The Kickstarter Device That Used ERECTIONS To Trigger Lucid Dreams


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I’ve seen it all now. A small band that wraps around a penis and ‘snaps off’ when the penis becomes erect during the night. This then triggers the headphones to play a sound which reminds the dreamer he’s dreaming.

This is the NPT Lucid Dreamer device. (NPT stands for nocturnal penile tumescence, meaning erections that happen during the night).


As a long time lucid dreamer, I actually don’t think I’m against this at all. It got a lot of flack for being a funny/crazy idea, but the physics and theory behind it actually would work.. Probably. It’s true that men do get erections almost every night. The device would then trigger an audio cue which would trigger lucidity in the dreamer.

Using erections to lucid dream

So there you have it. A small device which uses the male erection to induce a lucid dream. This is different to the normal and more commonly known techniques for having lucid dreaming sex.

I can’t help but wonder if it would have been comfortable for those more heavily ‘endowed’, as it would have had to be strapped pretty tight to stay on a flacid penis.. Would it have been comfortable for those who are ‘growers’ rather than ‘showers’? Guess we’ll never know.

The idea is that after sensing the erection, and snapping off, it triggers the headphones which are attached to the device to play some sort of audio cue or noise. This could have been a beeping or a voice saying ‘you are dreaming’. Future developments could have made it possible to customize this audio cue.

The science behind it is fairly sound and it would have worked. A quick glance at the wiki page about nocturnal penile tumescence proves that. Men get erections every night, and audio cues for lucid dreaming do work. Provided they’re timed right and happen during or just before REM sleep.

What if you have more than one erection in the night?

The one main drawback I’m seeing with this as well, is that if you had an erection, the band snapped off, and then you DIDN’T become lucid but kept sleeping (and having more erections) you’d have to wait until the next night to try again. It has to work first time, or you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to try again!

What about women though!?

The main thing I wasn’t a fan of with this, is that it eliminates half the potential audience for it because it can’t be sued by women! I think a lucid induction device needs to work for both men AND women in order to be worth developing. Lucid dreaming’s something that everyone should have access to!

That being said, massive credit to the creators, shame it was unfunded! We’re always on the look out for new lucid dreaming technologies and devices to add to our list so if you spot anything we should be aware of, please let us know!