The ‘Feeling’ Of A Dream And What It Means


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

So this is going to explain a little bit about the feeling within a dream, and what it means in reality and for your dream interpretation etc.

When you’re in a dream, things feel more exaggerated than in real life, and for this reason, paying close attention to the smallest details can tell you a lot about the thing it means in reality. Here are the basic ‘feelings’ for a dream, and what they mean..

Threatening/sinister feeling

Dream situations in which you feel scared, tense or fearful are often reflections of a dangerous or overwhelming situation that is brewing around you. Such sinister moods can be revealing of great anxieties you could be experiencing in real life.

If all you remember of the dream is a threatening feeling when you awake, then you need to be on your guard until the external danger is known to you and passes. A threatening mood in your dream can be illustrated in the dream scape as night time scenes or overcast skies. Alternatively there may just be a underlying feeling of impending doom.

Dreaming about a storm

Dreams like this where you’re seeing scary or intense situations like a thunderstorm or other natural disaster could indicate that you either are experiencing stress in real life, or you’re ‘thinking’ in negative terms. By the way, this is part of the reasons that Lucid Dreaming can be scary, it’s important to remember that however threatening the dream may seem, it can’t harm you. It can only be as scary as you allow it to be.

Hazy/foggy or Unclear feeling

Blurred or hidden details in a dream suggest that you have confused feelings which, if unheeded, could lead to many troubles and worries in business, If the truth is hidden from your view in a dream, this may be indicated by a cloudy atmosphere in your mind.

For example, to dream of traveling through a dense fog and emerging from it foretells of a weary, confused search for answers, but with a profitable outcome when the fog clears. Dreams that show hazy scenes can also imply imaginative prowess and the emergence of a heightened sensitivity and creativity in your waking life.

Surreal or very unusual

Pigs that fly, watches that melt, horses emerging from crashing waves – a lack of rationality and a jumble of imagery show mixed metaphors in terms of interpreting your emotional state. These relate to the development of your personality, and your self-discovery as a human being and your purpose in life. There will be some deeper intrinsic meaning in these strange images that take practice to recognize and understand.

Surreal dream

What is meant by this is that although almost everyone could have surreal or unusual dreams, understanding what they mean is mainly a matter of understanding yourself and what the specific dream signs mean in your life. A flying pig might mean one thing to one person, but something totally different to another.

Clarity and intense and vivid dreams

Psychologically, dreams that have a floating feeling can suggest a light, stress-free and peaceful type of mood and this usually generates an aura of achievement and comfort. Quite often, these dreams follow after some major breakthrough or an accomplishment after a long and arduous periods of activity in real life. For example, if someone has just achieved something great at work, they may have a clear and intense dream.

Joyful and Happy dreams!

To have a dream with an overflowing atmosphere of joy and pleasure is the equivalent of giving yourself a celebratory pat on the back. (It’s like your mind rewarding you for experiencing something positive). A joyous mood indicates that you have made a big leap in your growth as a person and the dream you are experiencing acknowledges this and relays the message back to you.

the feeling of a dream and what it means

The feeling of a dream and what it means

So those were just some examples of the ‘feeling of a dream’ and what it could mean. Look out for these types of dreams, and you’ll be one step closer to understanding more about what your dreams mean and what they’re trying to tell you.

Often, when you’re in a dream, you tend to ignore details like the feeling of it, even though they’re staring you right in the face. Things like a thunderstorm can be dismissed in the dream, sometimes even in a Lucid dream as just being part of the scenery, BUT they do mean something.

Your brain has decided to create a dream in a certain way, for a certain reason. It’s not like there’s a ‘weather machine’ that just spins a bottle to choose the weather and feeling at random, instead your brain projects your innermost feelings and thoughts into the dream world in subtle ways like by changing the weather or the ‘feel’ of it.

Learning more about your dreams

Dream interpretation can be a VAST topic and it’s different for everyone, because we all dream differently. That being said, there are some dream symbols which tend to have the same meaning across lots of dreamers. you might also want to get yourself a basic dream dictionary to learn more about what your dreams mean.


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