In Lucid Dreams you are able to create or discover ‘lucid dreaming portals’. Gateways to other worlds, your subconscious and more.. You can use these dream portals to control and navigate your mind and the dream world..

A lucid portal is something in the dream which could transport you from one place to another. (Or one time to another). It’s something you can step through or into, like a mirror or a doorway.. They can also be in other forms like a slide, tube, trapdoor, hole in the ground, misty aura etc.

lucid portal,

Where can you find a lucid portal?

They can be found anywhere, but normally your mind will place them into places that normally have entrances or doorways you can walk through. for example, as you’re walking down a dream city street, you’ll notice that if you open ANY of the doors they’ll open, and more often than not there will be something unexpected inside them.

This is actually the perfect opportunity to test your lucid portals, find a long street with many houses on either side, and start opening all the doors to see what’s the other side. You’ll soon find out that it’s not just someone’s house, it could be another world. This is because your mind creates things through doors in dreams that don’t always ‘mix’ with the rest of the dream.

How to enter a lucid portal

Normally it’s as simple as just walking through them but sometimes this can actually make you wake up. I had a sort of annoying dream the other night where I JUST became lucid, walked through a door and on the other side of the door was waking life. It’s like as a walked through it I was ‘walking into my eyes opening’.

This can be annoying when you really want a long lucid experience but sometimes it can’t be avoided. The best thing to do is to just relax as you enter the dream portal but also try and visualize what you WANT to be on the other side, this helps a lot!

Make sure you focus on what you WANT to be there

This is important. Sometimes just walking through you’ll find random things, and this can be good if you’re just looking to discover and explore the dreamĀ  but if you’ve got specific lucid goals and you’re trying to get something done in this lucid time, it’s important to focus as you enter the lucid portal.

Final thoughts

Lucid portals are one of those things that you can only experience from inside a lucid dream, so it’s very difficult to comment on them, there is no research to quote, no pictures so to speak and it’s something that is also very subjective.

Lucid portals can provide you with a means of escaping nightmares in real time in the dream. If you’re struggling with a nightmare that just keeps coming back to haunt you then this is a good way to solve that problem. The next time you’re in the nightmare, just enter a dream portal and imagine yourself being on a deserted island beach.