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This is one of the most effective programs for lucid dreaming on Follow the steps in the Bootcamp, and you WILL lucid dream.  

I’ve included several free bonuses here. 

Don’t let them distract you from following the actual Bootcamp system! 

Please go through the actual Bootcamp FIRST, follow it every day for 30 days FIRST, otherwise you might get overwhelmed and not lucid dream as a result. then after you’ve had your first or second lucid dream, you can start diving into the bonuses. 

To get started, below, you can see the entire private playlist of the 30 daily bootcamp videos. Please watch one video per day for the 30 days, they guide you through the entire program, and tell you what to do!

If something isn’t working here, or you’re having trouble, please contact us here, or contact order support directly (live chat/ticket). 

The Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp EBOOK

This is the EBOOK that goes along with the videos and the printable template. This explains how it all works in more detail, if you’d prefer to read instead of watching the videos. You can download it and put it on any device.

The Printable Calendar Template

This is the printable calendar template you can stick on your fridge or desktop to remind you to do the exercises. You don’t HAVE to print this by the way. You can download it and put it on any device.

How to use the calendar (image showing what each section does or means)

FREE BONUS: 5 Steps To Lucid Dreaming

The first ebook about lucid dreaming I wrote, this gives you a REALLY good start and introduction to lucid dreaming if you’re completely new. It also goes into a bit more detail about my story and how you can use lucid dreaming to improve your life.

FREE BONUS: Ultimate Guide To Reality Checks

The ULTIMATE guide to improving your lucid dreaming reality checks. This guide will explain in DETAIL how and why your reality checks are supposed to show up in your dreams, and how to make them even MORE effective.

FREE EBOOK: Meditation For Dreams

The best PDF guide to using meditation for lucid dreams. We go into some very specific examples, techniques and ways you can use the power of meditation to improve, and enhance your dreams and lucid dreams.

FREE BONUS: 100 Things To Do In Your Lucid Dreams

A detailed description and explanation of over 100 interesting or unusual things you can try in your next lucid dream. Most of these things you probably have never heard of or tried before.

FREE BONUS: Lucid Supplement Blueprint

How to use supplements to go deeper into your dreams, unlock your mind and enhance your sleep to new levels. This is not for beginners, so make sure you take it slow!


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THE MASTER GOOGLE DOC with instructions, links etc:

That google doc has all the instructions, links, resources and links to the videos and how to get started.

Bookmark it and save it.