Ruggie Alarm Clock Review 2023: The Alarm Clock That FORCES You Awake


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Today we’re reviewing the Ruggie alarm clock, a unique device that forces you to stand on it to turn off the alarm. 

This is pretty cool!

Waking up in the morning is hard, especially if it’s cold outside or if you went to bed really late. Regular alarm clocks initially shock you awake, but they possess a rather convenient button that snoozes the alarm for the next 10 min.

The thing is:

This feature gives you false hope that you will get more sleep and feel more rested if hit that button and close your eyes for ten more minutes.

Most of who love sleeping have a problem of hitting the snooze button every time our alarm goes off in the morning. But the snooze button only makes us late and adds up to our groggy and overall tired state. And this product is here to fix that problem with an effective, yet very simple solution.

How does the Ruggie alarm clock work?

Ruggie is an alarm clock designed to look like a rug that you keep on the floor next to your bed instead of having a small device with buttons sitting on the bedside table and waiting to go off at a preset time.

When the alarm sounds, it requires you to get up and stand on it for at least three seconds in order to be turned off. We think it’s best to keep it closer to the foot of the bed, since this way you’ll have to walk a little to get to it.

The manufacturer says that it might take up to a month or two of using Rugiie for the changes to your sleeping habits to become noticeable.

Features of the Ruggie

The mat is made out of memory foam, which makes it extremely soft to the touch and fairly warm when you stand on it. It includes a touch sensor throughout the rug to recognize when stepping on it and a plastic brick inside.

The brick acts as a central unit, and it runs on three AAA batteries.

You can use it to set the alarm and the sound which you want to wake you up. It also has an LED display on it, whose main purpose is to show you the time.

Ruggie comes with a USB cable that you can use to connect it to your computer or a laptop. After you connect it, you can download the free software that comes for both Windows and Mac OS.

The software can be sued to set multiple alarms and change the amount of time required to stand on the mat before it turns off. Also, there is an option to set a custom message or a motivational speech to play after the alarm turns off.

If you choose not to use the software, you’re free to do so. The brick inside the mat has its own buttons, which you can use for setting the alarm and changing the sound. The only problem is that you can set only one alarm, as opposed to two for each day of the week that you can set in the software.


This product is amazing for people who have a problem with waking up and getting out of bed. The physical absence of a snooze button and the requirement to stand on until it shuts down is a great idea overall.

The only downfall, in our opinion, is that it has only six sounds to choose from and that you can’t add your own. And they’re all a bit annoying, but we suppose that’s kind of the point of an alarm clock, to annoy you out of bed.

If you have problems with waking up, we do recommend that you try this product. It might be a bit expensive if you look at it as a rug that acts as an alarm. But if you look at it as an investment into your future, it’s definitely worth it.

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