Welcome To The World Of Lucid Dreaming!


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You walk down the road.

As you’re walking you notice something’s a little strange.

The streets are a strange colour. There are strange lights everywhere, and you’re not entirely sure how you got to where you are now. Where were you 10 minutes ago? How did you GET to where you are this second?

Do you even remember?

You’ve just entered the world of the dream. The world of lucid dreaming is a HUGE place, and there are lots of different things you need to learn. But don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time. This post is going to show you just a few of the things you’ll find in this mystical world, and how it’s slightly (and by slightly, I mean a LOT) different to reality.

There are so many little things and little tricks you can do here, so many loopholes. You can teleport, fly, explore planets and fly around like a superhero. So what are you going to do first?

Note – If you’re reading this and you have NO IDEA how to actually enter this world, you should check out my post explaining how to actually have a lucid dream. Once you’ve read that, come back here and get comfortable!

What is the world of lucid dreaming?

The world of lucid dreaming is an enormous complex maze.

Sort of like this one:

When she comes back shes gonna be building mazes

You might remember in Inception when they’re building mazes to keep the dreamer engaged and almost trapped in the dream world, right? It’s KIND OF like that, but not quite. You’re in a world where the boundaries that exist in waking life are just NOT there.

You can’t find the ‘edge’ of a dream, because there isn’t one. There aren’t any limits, because you’re limitless in the dream. There aren’t any ‘rules’ because rules are a construct of society, and the dream is all in your own mind.

It’s YOUR world, and you make the rules here. It’s such a beautiful place to be, because anything you can imagine you can do. Anything you WANT to experience, you can.

It’s the ultimate form of escapism, and it’s the ultimate freedom.

I read somewhere that lucid dreaming is something that appeals a lot to gamers. When you play a game either on an Xbox or playstation etc, you’re escaping reality and acting out a different storyline. You’re becoming your own hero in your own little world.

Lucid dreaming is sort of like that. When you enter the dream world, you’re the master. You can choose to either control things and ‘play god’, or you can explore it like a child exploring the world for the first time. You can walk around and discover things as if they were brand new.

The beautiful thing about this, is that you’re actually CREATING these things as fast as you’re ‘discovering’ them.

Your subconscious mind is filling the dream world with all sorts of things that come from:

 – Your beliefs

 – Your memories

 – Your thoughts

 – Your imagination

And various other places.

But because you’re not fully conscious, you’re able to get right in the middle of this creation process and experience it AS IF it as brand new. It feels like you’re discovering brand new things that you had no idea about.

Even though you’re the one actually creating the world around you, it feels like you’re discovering it. It’s very much like when you have an idea that seems to ‘come out of nowhere’ and you feel like it’s just landed in your mind. Inception had a lot of things right about how the dream world feels.

What can you do in this new world?

Think of the last time you felt powerful.

Maybe think back to the last time you did a workout and felt pumped and strong after it. Imagine that but multiple by 1308235 times. You can feel so powerful in the dream world, and yet at the same time, so humble.

You can feel like you’re in control of everything, and at the same time, in control of nothing.

Welcome to the world of lucid dreams

It’s a feeling like no other and to be honest, I’ve never felt anything quite like it. The closest experience I’ve got to it in real life is when I’m exploring a new country I’ve never been to before, or when I’ve jumped out of a plane and fell towards the earth a 120 miles per hour.

That feeling of being powerful, full of adrenaline and yet t the same time, humble and small compared to the size and beauty of the universe.

Do normal rules apply here?

In the dream there are no rules. BUT there ARE restrictions based on your beliefs. If you have a strong belief, it WILL apply in the dream world.

If you’re sure (as most people are) that gravity ALWAYS works, then it will work in the dream until you change that belief. The dream recreates most of your experience in waking life. That being said you can easily change this belief and start having crazy ‘zero-gravity’ adventures.

How big is the dream world?

The dream world is limitless.

There are n boundaries and the edges go on forever. As soon as you get to the edge of the dream, your mind just creates more. You can never find the edge because you’re always creating it, and as fast as you fly towards the edge, your mind creates more.

It’s similar to when you play a video game. The games console only renders the world that you can see, but it then loads the rest when you come near to the edge of what you could see before. It’s like it’s building the world as you explore it.

Very similar to lucid dreaming. The difference is that lucid dreams are far bigger and more complex than any game in the world. They’re far more detailed, profound and beautiful.

How many dream worlds are there?

The way I look at things is that every time you go to sleep you’re creating a new dream world.

This is because every day your thoughts are usually slightly different. You’ll have the same BASE thoughts which form your habits and your conditioning but you’ll always have slightly different experiences, conversations and emotions.

For this reason every time you go to sleep the dream world is shaped slightly differently. For example if you have a bad day at work and you feel like you’re not in control of your life one day, that experience will mold the entire dream world into something different that night.

Maybe you’ll find it more difficult to fly, BECAUSE you felt less in control in the waking day. In the same way if one day you do a skydive or travel to a new place, you’ll be filled with wonder and excitement. This will in turn shape the dream world that night, so I think that every time you go to sleep you’re creating a NEW dream world.

The fact that you can never have the same dream twice supports this as well.

The adventure that lays before you

If you let it, lucid dreaming will take you on one hell of a ride.

It will show you things you’ve never seen, make you feel things you’ve never felt and if you listen closely, it might just tell you something you really needed to hear. I had a lucid dream a few months ago in which I asked the dream what I should do with my life.

I then heard a phone ringing in a busy street. I went to the phone and picked it up.

Phone box in a busy street

A mysterious voice said ‘You need to be your own boss, right now. Don’t be employed another minute’.

I then woke up.

I thought nothing of it, but the message was clear. Build my own thing, and don’t follow the path that most people follow in life. The pay most people follow is:

Get a job > Pay bills > Don’t have much free time > Die

And I didn’t want that.

For some reason I didn’t listen to that voice in the dream for a few months. It’s taken me a good few years to get to a point in my life where I feel comfortable not having a job, and working for myself.

My boss was absolutely amazing about the whole thing and being an entrepreneur himself I think he understood my feelings. We worked out a way that I can continue to work with him without having the commitments of a full time job. This means I can work almost full time on my own business, passions and projects.

The dream told me to do this months ago and now that’ I’m working more on my own things, I feel happier than I’ve felt in years.

I feel like I’m on the right path, and that’s the power lucid dreaming can have.

Despite what people may believe about lucid dreaming, what you’re doing is entering into your own subconscious mind and directly interacting with it. The subconscious mind is the huge part of your mind that you have no conscious control over, but it knows EVERYTHING about you.

It’s the part of your min that regulates your heartbeat, controls gut reactions and feelings, organizes all your most beautiful memories, and maintains your entire life.

It knows a lot.

It knows so much about you but it can only really help you get what you want in your life if you let it. It’s like soil essentially. If you plant seeds of doubt and negativity (by thinking negative thoughts while you’re awake) it will return more of the same.

This could be another post entirely, but my point is that lucid dreaming is an adventure.

The world of dreams has a lot to show you but you need to let it!

My thoughts on the dream world

I think there’s a LOT still to be discovered.

I’ve spent years playing around with lucid dreaming and I’ve not even scratched the surface of what’s possible. There are so many little things you can do. So many ways you can interact with your mind and experiment with different ideas. You can spend years doing it and still feel like a child.

You can spend years studying it and still be surprised by something that happens in the lucid dream. In fact I think somewhere in the gateway to the inner self book, the author says that although he’s been lucid dreaming for years, sometimes the signs his subconscious comes up with are just so random and amazing that he’s left speechless.

There’s a lot still to be learned. It’s not a skill that you just learn in a night and suddenly know everything about, it’s more like a part of you that you grow. It’s like a new branch of your life that you need to explore and develop.

You can’t ever ‘complete’ lucid dreaming.

There’s always more to learn.

Always more ideas to try, new worlds to explore and new experiments to do!

This is a good thing. It’s much like playing an instrument, actually. You can achieve control over the instrument fairly fast if you put in the hours and practice, but you’ll never be perfect. You’ll always have new ideas, new ways of playing a song and new ways of expressing yourself.

Stay like a child with lucid dreaming, because it has a lot to teach you if you let it.

Dream on you beautiful people!