The Best Blue Light BLOCKING Glasses Of 2024: Buyers Guide


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We’ve all been hearing about the various damaging effects that blue light has and how it can cause some health issues. But thankfully, now you can get some blue light-blocking glasses in order to minimize your exposure to blue light.

What is Blue light

First of all, we need to explain blue light. This light is among the shortest wavelengths of light in the entire visible light spectrum. This makes its energy output much greater, and the greater the energy output, the more susceptible we are in developing various health problems such as headaches, eyestrain, and even fatigue.

Additionally, blue light also impedes your body’s natural production of melatonin, which then disrupts your circadian rhythm and your productive sleep. The long-term effects of extensive blue light exposure are also rather serious. They include diabetes, obesity, depression, and even cancer.

And to make matters worse, in this digital day and age, we are constantly being exposed to it. It comes in the forms of fluorescent lights, TVs, computer monitors, cell phones and various other electronic devices that use light emitting diode (LED) displays. That’s why minimizing your exposure to this type of light is very important.

How do blue light blocking glasses work?

These types of blue light blocking glasses have a special type of lens. This lens helps in filtering out the blue light along with its numerous negative effects on your body. The lenses are usually in an orange or an amber color, and they work by reflecting all the blue light away from your iris where it does the damage.

If you wear these blue light blocking glasses during the evening, they also mimic natural darkness and help your body produce melatonin, which is the main hormone that is responsible for the sleep cycle.

Benefits of using them

If you use blue light blocking glasses as a filter against all your daily computer and other electronic device use, they will block the blue light all of them produce.

This will lead to fewer headaches, pains and other physical aches. It will also prevent from more serious health conditions like the ones we mentioned before. And if you wear these glasses for a couple of hours before bedtime, it can help in making you drowsy, then fall asleep faster, and finally, you are going to get a much more restful sleep.

Making the right choice

When you take the entire light spectrum and divide it into two halves, the visible blue colors will be located on the left, while the shades of yellow, orange and red will be on the right. The darker the lens, the more blue light it will be able to block. Thus, any lenses that are colored yellow will block the least amount of blue light, while the orange or red will block much more or nearly all blue light, respectively.

If you’d like to use the blue light blocking glasses while you are working on your computer during the day, it’s recommended to use the LIGHTER shaded glasses, so that you can avoid overproduction of melatonin (which will make you feel tired). Similarly, it’s best to use the darker shaded glasses during the night, so that you can encourage the production of melatonin.

A NOTE: For readers in the UK or USA sometimes there’s an issue with these being in stock in your respective country. If you click the links it should redirect you to your countries version of the glasses. 

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

1: Spectra 479 Glasses

These glasses are specifically designed to block all blue light during the night and help in the production of melatonin. Although they are not polarized, they still provide UV protection. They can block 99.82% of light waves in the 450 to 510nm range, and they are a wrap-around fit, so they also block light from the sides. They have a very stylish and sporty design, but you can’t wear them over another pair of glasses. And though they are expensive, the durability and quality really pay off in the long run.

2: Hack Your Sleep NoBlue Sunglasses

These are anti-glare glasses and block 99.9% of the damaging blue as well as UV lights. Much like the previous ones, these also block all light from the sides, and they don’t fit over another pair of glasses. Unfortunately, unlike the previous set, their design makes them a bit less durable. However, they are affordable and are very soft and lightweight, which means they are very comfortable to wear.

3: Uvex S0360X Glasses

Although these glasses’ primary use is in a lab, machine shop or another environment that requires protective eyewear, their amber-colored lenses also make them great for blocking blue light. And unlike the other pairs of glasses we mentioned, these ones can actually be worn over another pair of glasses, which makes them convenient if you don’t use contact lenses.

They also have a non-scratch surface which means they are protected from damage. Furthermore, they are one of the most economically priced glasses, even though they weren’t designed with blue light blocking features in mind.

4: BluBlocker Black Nylon Sunglasses

This pair of glasses is very popular because they have a few purposes they serve. You can use them while driving or flying as they block out the sun flare, or you can use them on your computer while working to avoid blue light. These glasses also provide clarity and UV protection, however, they are not polarized. They have a composite lens, a lightweight construction and are in a stylish old-school aviator look which is very durable. However, they don’t block out the sides because they don’t have a wraparound feature.

5: Americana Made Glasses

This is another pair of blue light blocking glasses that can fit over another pair of glasses. The tint of the glass is lighter, but the lens is anti-glare and they have 100% UV protection. This makes them a great option for daytime use, but a bad one for nighttime. However, they are not very easy on the eyes, which makes them a better option for home use. They have a polycarbonate, lightweight construction, they work well and they are affordable.

So when you’re choosing a pair of blue light blocking glasses, bare in mind what you’ll use them for. For example, if you’re going to be using them out and about, or mainly at home looking at a computer screen. Another few things to mention are: