Let me show you how to control your dreams and experience the impossible

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid Dreaming is the ability to control your dreams.  

This site is dedicated to teaching you exactly how to induce lucid dreaming and start really controlling what you dream about! With a bit of practice you can ‘wake up’ your brain while you’re sleeping and become ‘self aware’ in your dreams. This allows you to control the dream. It’s a fairly easy skill to learn, but there are a whole load of other things you can do in this type of dream.

I’m Stefan by the way, (read more about my story here) I’ve spent years exploring the things you can do in lucid dreams, and I’ve made this website to share it all with you. Whatever your skill level, and no matter how much you know about it, I can help you. Learn more about WHAT lucid dreaming is, and how it works.

What is Howtolucid.com?

This site was created to help people understand what lucid dreaming is, and how to get started controlling their dreams. It’s run by a young man called Stefan who has a passion for all things website related, and psychology.

How can I lucid dream?

The very basics of learning to control your dreams comes down to writing your dreams down every morning, doing reality checks throughout the day and attempting one or more lucid dreaming techniques. I’d suggest reading this site in detail, and saving it to come back to later as well.

1: Start remembering your dreams

Dream recall is one of the cornerstones of lucid dreaming. If you can’t remember that dreams you have, then what’s the point? The article explains how to start remembering more of your dreams so that you can start controlling them.

2: Start practicing ‘reality checks’

A reality check or test is where you test your reality and ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’. Don’t worry you’ll get more familiar with all of this in time. Reality checks are the cornerstone of lucid dreaming and in this post you’ll learn how to do them, and how they work.

Those things will give you a great foundation to build on. From there you can look some some more advanced techniques and ideas. If you already know a little bit about it, then there’s lots for you here as well.

Let me show you how to control your dreams and experience the impossible