Mexican Terragon: The Aztec Dream Enhancer for Lucid Dreaming


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

As the name suggests, Mexican Terragon originates from Mexico, where it has been used for centuries by medicine men as a healing herb, and is delicious food flavoring for everyday folks like you and me.

Through the ages, its distinct liquorice-like taste has earned it nicknames like Sweet Mace, Mexican Mint Marigold, Pericon and Yerba Anise, although it’s scientific name is Tagetes lucida.

However, one of the plant’s most famous uses to date has to be as a lucid dreaming aid, which starts by producing improved awareness and slight visions during the waking state, which then translated into an altered dream state that involves the experience of fantastic imagery. Read on for more on this lesser known lucid dreaming herb and how you can use it.

History of mexican terragon

This ancient herb, which has the appearance of a marigold with bright yellow petals and vibrant green leaves, can be traced back all the way to the Aztec civilisation, where it was used as a sedative to dull the senses of sacrificial victims prior to the ceremony. Apart from its ties to this gruesome period in history, this herb has continued to be a source of healing and is one of the most widely used holistic remedies and spices in the Latin American region and beyond.

And Native American shamans have relied on it for centuries to experience vivid dreams and visions or to connect to the ‘other world’.

Mexican terragon uses

Most people use Mexican Terragon as a spice or flavouring for a variety of dishes, from eggs to meat and even chocolate. Others prefer to use it as incense, believing that it’ll cleanse their space of evil spirits and the like.

The plant also contains medicinal properties and through the ages has been used in Mexican cultures to treat ailments such as colds and flus, sleep disorders, rheumatism, as well as stomach aches and indigestion. For best results, add it towards the end of the cooking process, so that you can get the most out of the natural flavour and experience some of its healing properties as well.

Lucid dreamers, on the other hand, use Mexican Terragon to complement other dreaming herbs like Ayahuasca, a combination which could help to eliminate the nausea and other side effects that come with a powerful trip, while also increasing your ability to recall the dreams afterwards.

In traditional Mexican culture, medicine men and women waft it over a person’s body to cleanse the spirit, heal traumas and even to perform soul retrieving ceremonies, and of course we know that it works great when wanting to experience symbolic and even visually rich dreams.

Mexican terragon dosage for lucid dreams

The active ingredients in Mexican Terragon are best enjoyed while the leaves are still fresh, because the effects tend to dissipate when it’s dry. Depending on your preferences, you can either smoke the plant, or take it orally as a tea or spice. If you’ll be smoking it then keep in mind that Mexican Terragon tastes great when smoked alone, but can be dreadful when combined with tobacco.

In preparing it, you can use the entire plant, including the stems, leaves and flower, as they all contain compounds that produce oneirogenic, anti-viral and healing medicinal benefits. But you can also use this as a tincture or essential oil, both of which have been reported to work incredibly well as aphrodisiac and sleeping aids.

It is also recommended to eat something before or after taking this herb, so as to help it to get into the blood stream faster. A popular method of preparing it would be to combine it with some grain alcohol and flavour it with a natural sugar, which really brings out that liquorice taste. In terms of the actual dosage, twenty grams should get you the desired result, although to it’s perfectly safe to add a little more to the dosage if you have a higher tolerance.

Regardless of how you choose to consume it, just be sure to take it while it’s still fresh, as storing it will only serve to weaken it over time. Also, finding fresh Terragon can be difficult so it’s recommended that you try growing it on your own so that you always have a fresh supply available to use.

How to grow your own mexican terragon

Mexican Terragon is a perennial plant which can grow to a height of up to 30 inches when exposed to consistent sunlight. Also, it grows best in well-drained soil, and although drought resistant, requires regular watering in order to thrive, especially in the beginning. You’ll start to notice blooming in the early spring, but it’ll only come into full potential during the fall season, where you can harvest it to your heart’s content to experience potent effects.

The best part about growing your own Mexican Terragon is that it’s really easy to grow because it proliferates on its own, and the leaves start growing roots as soon as they touch the ground. They also germinate fast, so you should be able to transplant them within two weeks of planting.


Those who have burned the dried leaves of this herb report experiencing a state of lucidity which amplifies day-to-day consciousness, produces a tingling warm sensation in the body, a slower passage of time, and an overall feeling well-being, while the dream state experienced while on this herb may include unusual visuals and the ability to completely recall the smallest detail from those dreams.

It is also possible to experience an altered and vivid dream state while on Mexican Terragon, granted that you consume it fresh and take it in the right quantities. It may not be as strong as other oneirogens, but it still produces memorable dreams that may even hold meaning for the dreamer. Plus, its use and effects are supported by use in ancient rituals that span centuries, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Side Effects

Mexican Terragon is quite a delicate and tame herb and has no own wide effects or contraindications. However, it is prohibited for use when pregnant or lactating, as with most potent herbs.


While it may not be the most powerful or popular dream herb out there, Mexican Terragon can hold its own weight, with the ability to produce completely detailed and vivid dreams while improving dream recall.

It is especially recommended for novice lucid dreamers who might need something mild to introduce them to the practice, while experienced reamers will appreciate the increased awareness and calm state that it promotes.

Just remember to flavour it with some honey if taken orally and consume it fresh for best results. Growing your own is a breeze too, as this hassle-free plant only requires moist soil, sunlight, some watering and very little maintenance over time. That said take caution to stay within the recommended dosage and you you’ll be enjoying some of the most marvellous states you can ever imagine.

Grab some of your own Mexican terragon here and read up about other lucid dreaming herbs that you can use or grow in your own home! Also, have a look at the lucid dreaming bootcamp if you want to get some fast results!