What if there was a way to FORCE yourself to easily lucid dream, every night, and it will work even if NOTHING has worked for you before?


TODAY’S price for the 30 day lucid bootcamp (+ free meditation manual AND free book: 100 things to do in lucid dreams): $97 $30 one time investment!

Remember, there’s a two month money-back guarantee, a full explanation Ebook with the 30 day calendar, and full email support from me! You’ll be taken to a payment page hosted by ‘Clickbank’ and then you’ll be able to download the product and get started. Are you ready to lucid dream? Click here now to add to cart!

If you don’t want to read this whole page, click the green button to get a copy of the 30 day lucid dreaming bootcamp. It’s a printable calendar telling you exactly what to practice on each day for a month, as well as WHY to practice those things, and HOW it works. You’ll also get an Ebook to explain the printable template, AND 2 free bonus Ebooks (explained below) You’ll learn proven lucid dreaming principles and the printable schedule will tell you what to practice for 30 days, why you should practice it, and HOW it works. This will FORCE you to lucid dream, even if NOTHING has worked for you before. IF you’re ready to get started, click the green button. If not, read on to learn more!

Let me explain:

I’m not going to try and sell the idea of lucid dreaming as the chances are you already know about it and what it is. Lucid dreaming (for those who don’t know) can be summarised like this:

  • The ability to become self aware in your dreams, and REALIZE you’re dreaming
  • Because you’re dreaming, you can do anything, and it will all feel very vivid, and very real
  • You can use lucid dreaming to practice real life skills (and actually improve), have crazy sex with celebrities, improve your confidence, energy, sleep better, and much more
  • It can help you unlock your mind, experience the impossible, and ultimately have a huge amount of fun and add thousands of extra hours onto your life (that most people just sleep through!)

So what’s the problem?

Lucid dreaming can be very difficult to learn. It’s difficult to actually start having lucid dreams, as you probably know. To have regular, vivid and high quality lucid dreams take a lot of practice, and often you just don’t know where to start! If you’re reading this, (yes, you) I KNOW how you feel. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING to lucid dream, sometimes it was very frustrating because nothing was working. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand how it worked, it just didn’t seem to CLICK for me. This guide will change all of that for you. It’s easy to just close this tab and carry on wtih your day but you’d be missing out on SO MANY incredible lucid dreaming adventures and experiences if you did that.. so just stick with me for just a few minutes more:

Does any of this sound familiar:

  • You’ve tried to lucid dream before, but it didn’t work and you just didn’t even know where to start so you’v felt hopeless and even annoyed that you can’t do it
  • You’ve never had a lucid dream, but there’s so much information and ideas floating around, you just don’t know where to start, and you feel like you’re wasting lots of time TRYING
  • You’ve been trying to lucid dream for months or even longer, but NOTHING is working despite you having read LOADS of articles, books and techniques (most common)
  • You know HOW lucid dreaming is supposed to work, and what you’re supposed to do, but it’s just not happening for you? 
  • You can lucid dream every now and then but you can’t get RELIABLE and regular lucid dreams, whenever YOU want them (it’s hit and miss)

If you were nodding your head to any of those, you’re not alone: There are many people just like you who are struggling, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Often, the REASON you’re not having lots of lucid dreams is just that you’re not practicing the right things, at the right time. I’ve created a solution that works for everyone, by telling you what to practice, and when. It guarantees that you’ll have a lucid dream (or many more) very quickly, and it works very reliably.

Here’s how it works:

What’s the 30 day bootcamp?

Your lucid bootcamp contains several hand picked, powerful lucid dreaming exercises (explained in much more detail that any tutorials you could find online or anywhere else) along with my personal tips from my 7 years of lucid dreaming experiences.

  • It’s a revolutionary, PRINTABLE schedule of practice so you know what to practice, and when.
  • It also shows you a unique schedule for performing different sets of reality checks, techniques and different things to focus on each day for 30 days. The most basic explanation for it I can give is this:
  • If you follow the instructions on each day of the calendar for the 30 days, you WILL have several lucid dreams. It’s that simple.  It takes you by the hand and shows you what to do on each day, and by the end of the 30 days, you WILL have had a lucid dream. In fact, you’ll probably have had about 12!
  • The bootcamp makes SURE you lucid dream, all you need to do is spend 3-5 minutes per day following the steps in the calendar! It even comes with an ebook that explains everything in more detail.

What you’ll learn in the 30 day bootcamp

  •  Exactly what to practice, which techniques, reality checks, exercises and ideas you should do on specific days for 30 days, taking you by the hand as if I were there coaching you personally
  • Why lots of people read lucid dreaming books but can’t ACTUALLY have a lucid dream because they don’t build up the habits they need in the right way, and they practice the wrong things that actually stops them being able to lucid dream!
  • How to set up your dream journal the right way so you can easily refer back to old dreams, and a simple trick you can use to make sure that you always know what works best for you (Almost no-one does this for some reason)
  • The strange but powerful meditation technique you can do to have more lucid dreams every week (and it only takes 30 seconds)
  • The most common reality checks and how to do them so you can test whether you’re awake and eventually naturally lucid dream most nights (Even when you’re not putting in much effort)
  • The weird ‘island visualisation’ technique I invented to help you drift into a lucid dream much faster than normal, and stay in your lucid dreams for much longer than most people!
  • Specific lucid induction techniques and the BEST way to do them (This includes the Wake back to bed, The Wake induced lucid dream, the Mnemonic induced lucid dream and more)
  • A way of talking to yourself that will give you lucid dreams and ensures that you KEEP having lucid dreams. It’s almost like you’re training your own brain to have more!
  • Exactly WHEN to practice it! I’ll tell you on each specific day, what techniques, ideas and methods you need to practice or think about on that day to lucid dream. It’s like I’m personally coaching you and making SURE you have a lucid dream!
  • And remember, you can do these exercises in as little as 3-5 minutes per day (Of course, you could spend longer if you want, it’s up to you)
  • Plus you’ll get a bonus meditation Ebook worth $14.99 or more

This isn’t just a book.. it’s a serious, printable lucid dreaming schedule that will ensure you lucid dream fast (Plus two books!)

The bootcamp is for serious lucid dreamers only. It’s not for people who just want to mess around with lucid dreaming once, and then never practice it again. IT really works but it does require you to devote about 3-5 minutes a day to practice the things mentioned.

It’s for people who LOVE the idea of lucid dreaming, and are really serious about learning how to do it, FOR LIFE. The bootcamp is simple but not easy, and the exercises you’ll need to follow will take up at least 3 minutes of your day, every day. NOT a huge amount of time, I know, but you need to be committed to doing it every day for the 30 days. That being said, you can always save the bootcamp for later, if you’re not ready to do it now, that’s totally fine too! The point is this: Don’t get the bootcamp if you’re not serious about lucid dreaming. Don’t get it if you’re just here to read a few articles. That’s what most people do, read a few articles and then wonder why they can’t have a lucid dream. If you want to lucid dream, the bootcamp is the BEST and most effective way to do it. Period.

How do I start the bootcamp?

This 30 day bootcamp is a revolutionary way of learning and practicing lucid dreaming, brand new for 2017/18. It’s much more effective than just reading an Ebook or an article and trying to practice what you’ve learned. Why? Because this teahes you WHAT to do, WHEN to practice it, HOW to practice it, and WHY it works so you can understand it completely.

By telling you WHAT to practice, and when it eliminates that stumbling block lots of people experience when learning. They just don’t know WHAT to practice, and WHAT’S important. This tells you, and it tells you what to do on each day in order to lucid dream. The time it will save you is priceless, as you can never get time back in your life, but money can be easily replaced at any time. I don’t want to make this free, because free products aren’t taken as seriously. I find that when people invest money, even if only a little, in a product, they CARE more about the results. Think about this for a second:

  • When you consider that by saving hundreds of hours of your life, you’re saving whatever that TIME is worth to you (It’s at least $3000).
  • If you bought a whole bunch of Ebooks, courses, supplements and other things (that probably won’t work) you could easily spend $1500 just on those things
  • A lucid dreaming supplement could cost anywhere from $20-200 (and there’s no guarantee that it would work)
  • The chances are even if you bought a good lucid dreaming book, you either wouldn’t know where to start or what to practice, or you simply WOULDN’T practice or start!

Why don’t you get serious about lucid dreaming and actually make it happen? This 30 day lucid dreaming bootcamp is a one time investment of just $30 (That’s less than a dollar a day for the full month, and you can re-use the template again and again, PLUS keep the Ebook for life!) But here’s the best part: The bootcamp tells you what to do for 30 days (Even though you DO have lifetime access to everything)… I’m offering you a 2 MONTH moneyback guarantee, simply because I know how effective this is and how much it’s going to do for you. I know this sounds like marketing talk, but I promise you, it’s not. The bootcamp really can and will force you to lucid dream, if you follow the steps (And they’re not difficult, you just have to actually follow them!) It’s time to take action and start lucid dreaming. AND THAT’S NOT ALL: If you act fast you can get these very useful bonus guides for free, for life!  

FREE BONUS 1: Meditation for dreams (Value: $14.99+)

If you order today I’ll also include this free bonus Ebook about meditation for lucid dreaming. This is content that isn’t available anywhere else and will really help you master your lucid dreams. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this bonus as part of the deal, but I really wanted to make sure you LOVED this offer and felt like you were getting everything you need to lucid dream! Here’s some of what you’ll learn inside:

  • Several powerful meditation methods, and handpicked techniques for meditation that will directly help you lucid dream (including things that will save you HOURS of practice)
  • Exactly what meditation is supposed to feel like explained, and why most people get this wrong. Also, how to ACTUALLY meditate with no nonsense ‘weird, spiritual’ stuff
  • 5 of the most powerful reasons and benefits for meditating explained (after reading these you’ll want to meditate every morning, without fail)
  • Some very common yet crippling mistakes that beginners make when trying to learn how to meditate for the first time, and how to fix them
  • How to use meditation to naturally have more lucid dreams, even after you’ve stopped practicing, simply by ‘intending’ to become lucid at night
  • Learn how meditation can decrease your risk of cancer and diabetes, as well as massively reduce depression, anxiety, fear and low self esteem (It’s powerful)
  • Specific meditation for lucid dreaming techniques and how to practice them the best way (This will go very well with the lucid bootcamp)
  • How to use a strange ‘lucid mantra’ that will help you become lucid at will, in just a few seconds
  • If you’re not already raring to go and get started with the bootcamp, here’s another free bonus you’ll get:

FREE BONUS 2: 100 Things To Do In Lucid Dreams (Value $14.99)

Order today and get a completely free bonus Ebook worth $14.99: 100 Things to do in your lucid dreams. This brand new book is over 60 pages full of inspiring and motivational ideas to try out in your lucid dreams. There’s so much more to lucid dreaming than just flying and this book will really open your mind to the possibilities. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Over 100 super exciting and unique ideas to try in your lucid dreams, most of which you’ll have never thought about or even knew were possible to experience
  • Hand picked lucid dreaming adventure experiences from long time lucid dreamer of 7 years (Me, Stef)
  • The experiences and ideas are separated into categories like Science, Fun, mind altering, Sexual, and many more. This is so you can choose which type of adventure you want to have each night!
  • Each idea has an explanation of how it will feel, (except the ones that are more fun to discover on your own!) and a little bit about how it works, and why it matters
  • You can’t find these ideas anywhere else, they’re hand picked and created by me using my 7 years of lucid dreaming experience. You’re in for a hell of a ride!

TODAY’S price for the lucid bootcamp (+ free meditation manual AND free book: 100 things to do in lucid dreams): $97 $30 one time investment for lifetime access!

Remember, there’s a two month money-back guarantee, a full explanation Ebook with the 30 day calendar, and full email support from me! You’ll be taken to a payment page hosted by ‘Clickbank’ and then you’ll be able to download the product and get started. Are you ready to lucid dream? Click here now to add to cart!

Your questions answered:

What actually is the bootcamp? It’s a printable calendar template telling you what to practice for 30 days to lucid dream. It also comes with a detailed PDF ebook that explains more about the things the calendar tells you to do. (It also comes with a couple of bonus Ebooks as well) What if it doesn’t work? I haven’t had one person tell me it doesn’t work, but if it doesn’t give you lucid dreams (and you’ve followed the steps) then I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. You can get a full refund for up to 2 months (60 days) and you can even keep the bootcamp along with all the bonus ebooks. Is it a physical product? No, the bootcamp is downloadable PDF files, so you’ll get one PDF calendar template which you can print in whatever size you like, and one PDF ebook to go along with the calendar. There are also 2 more PDF ebooks included as free bonuses. You’ll get instant access to these once you’ve entered your payment information How do I pay? Your payment is processed through Clickbank, so when you click ‘buy’ or add to cart etc on this page, you’ll be directed to a payment page hosted by a site called ‘Clickbank’. They’re a payment gateway, and once you’ve en tired your payment details you’ll THEN instantly be taken to a download page where you can download your products. You can pay with any debit or credit card, or any PayPal account as well! What if I have questions once I’ve got the bootcamp? Any questions or problems you have with the bootcamp you can email me at contact @ howtolucid.com and I’ll reply ASAP. Quote your order number please when emailing me questions and expect about 1-2 days for a reply but it’s often a lot faster. It depends on how much writing I’m doing at the time! How is this different to my other ebooks/products? The bootcamp is like an instruction manual for lucid dreaming. It tells you exactly what techniques and things to practice, on what day of the month. Because it’s telling you exactly what to do, there’s no way you can make a mistake or an error. It’s like Im’ physically there coaching you i lucid dreaming, and that’s why it’s so effective. Even if nothing has worked before, this will because it’s time tested methods and techniques that will work. not only that, but they’re arranged and laid out in a very effective way that has the BEST chance of working and giving you lucid dreams. All you need to do is dedicate 5-8 minutes per day to following the steps and you’ll be experiencing incredible lucid dreams before you know it! Why is it for 30 days? Why not 100 days right? Or 10? Because it takes an average of 25-30 days to form habits. Once you’ve formed the habits, you’ll be able to enjoy lucid dreams forever! Also, 30 days is the average best time for people to stick with something like this without getting bored or losing interest. It’s also a great length of time to see results, and it’s more realistic than ‘1 night lucid dreaming bootcamp’ because you just wouldn’t have instant lucid dreams, it doesn’t work like that. After about 1 week you’ll start seeing results, and by the end of the 30 days your lucid dreaming mindset and habits will have been properly drilled into your brain! Good luck on your journey!

What if it doesn’t work?

Think about it, if this DIDN’T work, why would I have spent hours creating it? I love lucid dreaming, and I LOVE sharing it with the world. This is a one time small investment which will change your life, because lucid dreaming is forever. See you on the other side! (Where you’ll find ANOTHER extra bonus)

Some customer testimonials:

Lucid bootcamp testimonial

‘Of course I can, and in fact I want to tell you as well. The bootcamp has worked really well for me, I’m surprised at how quickly it worked too because I’ve read tones of lucid dreaming books. I really think you’ve made something great here, and you obviously know what you’re talking about. I’d prefer if you didn’t include my name if you share this testimonial with people, hope that’s okay!’ Bootcamp user

Hey Stef, just wanted to let you know that the bootcamp you told me about was great! I ended up getting it in the end and I’m on like day 8 I think? Anyway I had two lucid dreams! Nothing for the first two days but then the third day I had one and then an even longer one on the 5th day! You have no idea how badly I wanted to lucid dream, thank you!!! Arianna


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  • ALSO get another free bonus book today: 100 Things to do in lucid dreams (worth $14.99) showing you over 100 unique incredible lucid dreaming ideas and experiences that will blow your mind. You’ve never even thought about most of these!
  • Join thousands of lucid dreamers already using the bootcamp to lucid dream more often! Thousands of people have taken the lucid bootcamp and got amazing results, what are you waiting for?
  • You’ll also get free email support from me, whenever you need it, all you need to do is email me with your question and I’ll reply in a day or two with a personal piece of advice
  • Don’t waste more time learning the wrong things, and struggling. Let me teach you and get you lucid dreaming ASAP! This bootcamp WILL save you time and it WILL make you a much better lucid dreamer.
  • The most effective lucid dreaming tutorial/guide product ever, because of the way it’s designed to work leveraging some fundamental psychological principles about learning new skills
  • Click the lovely green button below to get started and get INSTANT access to your bootcamp and the bonuses, no matter what time of day or night you’re reading this.

TODAY’S price for the lucid bootcamp (+ free meditation manual AND free book: 100 things to do in lucid dreams): $97 $30 one time investment for LIFETIME access!

Remember, there’s a two month money-back guarantee, a full explanation Ebook with the 30 day calendar, and full email support from me! You’ll be taken to a payment page hosted by ‘Clickbank’ and then you’ll be able to download the product and get started. Are you ready to lucid dream? Click here now to add to cart!

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