The Best Novaform Mattresses In 2024 Compared And Reviewed


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If you’re looking for a great memory foam mattress by Novaform, you’re probably as confused as I was. There are SO MANY types of product they offer, from toppers, to pillows, right through to loads of mattresses all at different prices, with different reviews.

This article is going to hopefully make it as SIMPLE as possible for you to look at all the Novaform mattresses out there, compare them and decide which one is best for you. Before we start comparing Novaform mattresses, I want to just briefly talk about what makes a mattress good, for those who don’t know.


At a glance comparison
What makes a mattress good?
What type of Novaform mattress do I need?
Side sleepers
Back and stomach sleepers
Sleeping with someone else
All Novaform reviews for 2018
Soft types of mattress
Altabella review for 2018
Grande elegance review 2018
Medium firmness mattresses
Valentina review 2018
Serafina pearl review 2018
Primafina  review 2018
Firm types of mattresses
Comfort Grande review 2018
Flextech review 2018

At a glance Novaform mattress comparison:

Altabella: For side sleepers, all rounder for price and comfort, great value for money

Grande elegance: More comfort, but most expensive soft mattress

Valentina: For side sleepers, cheapest in the side sleeper range, but the least soft, all sizes available

Serafina pearl: For people who move around a lot at night, most expensive in the medium range

Comfort grande: For people who move around, middle price in this comfort range

Primafina: For people who sleep on their back or stomach, most expensive for this range but most comfort and support

Flextech: For people who sleep on their back or stomach, cheaper, but slightly less comfort

All of the above mattresses come in the sizes: Queen, King, and Cal King but the more expensive mattresses in each range also come in the Twin size as well. Clicking the links opens more information about them in a NEW TAB so you don’t lose your place here.

To understand this, we need to be aware of what ‘Novaform’ really is. It’s a type of foam. Well, technically it’s the name of the company that makes all the products, but most of them include their special type of memory foam. The foam is such high quality that almost all their products (actually, yeah all of them) are very good.

They’re comfortable to sleep on, cool and refreshing and don’t hurt your back, neck or anything else like many other mattresses do. That being said, there are different types and what is great for someone else might not be the best type of mattress for you.

Novaform also make other sleep products like mattress toppers, pillows, and mats, but this article is focused ONLY on Novaform MATTRESSES and nothing else. Clicking the links above for the other products will just open  new tab for you to have a quick look at them.
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What actually makes a mattress good?

You spend a third of your life in bed, make sure you don’t cheap out on a mattress. It’s easy to think that it’s fine to just get a cheap mattress, but why? You do spend hundreds of hours sleeping on it, and your sleep quality affects everything else in your life.. Your energy, your motivation, your mood in the morning and even your long term health.

By getting better sleep, you’ll make every aspect of your life better and you’ll feel better. Not to mention you’ll be able to lucid dream much more easily, if that’s your goal. Not only that, but you’ll only really have to buy one or two mattresses in your life. They’re almost like homes, you rarely will buy more than 1-2 houses in your life so you want to make sure the ones you do buy are perfect for YOU.

If you’re a side sleeper, get a softer one like the ones we’re about to talk about first. If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, something a bit firmer. There are other mattresses for in between but they’re basically divide by how soft or firm they are.

The right support for the right type of sleep. If you’re sleeping WITH someone, Novaform is great as well because it reduces motion transference so the whole thing won’t move around loads when the other person moves.
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What type of Novaform mattress do I need?

This is a fairly complex question but it comes down to this:

If you sleep on your side

You’re going to want a softer mattress like the Altabella. These are soft, relaxing mattresses that provide lots of body support and sort of let you ‘sink’ into them while you’re sleeping on your side. If you slept on your back, it wouldn’t be AS comfortable because you’d still sink back into it, and the support on your back wouldn’t be as effective.

If you sleep on your back or stomach

For people who sleep on their back, firmer, more supportive mattresses are the best because they prop up your back and neck in a way that softer ones can’t do as well. This is why it’s so important to think about HOW you sleep, and not just WHAT you sleep on.

If you sleep with someone

If you sleep with someone, you’re pretty safe with any type of Novaform mattress as they all provide a certain level of motion reduction. This means that they’re built to stop movements from one person rocking the whole bed and annoying the other person (or people, I don’t judge!).

The only thing to consider is is YOU sleep on your side, and your partner (or partners) sleep on their BACK. If there’s a difference like this, then getting a mattress in the MIDDLE of the soft-firm scale is the best as it allowed fairly good support for you all, without going too far in either direction. Hopefully this makes sense.
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The types of Novaform compared

There are LOTS of different Novaform mattresses and we’re going to review and compare them all for you in 2018. A little note, this review and article has been created and will be updated all throughout 2018 so that it’s the most relevant and up to date comparison of Novaform mattresses.

Soft types of novaform mattress

Because the most common sleeping position is on the side, and specifically in the fatal position, the soft mattresses that I’m about to talk about are going to be the most popular, so I’ve reviewed these first. That being said, you can use the links in the contents page to jump between sections.
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Altabella review 

The Altabella Novaform mattress is a soft, cool modern type of mattress designed for side sleepers. It’s probably the best and most value for money, in my humble opinion. This mattress doesn’t have grips, so carrying it might be a bit of a pin, but then again.. How often do you need to carry a mattress around?

Altabella novaform mattress

It comes in various sizes, such as King, Cal king, and Queen. It ranges in price from $800-1300 depending on the size and the add ons you get but there are always deals on.
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Grande elegance 

The Grande elegance is a beautiful mattress from Novaform. It’s a very thick mattress, so if you live in an attic room with a sloping ceiling, make sure you take the correct measurements before buying it. It’s hard to find other reviews of this one online actually, so I’ll make sure we go through this one a bit more.

Grande elegance review 2017

It’s great for those who sleep on their side, and the quality of the foam makes for a great nights sleep. It really does feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, although that being said if you’re going to be carrying it around or moving house a lot, this is a heavy, thick and big mattress.

For 99% of people though this is the perfect choice. I’d probably suggest the grande elegance vs the Altabella and choose one based how soft you want it. The Altabella being the softest, and the Grande elegance being the next step up.
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Medium soft types of novaform mattress

As we said before, these mattresses are for those who like to sleep on their back as they provide more support for your back and neck. They won’t be as comfortable for those of you who sleep only our side, so please bear this in mind before buying one.
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Valentina review

The Valentina is a great mattress for those who like to share a bed with someone. This is because it accounts for the other person being a back sleeper or a side sleeper, and you being the opposite. It’s the best sort of ‘in the middle’ mattress to be good for all sleeping styles.

Valentina Novaform

It has 3-4 layers of foam to provide excellent back and neck support and also to reduce the movement that can happen when more than one person sleeps in the same bed. This one has free shipping!
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Serafina pearl review

If you’re a heavy sleeper, the Serafina pearl is PERFECT for you. It prevents tossing and turning, and most movement that people find happens during the night. It makes for a deep, sound sleep. Only thing about this one is that it’s hard to lift if there’s just one person lifting it.

Serafina pearl review

Although as we said before, how often are you going to need to lit your mattress? Maybe once or twice a year, if that. All things considered, the Serafina is the perfect choice for people who toss and turn at night, sleep with others, or sleep on their back and their side.
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Primafina review

This is a great mattress for it’s price, although some people say that the durability is a little lacking. It tends to wear out after 3 year or so, but the first and second year are great, and you’ll probably still love it even after then. Just don’t expect it to look and feel EXACTLY how it did when you first bought it.

Primafina mattress

To combat this wearing out effect, just remember to try and turn it over every 6 months and not bounce around on it too much! Don’t let your kids or friends jump up and down on it too much and you’ll probably not notice the wearing out effect at the end of the day.

It’s 14 inches thick, and is great for motion reduction if you’re sleeping with someone else and don’t want to be disturbed by them moving around in the night. It’s also one of the softer ones in this range.
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Medium to firm types of novaform mattress

These are for people who sleep on their back. Less support for body contact like side sleeping. We’ve spoken about sleep position for lucid dreaming before so that’s something think about as well.
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Comfortgrande review

This is a great mattress and really does provide a lot of support, but (and this is important) if you’re a side sleeper, it WILL feel firm and even a little uncomfortable. It’s meant for those who sleep on their back or stomach but if you still want to get it to take advantage of the price and the support, then consider getting a topper as well.

Comfortgrande mattress by Novaform

The topper will act as a little cushion to protect your side form the hardness and firm support that the comfort grande gives you. Overall, the comfortgrande is a great mattress for those who need support, and might be the best choice if you have children or pets as it is VERY durable.
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Flextech firm review

Another GREAT mattress, and a general all rounder really. Good for if you’re sleeping in a couple because this provides support for both types of sleeper and reduces motion when one person moves around.

Flextech novaform review 2017

This is the cheaper of the firmer models but it also provides the least comfort, so it’s sort of an all rounder ‘value for money’ type of mattress. It’s not the MOST comfortable or the most expensive so it’s in the middle.

This mattress has great ‘edge support’ which means that when you’re sleeping near the edge, it supports you. Many other mattresses tend to let you sort of roll off the edge when you get too close to it. Not this one, because the foam is made consistent and supports the ages slightly more so that you can’t roll out of it.
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In closing, Novaform mattress are incredible, but it’s important to think about the dimensions of your bed, what you can fit in your room and also how you sleep. These are things you want to make sure you know for certain before you buy one, especially if yore buying online because sending them back and forwards can be tricky.

Buying Novaform though Amazon however means that you’ll get access to their incredible customer service, and sending it back might even be free or very cheap if you change your mind later. It also means you can take advantage of the great discounts that are on Amazon almost all the time!

Novaform themselves offer a 20 year limited warranty on their mattresses, meaning they’ll replace defective or broken products as long as you didn’t break them yourself. If there’s something wrong with the products, you’ll get a replacement. Is also only takes 3 minutes to set up a Novaform mattress, you just unbox it, unroll it and it expands into shape in minutes.

Check latest prices of all novaform mattresses now.
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