How To Use Dream Portals To Navigate A Lucid Dream


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A fast way to move around a lucid dream and travel to places quickly is through lucid portals. These are gaps, holes or doors that take you instantly to where you want to go. Here’s what you need to know.

A lucid portal is something in the dream which could transport you from one place to another. (Or one time to another). It’s something you can step through or into, like a mirror or a doorway..

They can also be in other forms like a slide, tube, trapdoor, hole in the ground, misty aura etc. They can come in many forms, but the key is that they normally take you somewhere very quickly.

Where can you find a lucid portal?

They can be found anywhere, but normally your mind will place them into places that normally have entrances or doorways you can walk through.

A lucid dream portal

This is actually the perfect opportunity to test your lucid portals, find a long street with many houses on either side, and start opening all the doors to see what’s the other side. You’ll soon find out that it’s not just someone’s house, it could be another world. This is because your mind creates things through doors in dreams that don’t always ‘mix’ with the rest of the dream.

How to find and enter a lucid portal

Here’s how you can find dream portals easily, and use them to travel through a dream world. Remember that the KEY with dream portals is expectation and belief. If you truly believe a portal will take you somewhere, it will!


1: Decide where you want to go

The first step to using dream portals is thinking about where it is you want to go. Try and come up with a clear picture of the location in your mind, before you even try and find a portal. Think about whether you’ve been there before, or what will be there when you arrive.

2: Find a natural doorway or opening

In dreams, there are almost always things that mirror waking life. These things can be easily used as portals, because dream physics are NOT like real world physics.

Lucid doorway

You could open a tiny door to a phone booth and find another planet on the other side of the door. Here are some examples of natural openings or doors:

  • Door or door frames
  • Trapdoors in the ground
  • Shower curtains or drapes in houses
  • Any window in any building
  • You could draw a trapdoor with chalk on the ground

3: Expect to travel through it

Look at the doorway you’ve found or created, and tell yourself: ‘I’m going to travel through this portal and arrive on the other side in my location (whatever place you want to go to). Notice that you don’t HAVE to decide where to go to! You can just let the dream surprise you!

4: Explore the destination

When you enter the location on the other side, just explore it naturally and don’t panic! It might not be exactly what you expected but it should be pretty close! If you just let the dream surprise you, then explore it! You could be anywhere!

Focus on what you WANT to be there

Sometimes just walking through you’ll find random things, and this can be good if you’re just looking to discover and explore the dream  but if you’ve got specific lucid goals and you’re trying to get something done in this lucid time, it’s important to focus as you enter the lucid portal.

Some useful tips

To move around the dream using portals, it’s important to have your reality checks DOWN. You need to be lucid and ‘awake’ so that you’re able to expect to move through the portal. Here are some useful tools:


  • Before you go to sleep, set your goal as ‘find a lucid dreaming portal and go through it’. It’s easy to enter a lucid dream and completely forget what you wanted to do, and just do random things
  • Write in your journal what happened and whether or not you entered the portal successfully
  • If you want to make the lucid dream more stable, try listening to binaural beats or taking a lucid supplement