Dream Characters Can Say The Funniest Things! (List Of Sayings)


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The things dream characters actually SAY in a lucid dream can be really funny or strange!

Sometimes they come out with the most ridiculous things and what they really mean by these things can be interesting. Or it can be complete nonsense! I also think it would be a funny idea to collect a load of quotes from peoples dream characters all around the world and put them all in one place.

What they say can reflect how you’re truly feeling about something, or it can just be random and unrelated. It’s interesting to write down what they say as sometimes you’ll hear a DC (dream character) say something that won’t make much sense but then a few days later you’ll have another dream that somehow references what they said before and it will make a bit more sense. It’s worth writing them all down in your dream journal which you should be keeping!

Things dream characters say (Quotes)

Here’s a little list of things that my dream characters have said along with some random ones that I’ve been sent in and given permission to publish.

Nonsensical dream character quotes

  • ‘It just doesn’t need to be like this.. You can fly over the tomorrow if you want to’
  • ‘There’s only as many pathways in as there are out’ This one actually is sort of philosophical but I don’t know exactly what it means!
  • ‘Don’t just plant strawberries on their own they need to be warm at the same time’
  • ‘Make sure you wash behind your thoughts or you’ll go mad’
  • ‘Why are you all the way over here? You’re meant to be speaking at the monkeycircus’

Philosophical quotes

Some of the things I’ve heard my dream characters say are really, really interesting and made me wake up thinking what the hell just happened.. Here’s a few sayings from mine and others dream characters.

  • ‘This world isn’t real.. You don’t need to be afraid of anything you see here’
  • ‘Your mind is the secret.. But almost no one really knows this’
  • ‘You’re almost ready to be born again’
  • ‘Don’t worry too much, you’ll distract yourself from your purpose’

Random dream character quotes

  • ‘Are you going to enter the rabbit hole?’
  • ‘You need to get OUT and travel right now!’
  • ‘I don’t know why you keep stressing yourself out like this’
  • ‘It’s only green if you choose to see green’
  • ‘Tomatoes grow all over this building’
  • ‘It’s not healthy to constantly fly around like that, you’ll damage your eyebrows’
  • This one, I was having a nightmare at the time, and I just started to realise it was a dream and I could probably control it when this character just pops out of nowhere and says ‘What the **** are you doing running? This is your final fight before you wake up!’

I will add to this list of quotes as I have more dreams and hear more things dream characters say to me.