DON’T LEARN THIS TECHNIQUE! (Lucid Dreaming Mind Hack/Trick)


🌙 Written by Stefan Zugor, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Why did you click on this post? Well, part of the reason is that when we’re told NOT to do something, it makes us want to do it even more. This is the negative suggestion method for lucid dreaming!

If you’re looking for a new, interesting technique that you can use during your next lucid dreaming experience, then this might be just for you!

Reverse psychology is a powerful tool that is based on the practice of negative suggestion, and it’s bound to bring a new dimension to your lucid dreams.


The reverse psychology (negative suggestion) technique for lucid dreaming

Maybe you’ve heard of this concept before. Allow us to describe it in a few words. To begin with, you’ve probably noticed that our society is totally built on RULES, structures, and traditions.

These begin in our homes, and rise all the way up to global politics. We feel restrictions and are told what to do, how to behave, and what to believe since we’re merely babies.

The negative suggestion method

Very often, however, these rules and structures keep us away from things that we really want and desire, or that we feel indescribably pulled toward on an instinctual level. We feel naughty or “bad” for wanting these things that we apparently shouldn’t want. As a result, those desires become even stronger and an internal struggle begins.

You may have heard of stories of people trying to quit smoking for example, or maybe even experienced this yourself. The closer you are to finally quitting, the stronger the desire is. That’s because you want that cigarette, but your higher, rational mind knows that it’s bad for you.

Using that desire to lucid dream

During dreams, these structures and rules become pretty irrelevant. This is when your deepest desires, your natural instincts are really allowed to run wild.

You can fulfill your irrational needs by experiencing things that you wouldn’t usually do in your daily life. This has even been proven scientifically. When we dream, our higher, rational mind, which is located in the pre-frontal cortex, is, well, asleep, and our more primal, emotional brain takes over.

Inside a lucid dream

Now, the question is: how do we use this to our advantage in order to make us better lucid dreamers?

Well, before we enter the dream, we need to become aware of a primitive desire that exists within us. We simply notice inner pulling that can’t be satisfied in our waking life. Then, all we have to do is wait for this desire to be fulfilled during our dream!

Now this next part may seem a little weird, but you’ve just got to trust in it. This will essentially help you create the perfect unfulfilled desire that can help propel you in your lucid dream.

It really works. Think of it as a prep exercise and a vital step in developing your lucid dreaming skills. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find a small, sturdy box (like this). Something along the lines of an Altoid container, for example.
  • Hand the box to a trusted friend along with some money. Ask your friend to buy a few non-perishable items to put in the box. These items should be things you really like. Alongside the items, ask them to place a little piece of paper with the words, “you are dreaming” written on it.
  • Ask them to tightly close the box, and if possible, wrap in some kind of tape so it doesn’t accidentally fall open and reveal any of the items.

Make sure that you’re friend doesn’t give you any hints about what’s inside the box.

This is key. Now you see what just happened here? You own an object that contains a hidden secret inside. You will never be able to open the box up and discover the mystery for yourself – at least you shouldn’t! To just recap one more time, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT’S IN THE BOX!

A secret box

You’ll probably already start feeling a slight sense of dissatisfaction by simply knowing that the secret can’t be revealed to you, even though you’d really like to know what’s inside.

Incorporate the forbidden box in to your dreamworld

The next part involves incorporating the box into your dreamworld. To do this, you need to practice visualizing opening up the container in your mind.

You could do this while daydreaming throughout the day, for example. Just imagine that you’re opening up the secret little box, just make sure that you don’t actually do it!

Each time that you visualize yourself peeking inside the box, remind yourself that this is just a dream and that you aren’t actually doing it. Keep the little box next to your bed every night and repeat these visualizations for a few days before falling asleep.

Before you know it, you should be dreaming about this mysterious little box often, and creating a deeper desire to know the nature of its contents. Your dreams will most likely involve revealing the items of the box in one way or another. 

It could be that you are the one opening up the box, or its contents simply fall out somehow, or maybe the box is mutilated and the items are clearly visible. Whatever the case, this is the point at which a lucid dream will be triggered for you.

If you don’t achieve the state of lucid dreaming, you may need to go back and focus a bit harder on your visualizations. Make sure to emphasize and remind yourself that if you see the box open, one way or another, then you must be dreaming. Keep doing this every night before you fall asleep, and you should be able to initiate the lucid dream sooner rather than later!