Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Lucid Dreaming is the brand new Udemy course I’ve spent weeks creating. I wrote a post about how I made it and why it’s special, so this page is just going to be to help everyone who was WAITING for this course to find it. 

I also had an email list who signed up to be notified when the course launches and they’ll be getting an email very shortly, but if you’re just here because you’ve followed a link to the ultimate guide to lucid dreaming, then here are some options for you:

  • Check out the Udemy course that’s just launched and use the code ‘HOWTOLUCID’ to get a huge discount on the course! You get lifetime access and lots of free bonuses.
  • Go through the lucid dreaming bootcamp: This is a course that I only sell on my website, and you can’t find anything like this online anywhere else. It has dozens of testimonials and reviews (or you could just Google ‘lucid dreaming bootcamp review’ and see for yourself. Learn more about it on the page and read peoples stories. (Basically, it’s a 30 day lucid dreaming obstacle course that FORCES you to lucid dream).
  • Check out these lucid dreaming pills and see if they make a difference to your dreams. I’ve tried all of the pills mentioned on the page, and they all do what I said they do. Let me save you some time and money and just tell you which ones work!
  • Read about the benefits of lucid dreams and be prepared for a hell of a ride!
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel and get daily lucid dreaming video tips and lessons. I put a lot of energy and time into my channel, and I always try and reply to comments and make the videos more and more interesting.