terms?
  • What is the future for your app? Any planned updates?
  • Why should people download your app instead of others?
  • What sort of experience in lucid dreaming do you or members of your team have?

And then any other information you think people might want to know as well. This website gets a lot of traffic so having your app featured here will probably means lots of new downloads for you so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll chat soon!

For other readers who DON’T have an app, please feel free to let me know about apps that I haven’t covered here, or indeed reach out to the app owners themselves, and direct them to this page!