Module 8: Course Summary and Action Plan

LESSON 20: Summary And Action Plan

Here’s how to put it all together, and what to practice each day for the next month or so. I truly believe if you do these things, and you’ve come this far, you’ll lucid dream very soon.

  • Do a reality check and write your dreams down first thing in the morning. This will be the difference between lucid and not lucid. Make sure to stick with it even when it feels like it’s not doing anything!
  • Meditate twice a day, in the morning and once in the evening. Please stick to the meditation habit it really will make a difference in your stress levels, lucid dreams, and awareness
  • Write notes around the house, and reality check ‘reminders’ so that you don’t forget to do them. This is going to help train your subconscious mind
  • Don’t look at SCREENS an hour before bed in the evening, and use blue light blocking glasses from 8PM to increase melatonin production, and get deeper sleep
  • You can use lucid dreaming teas in the evening too, to relax even deeper if you want
  • Follow the journal, affirmations, and guides in this course, ideally every single day. Make sure to TRACK what’s working and fill in the journal tracking template, to really see what’s holding you back
  • Using the journal and the tracking template, gradually tweak things and work out what’s stopping you from lucid dreaming. Then you focus on that thing until you have lucid dreams!
  • If NOTHING is working for over two weeks, take a whole week off, where you don’t practice ANYTHING, and then come back to it with a fresh mind


Getting nerdy about your sleep

So to finish up this course I’d like to draw your attention to your sleep. Your sleep and the quality of it are very important, and really make a difference to your life.

By improving your sleep, EVERYTHING else becomes easier.

That’s why I don’t suggest you use the short term techniques more than a few times. Focus on the long term, healthy and sustainable lucid dreaming techniques. The habits and practices you can safely integrate into your DAILY life, forever, and they’ll actually improve your life.

To get more nerdy and ‘obsessed’ with your sleep, I’d suggest the following:

Getting inspired to lucid dream more

Getting inspiration can help you induce random lucid dreams. It’s also interesting to CONSIDER what’s possible, beyond just our minds. I won’t say too much here, but I think there’s a lot more to our minds than we know. We’ve really just scratched the surface of what’s possible with our minds, bodies, and this reality.

Here’s some further reading and watching:

Going beyond lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is really just the start of your journey. I would suggest you learn as much as you can, and master the techniques shown in this course. Beyond that, look at WHAT you’re actually using lucid dreaming to do.

I primarily teach beginners how to lucid dream because most people ARE beginners or struggle with learning it, however my real passion is teaching the advanced skills. The things BEYOND just normal lucid dreaming.

I don’t want to overwhelm you though, but if you’re interested in the advanced things, and taking it further, here are some suggestions for things to read, buy or watch.

By the way please only explore these once you can already lucid dream. If you can’t lucid dream yet, start this course again and really pay attention, follow all of the steps, and practice the techniques.

What next?

You’re going to be having lucid dreams very soon.

If you follow these steps, and REALLY practice them every single day for over a month, you’ll be having lucid dreams soon. I just know it! 

If you’re not sure about something, or you want to ask a question, please first SEARCH on my YouTube channel or the FAQ page first, as I already have answers there to really common questions.

If you still need to ask me, put the letters ‘AYD’ in the subject line so I know you’re a customer, and I’ll try and reply as soon as I can! Just email contact AT howtolucid DOT com. 

Much love, and enjoy your lucid dreams!

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