Dream Journal Ultimate Review: A New Type Of Mobile Dream Diary App


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Today we’re looking at Dream Journal Ultimate, a very effective lucid dreaming journal/diary app for your phone. It’s available on Android and IOS, and can be used to write down your dreams when you’re on the move, or don’t have a dream diary to hand.

Of course, we think this is great! We’d suggest using it along side the custom lucid journal but that’s just cause we’re biased! Technology is the way forward and there are lots of lucid dream tech devices and apps that can really make things easier! This is no exception. Having used the app,

Dream journal ultimate iphone android app

How Dream Journal Ultimate works

This app also used to be called ‘lucid dream ultimate’ but it’s the same app, different name. The app is very simple, and has a section for writing your dreams down. Dream Journal Ultimate can also remind you to reality check at various times during the day by setting a reminder for an alarm that pops up, telling you to ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’.

We like how the design is kept very simple and effective. It makes it much easier to see where things are and get your dreams written down properly. There’s even a section to view other peoples dreams and see what they’re dreaming about! Very cool.

Recording dreams on your phone

We love the app and how it works. The only thing we’d probably say about it, is that phone screens have been known to keep people awake, but then if you’re using this in the morning to write dreams down, it’s fine! The only time it might become a problem for lucid dreamers is in the night if they’re waking up at 3-4AM to write something in the app, and it keeps them awake. Go download it!

If you know of any other lucid dreaming induction devices, tech or apps, let us know! We’re going to collect a load of our reviews of them and add to them over time. Seen something that we haven’t? Email us!