Thought Stream USB Biofeedback Machine Review 2024


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today we’re looking at a special type of Mind machine (for meditation). This is our complete review of the Thought stream USB biofeedback system. What a mouthful. Let’s get on with it!

With the rapid development of technology comes many awe-inspiring advancements that are aimed at greatly improving your quality of life.

Things like stress, anxiety and tension can be easily evaded or fixed using sophisticated technological tools which can be made available through the tap of your fingertips on a smart device, and one of those tools is the ThoughtStream Biofeedback System.

What is the Thoughtstream system?

The ThoughtStream Biofeedback System (created by Mindplace) effectively monitors your stress and anxiety levels by mapping corresponding biological responses in your body, hence the term ‘Biofeedback’. The system alerts you every time your skin moisture levels increase, as this typically parallels increased levels of stress. 

The ThoughtStream Biofeedback System is by no means a rigid tool, as it actually studies your unique biological and psychological makeup over time, in order to determine the best sensitivity levels for your system, and you can use the data that it generates to effectively lower your stress levels.

The system is powered by three highly accessible Double A batteries, as well as headphones that make for superb portability so that you can use this System on the go.

How the ThoughtStream works

The ThoughtStream Biofeedback system uses a sensory band to track your stress levels and gives you feedback that you can use to reduce your stress and anxiety. You can attach this band either to your arm or to your palm, depending on your physiology and which options you’re more comfortable with.

There are three forms of feedback that the ThoughtStream system uses, namely visual, auditory and computer. The visual aspect visually alerts you to your current state by flashing either a green or a red light, and is a great learning tool for visual learners.

A green light means that you’re in a relaxed and balanced state, whereas a red light symbolises high levels of stress, so you can use this indicator to effectively and instantly reduce your stress levels and prevent any negative effects of prolonged stress. 

You’d be surprised, but being able to SEE your bodies reactions on a device like this makes it very easy to control them, and therefore calm yourself down or make yourself feel more relaxed.

Secondly, the auditory part of the ThoughtStream system alerts you to increased stress by letting out a high pitched melody, which you can then lower by consciously reducing your stress. Lastly, the ThoughtStream USB can be connected to your Windows PC or laptop to track and compare the sessions you’ve had over a certain period of time to ascertain progress.

ThoughtStream also offers computer software with Mental Games that you can use to gain an expanded view of the Biofeedback. 

What we liked

  • The ThoughtStream Biofeedback System is a portable device, which means that you can use it anywhere, at any time, to monitor, manage and reduce your stress levels.
  • Thanks to the visual and auditory indicators, the ThougthStream system empowers you to increase your levels of awareness over time, and you’re able to immediately transform your state from one of stress and anxiety to relaxation.
  • It’s easy to use, and is a simple way to instantly destress yourself.
  • It improves your ability to concentrate and be aware
  • It promotes relaxation and increases your awareness on a physical and mental level
  • It can help you to determine which relaxation technique work for you, by tracking your biological response to them. This makes the system an ideal companion for meditators and people who use relaxation techniques to ascertain the effectiveness of those techniques, so that in the end you know what works for you and what doesn’t based on hard evidence gained from the ThoughtStream Biofeedback system. 
  • The Forum Board support and administrator of the ThoughtStream system is very fast and efficient at responding to queries from clients

What we didn’t like

  • It can take quite some time to get used to the ThoughtStream system, and you have to be disciplined in using it in order to get the full benefit 
  • The sound made by this system when you’re stressed might start out low, but it can increase to an annoying pitch which is very unpleasant, and this can really work on your nerves. However, the sound does decrease to a lower and more pleasant pitch when you start relaxing again.
  • The bar graph tracking program is extremely difficult to install properly

The Verdict on the ThoughtStream

The ThoughtStream Biofeedback device  is a really accurate and responsive system for reducing stress and anxiety.  Even hypnotists use it to track sessions with their clients, in order to monitor each person’s unique responses through biofeedback.

Not only is the ThoughtStream system reasonably priced, but the fact that it can be used with Windows 7 makes it even more accessible, because you can connect it to your PC to track your sensitivity and progress over a prolonger period of time.

Also, this biofeedback system is a great tool to use if you want to intensify your meditation practice or put some relaxation techniques into effect. This device can also help you to increase your awareness and discernment of certain activities that produce a stressful state within you, so that you can learn to build your life in a way that eliminates those aspects of your life, or manage those situations better if you cannot avoid them.

ThoughtStream coupon codes and discounts

If we ever find any discount codes or coupons for this device we’ll list them here. For now, the best place to get it is here (or here if they’re sold out!) You might also like to have a look at the Proteus review we wrote (or just go straight to their website) because that is very similar, but has a few key differences!