Lucid Dreamers Wish List: The 9 Best Presents For A Lucid Dreamer


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This is the most exciting and interesting list of gifts for a lucid dreamer. (This is ALSO a list of awesome things that you might want to buy YOURSELF if you’re a lucid dreamer, I’m not going to judge).

The ultimate gift list for lucid dreamers

I’ve included a little link next to each one for you to find out more about it and see where you could get it, if you want. These links should open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place! Remember, thoughtful gifts like these mean a lot more to people than just generic ones.


1: The Lucid Talisman (totem)

This totem is so unique that you’ll probably want to order 300234 of them! It feels so nice and it’s a very good way of getting into lucid dreaming. To find out how to use totems like this, you might want to look at the totem technique before ordering one.

Gift for lucid dreamers totem

2: 100 things to do in a dream

100 things to do in a dream is a complete guide and suggestion list for the most exciting, incredible and unusual things you should try in your next lucid dream. A huge book which can be read on kindle or ordered in paperback, showing you over 100 ideas to try out in a lucid dream that you’ve probably never heard of.

Bonus Ebook

3: A rare fidget spinner (dream totem)

You’ve probably heard about the fidget spinner craze. Well, get yourself a luxury one an use it as a dream totem. Tell yourself that in a lucid dream, it would never stop spinning or could levitate. (check my post about totems to learn more).

Luxury fidget spinner

4: Animated lucid dreaming whiteboard course

This video course will take you from beginner to advanced dreamer very quickly. It explains everything you need to know about lucidity in an easy to follow format. It’s a lucid dreaming whiteboard course, explaining everything you need to know about it and showing you how to get started with illustrated examples.

Lucid whiteboard course

5: Claridream dreaming supplement

Claridream is a brand new (for 2017) dreaming supplement which gives you incredibly vivid and colorful dreams when you take it. It’s more potent than other dream enhancement supplements and for that reason, you can only take it once a week but believe me, you’re in for a hell of a ride.

Claridream PRO bottle

6: The spinning top from Inception

If you’ve seen the film you’ll know how important this little spinning top really is. It helps the main character work out whether he’s dreaming or not, and who’s dream he’s in. This little spinning top is a great gift for a lucid dreaming friend! Very cheap as well.

Spinning top from Inception

7: LucidEsc by Vividream!

These supplements are AWESOME. They come in a beautifully designed package as well, that feels really nice to hold. We’ve got a review of these coming real soon! Great gift.

Lucid esc supplement by Vividream

8: This Kasina meditation machine

The Kasina device is a powerful and incredible meditation machine which can help you reach deep levels of relaxation. It’s a device that shows you lights and sounds in time which makes you enter different brainwave states. Really has to be experienced to be believed!

Kasina machine review

9: The LucidCatcher device

The LucidCatcher (click that link, then click ‘shop now’ and you’ll see the options) is a unique new dreaming mask which can DIRECTLY induce a lucid dream by electrical stimulation. It’s quite hard to get hold of at the moment though, the best place to go is here to see if there are any available for testing or public use etc (update, you can now get one delivered to you). You could also read my review of the LucidCatcher to learn lots more.

LucidCatcher by Luciding

Make your dreams come true!

Hopefully you can use this list to either get your lucid dreamer mate a great Christmas present, or just to get yourself some nice little gifts! If you’re after more practical digital courses or books for lucid dreaming, you’ll love these:

  • Lucid Superpowers: A guide to learning specific lucid dreaming superpowers like flying, teleporting and time travel (and dozens more)
  • The Bootcamp: A complete printable 3 day schedule for learning lucid dreaming. Follow these steps and you’ll FORCE yourself to lucid dream even if you don’t want to or haven’t been able to before
  • These binaural beats: Listen to these before bed and you’ll massively increase your chances of becoming lucid!