Lucid Journal: The Best Custom Dream Diary On The Market that actually helps you have more lucid dreams:

The best custom lucid dreaming diary on the market, to help you lucid dream more.

This was created for lucid dreamers, BY a lucid dreamer. It’s a beautifully designed lucid dreaming journal.

It has special spaces to write down the techniques you used, whether you were lucid or not, the date, a place to draw the dreams and a section of special lucid dreaming tips.

It’s on Amazon now. We made it ‘print on demand’ so it can be made cheaper, and you can get it for a much lower price!

Remember more dreams and have more lucid experiences!

The lucid journal is designed to make sure you have more lucid dreams. It’s created by lucid dreamers, and each page is laid out to record your lucid dreams.

See the quick guide at the start showing you how to use it to have more lucid dreams. Circle ‘lucid or not’ at the top, write the technique you used (if any) and the date/dream title.

This lets you look back, see what techniques worked best and quickly flick between dreams using the date/title line at the top!

Draw pictures next to your dreams and annotate them

Sometimes you can’t say it with words. Dreams are unpredictable and hard to explain sometimes. Sometimes it’s a ‘feeling’ rather than a sentence.

We get it. Now you can draw pictures or diagrams next to each dream entry in your lucid journal. Annotate the dream description and clearly record what you experienced.

There’s a blank page to match every lined page in the diary, so you can easily record every part of your dream and rememember in more detail!

Record your induction technique and whether you were lucid or not

It’s IMPORTANT to make notes of what worked. Which techniques worked best for you? Easily flick through looking at the top line of your pages, to see what worked and what made you lucid most.

This way you can focus on the techniques and methods that work best for you.

Lucid dreaming is a personal experience and that’s what we tried to make part of this journal.

How it’s made!

We decided that if we were going to make a dream diary, we’d want it to be special. Everything from the cover design to the pages has been thought through, to make it a very special experience. We decided that instead of tying to make it in a custom leather which would have been nice, yes, but EXPENSIVE, we’d make it more affordable.

While it’s not the most beautiful leather journal, it’s very functional, and it encourages a focus on making notes of techniques you used and dates/titles etc. It’s designed to actually make you lucid dream more. Also, because it’s ‘print on demand’ a copy is only made when you order one, so it can be very cheap!

This way, you get it for a much better price, and we don’t have to stock loads of journals in our offices! Don’t worry though, whie it’s print on demand, it still gets to you just as fast as it would if it was stocked in a warehouse somewhere! It also means you get a freshly made journal, and you’re helping the environment.