Zeeq Smart Pillow Review 2023: The Ultimate Smart Pillow Device


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Today we’re looking at the zeeq smart pillow. I have to say, this is really, really cool. If you’re as nerdy about sleep as I am, and you want to improve your sleep quality, you’ll like this.

About one-third of our life is spent sleeping, and it is well known that the quality of sleep significantly affects our mood and productivity the following morning. Most of us that are searching for a good night’s sleep start by looking for a ‘better’ pillow. We’ve all heard manufacturers say that their pillow is the most comfortable, but none of them ever mention a smart one.

REM-Fit’s Zeeq is a smart pillow filled with several exciting features, including audio streaming, sleep tracking, and snore alarm. All of the features are designed to improve our sleep quality. The company behind Zeeq says it’s the smartest pillow in the world.

Comfort and Design

On the outside, Zeeq looks like a standard pillow; the only noticeable difference is the remote-control attached to its side. Weighing around seven pounds, it’s a bit heavier than a regular pillow, due to the several electric components that are found inside of it.

Zeeq’s outer layer is made of smooth foam, and it’s filled with shredded foam, which makes it a bit lumpy. However, it’s pretty comfortable, and you won’t feel the electric components stuffed inside of it.

It gets better:

Out of the box, Zeeq comes a little bit firmer, but you can change the density and height of it with ease. This is done by redistributing or taking out the shredded foam filling to suit your preference better. Also, an extra package of the shredded foam comes included with the product, so you can add more of it if needed.

In essence, the pillow seems to be made of really high-quality materials and with great attention to detail. The pillowcase is washable, temperature regulated, and hypoallergenic, so the pillow stays comfortable and cool. You also get a pillowcase, which is plain white and made of polyester, that has a pocket for the small remote.

The battery in the pillow lasts up to two weeks on a single charge, and you can quickly charge it with the provided USB cable.


To start with Zeeq, first of all, you have to get the Zeeq app that is available both for Android and iOS. After you enter your demographics, you can connect your smartphone and the pillow via Bluetooth.

For Zeeq to track your sleep, open the app before going to bed and push the ‘start sleep’ button.

If you don’t want to use your smartphone before bed, there are two more options to choose from. You can use the small attached remote to start your sleep session by merely pushing the start/stop button five times. Or you can use the setting called Auto Sleep, and this is done by selecting a four-hour time frame, during which Zeeq starts your sleep session automatically.

If you decide to use your phone to start your session, an optional survey is available to answer.

The survey contains questions about your day to determine what could influence your sleep.

Whenever you decide to start your sleep sessions, you always have to push the ‘stop sleep’ button in the app first thing in the morning.

After your end of the sleep session, Zeeq transfers the data collected overnight to the app for analysis. After this, the Zeeq app gives you a numeric score that tells you how well you slept. It also provides you with multiple graphs that show your movements, and even when you snored during the night.

Features of Zeeqs Smart pillow

The difference between your regular pillow and Zeeq is in the compilation of electrical components and sensors. This allows Zeeq to provide a wide selection of features to the user. We’ll discuss each of these features in more detail below.

Snore Monitor

This is one of the most marketed features of this pillow, and it’s an ability to track snoring and help you to stop it. Zeeq has a microphone that is decibel-tuned, which theoretically, continuously listens to you during your sleep to identify snoring.

Zeeq can also have a more active approach if you activate the snore alarm. The snore alarm gently vibrates to motivate you to change your position if your snoring gets to a pre-determined level.

Partner-friendly Alarm and Motion Monitor

Zeeq is equipped with a gyroscope that tracks your movement overnight, and it will provide you with a numeric score based on the quality of your sleep. However, some users said that the score doesn’t seem to line up with their feeling of how well they slept. We don’t know what parameters the pillow uses for the sleep score calculation.

But it does seem somewhat limited when compared to some other devices for sleep tracking.

The pillow offers a partner-friendly, smart alarm, which uses only vibrations to wake you up. The intelligent alarm makes sure that it wakes you when your sleep is at its lightest stage. The vibration is strong enough to wake you up, and though it makes a little noise, it’s not enough to disturb your partner.

Audio Streaming

There are eight speakers in the pillow that are positioned very carefully.

You can utilize these wireless speakers to play an audiobook or music while falling asleep. This feature is effortless to use, you only need to select the music menu in the Zeeq app.

The positioning and the quality of the speakers enable you to listen to your music clearly, but your partner can hardly hear a thing. The volume can be controlled through the remote, and also a timer can be set to turn off the audio after the desired duration.

Zeeq is compatible with smart home gadgets like Amazon Echo. This means that you can ask Alexa to check your sleep score, how long you slept, or how loud you snored.


It’s not easy to transform a regular pillow into a smart one. In our opinion, REM-Fit succeeded in producing a smart pillow that offers a set of exciting features that improve sleep quality. But there are still some kinks to be worked out when it comes to app speed, and the snore monitors function.

This product is excellent for people that like to listen to music before falling asleep, and for those who have a history of snoring. The pillow is comfortable, though a little bit on the pricey side. But if you don’t mind spending a bit more money on a pillow, you have our blessing to try it out.

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