Your first Lucid Dream is a wild adventure, but for those who haven’t yet had their first experience of controlling their dreams, this is a little ‘taste’ of what’s in store for you.

If you have already had a Lucid Dream, you should be able to relate to this summary and even remember back to when you had your first experience of Lucid Dreaming. So how does it all start?

Well, usually, you hear about this new concept of controlling your dreams from one of your friends, or you overhear it in someone’s conversation, and the phrase inspires you to research more about it. ‘Lucid Dreaming’? you think. I wonder what this is all about.. so, you head over to Google.

You may type something like, ‘how to lucid dream’ or ‘what is lucid dreaming’ and you’ll see an array of results. Click on almost any of them and you’ll be told that Lucid Dreaming is the ability to become self aware in your dreams. To control them and do whatever you wish.

Sounds much more fun than just sleeping through the fog of the night, doesn’t it?You may stumble across a basic video explaining what Lucid Dreaming is, such as this one..

So, you’ve read up a little bit about how to do it, and usually beginners find that the easiest way to induce their first lucid experience is to do reality checks.

It starts with doing reality checks

There are a lot of websites that have short introductions to Lucid Dreaming, usually personal development blogs or other such websites that want to talk about the topic without going into too much detail. They will quite commonly include an explanation of lucid dreaming and say that you need to do ‘reality checks’ throughout the day.

You may have even seen this for yourself, with sites telling people to ‘write an A on your palm’ and therefore ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming’ when you see it. This is cool, and it usually works for most people. It’s a basic form of a reality check, which is the basis of controlling your dreams and being self aware in them.

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Am I Dreaming?

It MIGHT happen on the first night..

If you’re lucky, you’ll experience a lucidly controlled dream on the first night of trying to induce it, but if you’re like most of us, then it will take a bit longer to get your first lucky night! Some people can do it the first night of trying, but usually, it requires a bit more practice and a few more failed attempts. (There are ways to make it more likely on the first night)..

So assuming that you’re like the majority, you try for a few nights with no success and almost give up trying, but you’re still fairly interested in the idea and you really want to learn more, and ultimately, have a lucid dream, right?!

After all, it sounds really cool, and everyone is talking about it. You lay down on the ‘lucky night’ and try to go to sleep. This is where the fun starts..

Your first lucid dream experience!

You’re looking around in your dream, when you notice that some things aren’t quite right. You’ve been reading a lot about lucid dreaming in the last week or so, and you keep thinking about that same phrase over and over again, LUCID DREAM, LUCID DREAM, LUCID DREAM. Every time you lay down you think the same thing.. Will tonight be the night?

And it finally is. So what will happen now is you’re in a dream and you’ll notice things aren’t quite as they should be, or you’ll get a sudden sense that something’s not right. Now without getting all technical, this is a pretty good description of what your first lucid dream will actually be like..

As you ‘fade’ into awareness in the dream, you’ll find yourself in the middle of something. It’s always like this, you find yourself already doing something, or moving, or in the middle of a load of action, when you’ll be struck with a thought which makes you stand still.

You look at your hands, or look around you, and instantly, without a doubt, you KNOW that it’s not real. You know this either by remembering that you’ve been trying to have a lucid dream, and that you just went to sleep therefore this has to be a dream… OR..

You suddenly become VERY excited, as you realize that because this isn’t real, anything is possible. Walk down the street, talk to someone.. push someone over.. maybe you’ll examine the wall of the building near you and wonder ‘how can this possibly be a dream, it’s so detailed!’.

(Side Note)

This is a very common thing in dreams, specially lucid ones, is that it seems so very complex and detailed.. Much like real life, and sometimes it can be very hard to really tell between dream and reality. There is a more involved explanation for this, which will be covered in another post, but for now, imagine it is like a games console.

Now, usually the console renders only the portion of the ‘game world’ that you need to see, or that you’re experiencing. It’s sort of the same in the dream, only what you’re looking at is actually there, the rest ‘creates itself’ as you explore it. Don’t worry, it’s not very relevant to this post, just a side note.

So you notice how detailed the scene is, and you’ll maybe look at your hands again, ‘It’s really a dream!’

‘It can’t be a dream? Can It? .. This is incredible.. I could do ANYTHING..’

You won’t be able to comprehend what’s happening. You’re in an entirely new world, and it all exists in your mind. You’re creating the whole dream universe. It’s remarkable.

Now at this point, what happens is down to you, but without a shadow of a doubt, you’ll do something that will excite you and you’ll wake up.

This is the case for almost every beginner and it’s completely normal. You’re just excited because you’ve never done something like this before, and it seems overwhelming. Usually you’ll ‘snap back to reality’ and wonder what happened.

You’ll remember the experience and it will feel very real when you remember it. Everything was so clear, and seemingly real. As you go about your day, you may find yourself unable to stop thinking about this new experience, and this is the basis of a mild lucid dreaming addiction!

It’s such a great skill that you’ll be ready to go again as soon as you wake up, but then you must wait until the next night to try again. As a beginner, it’s easy to become very obsessed with this new found world, and rightly so, because it’s full of lessons, experiences and opportunities to grow as a person.

If you’re slightly more advanced and you’ve already done this, or you’re a regular lucid dreamer, what was your FIRST experience like? Let us know on the Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you. For all the beginners, hopefully this gives you some sort of idea what your first lucid dream will be like, and we wish you all the best discovering the world of lucid dreaming.

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