What Do Dream Characters Mean?


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This is a post explaining what it means when you dream about certain people. To dream of different people in your life could mean various things in terms of your mind, your feelings towards those people, and even your feelings towards yourself.

Here are some common dream characters, and what it means to dream about them. Each dream character that you dream about has a certain meaning and could represent something about either the person you’re projecting, or your feelings for them.


Mothers represent a need for nurture and protection, and may also suggest an enhancement of intuition. Fathers represent authority and discipline, and may suggest a need for logic. Grandparents indicate that you have much to learn from the wisdom of knowledge and experience. A son expresses pride in an achievement; a daughter often means that you need to support someone, either at home or at work. To dream of a husband indicates a decline in your relationship for a single woman, but for a married woman it can confirm the bonds of marital love.

Remember that although you may dream of these people, it may not always mean the things we explain here, you may simply be dreaming of one of these people because you’ve seen them during the day, or you’ve been thinking about them recently. We only provide here an explanation of what these figures and characters COULD represent.

Friends and Lovers

To see old school friends in your dream often indicated that old scores need to be settled, or they can represent triumphs. To dream of current close friends, however, signifies protection with allied interests and bonds of mutual trust between you and the friends that appeared. A favorable conversation with an acquaintance foretells enterprising success, whereas a hostile confrontation with them denotes that personal humiliation may be on the horizon. To dream of your lover implies admiration and joy.

Work colleagues

Consider the following questions to glean insight from your colleagues in the dream. Who are they in relation to you? What are they saying? How are you relating to them? How do the contents of your dream correlate to proposals at work, or things they’ve mentioned recently? Dreaming of a colleague from a previous job reflects qualities in your life that need to be revived in order to move forward.

Authority Figures

An old teacher turning up in your dream suggests that you must make a stand for your beliefs and that there is a pressing situation that demands your focus. To dream of the police could signify that you will soon receive help from a source of authority. The appearance of a judge indicates guilt and that you will be involved in some impartial decision making.

Fantasy Characters

A clown or jester in your dream can represent qualities of light-heartedness and independence. A hermit represents feelings of isolation and a need to make some long-term plans. Dreaming of dwarves may be a subconscious reassurance that a problem is not as big as it seems, and whether regarding relationships or business, a pirate in your dream can herald a craving for emotional adventure.


To dream of a celebrity is to wish to take on the lifestyle of that star. Maybe you respect or admire a particular thing about this celebrity? As an omen, such dreams can foretell of honor and promotion. A TV personality represents your desire for a wider appeal and popularity among your peers. To dream of a film star or pop icon can represent a warning to avoid the trap of becoming deluded by a projected glamorous self-image. This dream is asking you to take a stand back from your current place in life and reconnect with who you truly are.

What do dream characters mean?

As mentioned many times before on this site, dreaming about a particular thing doesn’t ALWAYS mean the same thing for every person. It’s a very subjective area of dreaming and you should always try and relate the situation to your own life. For example, having a dream about a clown COULD mean that you’re light hearted and independent as explained here, or it could be a nightmare, if you’re scared of clowns.

Do you see? It really depends on you and your life and personality. That being said, hopefully this page and all sections of our dream interpretation can help you to understand a bit more about the symbols and things within a dream, and the things they could represent.

A little trick you could try with dream characters is to find someone in a dream and then convince them they’re in a dream. What happens next is surprising, so we won’t tell you what happens.

Learning more about your dreams

Dream interpretation can be a VAST topic and it’s different for everyone, because we all dream differently. That being said, there are some dream symbols which tend to have the same meaning across lots of dreamers. you might also want to get yourself a basic dream dictionary to learn more about what your dreams mean.


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