Lucid Dreaming Reality Check Reminder Stickers


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

You may or may not have seen my video on YouTube about Reality check reminder stickers. If not, this post will introduce the idea and explain everything. You know what lucid dreaming is, right? Well, it largely relies on being able to recognise that you’re in a dream by doing a ‘reality check’ in the dream.

Read this post all the way to the end because these weird little stickers might be the KEY that helps you lucid dream, even when nothing else has worked and you just can’t work out how to get your reality checks to SHOW UP in your dreams. 


This is where you test your reality, and ask yourself ‘am I dreaming right now?’ while you’re in the dream. You then realise you’re dreaming and become LUCID meaning you can control the dream, dream about what you want and experience anything you like.

There is a big problem with this method, and a fundamental problem with lucid dreaming which I’m going to explain in a second.

What are reality checks?

A reality check is where you perform a physical CHECK or test of your reality. You do something that has different results in waking life than it would in a dream, so you can know fairly certainly based on the outcome of the test whether you’re awake or dreaming.

I have a video explaining reality checks here:

But for the most part it’s just about testing your reality and asking yourself ‘Am I dreaming’. If you do it enough times during the day and practice it for eough days and weeks, EVENTUALLY, you’ll do a reality check in a lucid dream and become lucid.

It can happen a lot actually, and when you’ve been practicing reality checks for a while you’ll notice that actually you DO have lucid dreams randomly, fairly often because your reality checks show up in your dreams and make you become lucid.

But there’s a problem

The problem people have is they just don’t REMEMBER to actually DO reality checks during the day. And for this, there are a number of solutions (and we’ve created one):

  • Set a reminder on your phone to go off every hour
  • Give yourself small rewards when you remember to do them (positive reenforcement)
  • Write ‘Am I dreaming?’ on postit notes and put them around your house
  • Buy the special stickers we’ve created that do exactly that, and look better than a postit note would.

Of course, you don’t need to get these but they sure do look good, and they’re really cheap. Also because they have that light and dark contrast, it helps get you in the mindset that this is for lucid dreaming and not just a random reminder note (if you use post it notes for other things).

Here’s a video about the reality check stickers to explain it a bit better and show you what they look like etc..

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