The Best Spiritual Black Friday Deals 2023 (Get Ready)


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🛠❤️ IT’S BLACK FRIDAY 2023! So I’ve collected the best deals from around the web, on spiritual, or personal growth products. This is an everchanging list of the best deals I find on the internet.

I’ve also discounted several of MY best programs and courses as well, and many of them are the lowest they’ve ever been.

So, let’s summarise the best deals right now:

Best Spiritual Black Friday Deals In 2023

It’s not in any special order, and full disclosure: Most of these are affiliate links which means I’ll get a small commission if you decide to buy something. This is at NO EXTRA cost to you, and it’s a great way of supporting this site and my work as well. 

1: Shifting Vibrations Megapack

Fractally designed audio tracks with ambient noises, binaural beats, subliminals, quantum energy and more. Tracks to help shift, lucid dream, astral project, raise your vibrations, sleep better and more.

We finally discovered a unique, proprietary way to encode sound, and do the following:

  • 1. ’Weave the sound’ with powerful subliminal messages that influence your subconscious mind (remove limiting beliefs, strengthen or add POSITIVE ones)
  • 2: Tune it to ‘mega frequencies’ like the golden ratio, to put your body and mind in tune with Gaia and your Highest Self. Listening to this for just a few minutes per day is REVOLUTIONARY!
  • 3: Massively enhance the way binaural beats and Isochronic tones previously worked on the brain, and improve the ‘frequency following response’ you might be familiar with already

❤️ Get over 6 hours of tracks for just 17 bucks (90% or more off)

2: Superhuman Optimisation System

Shows you how to completely redesign and enhance your body, mind, energy and vibrations. Ultimate biohacking and personal development ‘upgrade’ course. Comes with email and group livestream coaching, videos, audios, pdfs, bonuses and more.

Learn how to leverage the ‘holographic blueprint’ of the world we’re living in to manifest your dream life, raise your vibrations and attract situations and people to you effortlessly. Get a 6K course for just 77 dollars.

❤️ By far the best value deal here. A 3-4K video course for just 77 dollars

3: Astral Discovery Program: Learn To Astral Project

Learn the fastest and most effective way to astral project in this video course. Astral projection doesn’t have to be difficult, when you follow a series of proven steps.

Do You Want To Experience Astral Projection To Explore Other Realms, Reconnect With Loved Ones, Or Gain Profound Knowledge? It Can Be Difficult To Make It HAPPEN, Or Stay Awake Long Enough! Learn exactly how to astral project in simple, straightforward steps.

❤️ This is on offer for 90% off right now.

4: BlissCoded Sound Audio Tracks

Harmonically tuned sound linked to the Golden Ratio, to help you relax, lucid dream, focus, sleep better and much more. Lucid dreaming package, as well as other use cases and packages. This is one of the only meditation products I’ve tested, and bought instantly because I felt the effect. 
❤️ Get up to 60% or more off several packages, and some bonuses

5: Lucid Breakthrough Program: Lucid Dream FAST

This shows you everything you need to know about lucid dreaming (Being able to CONTROL your dreams). Specifically, how to lucid dream if you’ve not been able to do it before. If nothing else worked, this is for you.

Designed specifically for people who have already TRIED to lucid dream, and failed. There’s often several things you’re doing wrong, and if you fix those, it becomes easy. This program breaks it all down for you, so you can have a lucid breakthrough. My most effective techniques, tips and teachings are in here.

❤️ Get over 90% off this course, and several free extras.

6: Lucid ‘Dream Leaf’ Supplements: Lucid Dream More Often

Popular lucid dreaming supplements, totems and journals. They’re offering several packages and options, worth having a look at them! Dream Leaf have been making high quality lucid dreaming supplements for years. Tey’re now offering some of the best deals on those supplements, for Black Friday. 

7: Free Numerology Readings and Discounted Programs

For this discount, you’ll have to first sign up to get their ‘free numerology reading’. It’s literally completely free and you get a personalised video, and then after a few hours they should email you with information about their black friday discounts which are pretty wild!
❤️ Get a free reading first, then info on their black Friday deals and get up to 80% off

Phew. That was a lot!

Have I missed any? Let me know!