7 Signs That You Have Spiritual Gifts


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Are you wondering what are the signs you have spiritual gifts?

Maybe you sensed something about someone and you turned out to be right.

Maybe the weather forecast said it will not rain but you still brought an umbrella because you sensed that it would rain and it did.

Could it be that you predicted the weather? Could you have psychic abilities?

If you have spiritual gifts, it’s important that you are aware of them so that you can strengthen them.

In this blog post, you will know exactly whether or not you have spiritual gifts.

Let’s dive in!

Signs That You Have Spiritual Gifts

It’s super important that you should be aware if you do have spiritual gifts but how do you know for sure?

Do you need to take a spiritual gifts test? Is there a checklist that you can get? Do you have to go to a psychic? 

Luckily, you only need to read this one article. You don’t need to look for the best spiritual gifts test.

How Do I Know If I Have Spiritual Gifts?

In total, I have listed 7 signs things that can affect you if you have spiritual gifts. If you notice that you experience two or more of these things, that means there’s a very good chance that you are a person with spiritual gifts and you should be aware of that.

7 signs that you have spiritual gifts

What Are Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts can include clairvoyance, telepathy, psychic abilities, and healing power such as intuitive energy healing.

People with spiritual gifts usually become tarot readers, energy readers, reiki healers, spirituality coaches or spirituality teachers, and such.

People with spiritual gifts are more in tune with the higher dimensions which means that they could send and receive messages from the 5D. 

This allows them to sense things and have abilities that other people couldn’t.

For example, psychic ability or the gift of seeing and knowing.

How To Accept Your Spiritual Gift

You can accept your spiritual gift by first being aware that you have them. Get to know yourself better and read more resources about spirituality such as this one.

Tell the universe, the source, or whatever term you prefer, that you are grateful for the spiritual gifts and you are ready to explore them.

gifts of the spirit

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It can also help you get to know yourself better and you can also use it if you just want to get an insight into your life.

How To Activate Your Spiritual Gifts

You can activate your spiritual gifts by unblocking your third eye chakra.

When the third eye chakra is healed and activated, you feel more focused, intuitive, and free.

Messages from higher consciousness or the spiritual realm are delivered to you via your subconscious. Unless you have an open third eye, you will miss these signals.

the gift of seeing and knowing

The third eye is a portal to the spiritual dimension.

It helps you connect with and receive messages and information from higher consciousness and other levels of awareness.

This is how you activate your spiritual gifts. When your third eye chakra is blocked or your pineal gland is calcified, you won’t be able to do that.

If you want to know whether or not your third eye chakra is open, read this blog about the 10 clear signs your third eye is open.

7 Signs That You Have Spiritual Gifts

If you do have spiritual gifts, these seven things could probably affect you negatively. So just for this one, close all the other tabs and give me all your attention. 

Here are the 7 signs you have the gift:

1: You Have Too Much Empathy

So the first sign that you have spiritual gifts is that you have too much empathy. 

It seems like you can sense and feel exactly what everybody around you is sensing and feeling.

gift of healing signs

Sometimes it can feel like it’s too much to take on. Let’s say, you hear somebody complaining. 

You take on that energy as if it’s your own problem, and this can be a problem for you. 

It’s not just that. Public places could be draining to you if you have too much empathy.

Going into public places might be difficult because you can find yourself suddenly overwhelmed with an emotion or emotions that came from out of nowhere. 

Those emotions are from someone else in the vicinity or maybe it’s from the collective emotions of everyone around you.

2: You’re Drawn To Nature

The next one is, if you have spiritual gifts, you tend to be more drawn toward nature. 

You feel your best when you’re around nature so you prefer to live near a body of water, in the mountains, in the forest, or in a town with lots of farmlands. 

signs you have spiritual power

You cannot live in the city or if you do, you don’t feel your best.

Your body craves the energies given out by mother nature. You get recharged, your energy gets recharged, and your spiritual gifts get recharged as well. 

For example, maybe you’ve been away from nature for a while and you don’t feel like yourself.

You go to, let’s say, the beach. You feel better as soon as you submerge yourself in the water you feel reset.

If you feel like you’re drawn towards nature and animals, that is a very strong sign that you could have spiritual power or gifts. 

3: Animals Are Drawn Toward You

Another sign is that animals are drawn toward you. For example, you walk into a room and then the dog comes up to you and greets you specifically.

And maybe the owner of the dog says he doesn’t normally do that to other people but he does that to you every time.

examples of spiritual gifts and talents

Maybe even weird things like a butterfly landing on your nose or hand.

Animals are from different dimensions. They are more sensitive to energies so they can feel if a person’s vibe is off or not.

That’s why they say that if your dog barks at someone for no reason at all and they don’t usually do that, you should be wary of that person it’s barking at.

They could probably sense something off. Maybe that man/ woman has bad intentions or maybe they’re just not good towards animals.

Humans have this ability too. It’s called intuition. But because of our social programming and lifestyle factors, this ability is not as sharp anymore with humans.

With animals, intuition is very sharp. So if animals are drawn towards you, that probably means that they sense something special in you.

That could be a very strong sign that you’re in tune with your gifts or that your spiritual gifts are going to open up soon. 

7 signs you have the gift

4: You Sense Negative Energies

The next sign that you may have spiritual gifts is if you sense negative energies in a room. 

If you’re able to walk into a room and instantly sense the vibration, then that’s a sign.

Let’s say you feel that something isn’t right in there.

“I can’t work out why or what it is, but something doesn’t feel right in this room.”

Then, later on, that feeling of yours gets confirmed.

For example, you have this group of people who always invites you to game night every Friday.

They all seem nice and you want to feel happy around them but whenever you’re there, your mood just spirals down.

You feel like you have to fake your smile and when you get home, you feel so tired. Later on, you find out that these people are always talking about you behind your back.

If you’ve ever experienced this, it is a very strong sign that your gifts are opening up. 

woman wearing eccentric makeup

5: You’re Having Weird Dreams

The next sign is that you’re having weird or strange dreams.

You don’t really understand what the dreams are about but you’re having them often.

For example, you may have them every night in the week leading to a full moon. They are so vivid and maybe even lucid.

Dreams are a great way that the higher dimensions can communicate with us.

Maybe you’ve been having dreams about meeting someone you’ve never met before.

It could be a sign that a soul mate or twin flame is about to come. Maybe your spirit guides are trying to give you a heads-up.

So if you’ve been having weird dreams, it is a strong sign that your third eye is opening and your gifts are opening up for you. 

By the way, if you want to know how to control your dreams, check out this lucid dreaming bootcamp.

men looking alike inside an office

6: You Sense Things Everywhere

So the next sign is that you sense things everywhere. You sense negativity or positivity everywhere you go.

You’ll walk into a room and be able to sense if there’s a positive or a negative charge. 

For example, you feel a weird vibe in the room. It turns out that a very long time ago, someone was murdered in that room.

Another example is you go into a place and you feel tingling around the area where your pineal gland is located.

You feel high with happy hormones and your energy rises.

It turns out, that place is always being cleansed with Palo santo by the person who is living there and that person is also filled with so much love and positive energy.

That is why her home vibrates the same energy.

So if you can relate to those mentioned above, it’s a very good sign that you could have spiritual gifts.

woman holding umbrella

7: You Can Predict The Weather

The next sign that you may have spiritual gifts is that you can sometimes predict the weather with quite a scary accuracy. 

Now, this is one of the extreme signs.

For example, the weather forecast will be for clear skies, but you sense deep down that it’s going to rain. 

“I don’t know why I sense that it’s going to rain. I don’t know how I know that, but I’m just going to bring my coat.”

Later on, it does rain and everybody’s shocked. “Wow. How did you know that?” 

The weather forecast said it wasn’t going to rain but you have just predicted the weather with greater accuracy. That is a good sign that you have spiritual gifts.

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Who Gets A Spiritual Gift?

People who get spiritual gifts are usually starseeds, twin flames, and twin flame starseeds. Starseeds are galactic volunteers put upon this earth in order to fulfill a big mission. Twin flames are one ascended soul split into two and sent to earth with the same purpose. 

How To Strengthen Your Spiritual Gift?

The best way to strengthen your spiritual gifts is by nurturing your third eye chakra, also called the pineal gland. The third eye chakra is said to be the seat of the soul and the gateway to the higher dimensions.

You can read more about how to unblock the third eye chakra in this ultimate guide to the pineal gland blog post.

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Gifted?

When you’re spiritually gifted, that means you are more in tune with the higher dimensions. This gives you special abilities that normal people couldn’t do. These abilities can include healing or psychic abilities such as predicting the weather and feeling energies. 

7 signs you have spiritual gifts

Signs That You Have Spiritual Gifts

So, what are the signs that you have spiritual gifts?

There are 7 signs to look out for. If you have too much empathy, you’re drawn to nature, animals are drawn to you, you can sense negative energies, you’re having weird dreams, you can sense things everywhere, and you can predict the weather.

If you have experienced any of these signs, you probably have spiritual gifts. The more boxes you check, the more likely it is that you have.

If you think you do have spiritual gifts, the next step is to activate or strengthen them by unblocking your third eye chakra.

If it’s already open, then all you have to do is to keep practicing your spiritual gifts. They say that healing and psychic abilities are like muscles we have to train.

The more we use them, the stronger they will become.

Now you’ve learned the signs that you have spiritual gifts. Do you have spiritual gifts? Which signs have you noticed?

Let me know in the comments!