Doing Maths In A Lucid Dream To Stabilize It


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

When you’re in a Lucid Dream, doing simple maths problems in your head can help you to stablize the dream.

It seems that you’re easily distracted and focus is easy to lose in a dream, but if you try and get into the habit of doing simple math problems every now and then in your dream, you’ll be able to stay focused for much longer.

Math problems area already stored in the brain, you know how to do them, so you can easily access those memories or ‘fire’ the neurons needed to do the math problem. The interesting thing is that by actually thinking about math problems in a dream you can activate the part of your brain that’s responsible for lucid dreaming.

Doing maths in a lucid dream

This means you become more grounded, lucid and in control of the situation.

Doing math problems in a lucid dream

It’s been known for a long time that if you do maths problems in a dream you are able to use parts of your brain that you wouldn’t normally be able to use.

Math problems that would have been impossible to solve in reality become possible in the dream.

It’s because your mind works a little differently in a dream, and as you don’t have to be aware of all the subtle things that happen all around you, people talking, background noise, walking around etc, your mind is set free.


It’s THIS which enables you to achieve almost anything in a lucid dream – The fact that you’re able to set your mind free because you don’t need to concentrate on the world around you, which normally takes up a lot of your  brains processing power.

Anyway, back on track – Maths in lucid dreams can help you stabilize them. I’m not talking about trying to solve Pythagoras theorem, I mean simple things like 12 x 5. Really easy problems that make your brain work just enough to become more lucid.

The problem with doing simple maths like 4+4 is that you can just ‘remember’ the answer.

You want to challenge your brain a little bit more, to really get it to come to life, so try more complex ones that require you to think, but not to the point where you’re confused and you can’t arrive at the answer.

Solving problems in lucid dreams

These are the sort of difficulty you’ll want to be aiming for (depending on your normal math ability). If you’re super smart in real life, then maybe try something a little harder than these in your dream.

  • 34 x 3
  • 90-65
  • 68 / 4

Problems that are fairly tricky, but you can work them out in a few seconds. Nothing more complex because otherwise the mind will struggle and you’ll lose lucidity, and nothing too simple because it won’t activate the right part of your brain.

Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t

This trick will not work all the time.

When it does work, you’ll experience deeper lucid dreams, and you’ll be able to feel the ‘setting free’ of your mind that we talked about, but when it doesn’t, you’ll just have a normal lucid dream – No changes.

This is fine, because it’s only an idea, what I like to do on this site is present you with ideas and invite you to try them out, see what works for you. Because everyone’s different, what works for one person might not work for you.

I know from experience that in some of my lucid dreams, doing maths problems and ‘thinking’ about things in that way made me more aware and the dream became more vivid, but that’s just me. All you can do is try it.

Other ways to stablize the dream

There are some other things to try to stabilize and deepen your lucid dream. You could look at getting a dream supplement to make the whole thing more vivid and realistic, or you could check out how binaural beats can really help get you into the lucid state!