I Have A Specific Problem Stopping Me Lucid Dreaming

If you’re here, you have a really specific problem or thing that you think is STOPPING you lucid dreaming. 

To be perfectly honest, MOST problems ARE solved by just re-learning lucid dreaming, or going through the lucid dreaming bootcamp.

Click here to go through the lucid dreaming section of this quiz in a NEW tab, just to double check. But you might have a really unusual situation that needs solving, so here’s some options for you: 

BEST option: Become a patron and get coaching

My Patreon page has many options for you, but one of them is private lucid dreaming coaching. This is NOT something I offer to many people, so please only use this if you REALLY feel you need one on one help with lucid dreaming. Most problems can be solved by going through my Bootcamp or watching my videos.

SECOND option: Watch my videos

I have hundreds of videos about lucid dreaming on my channel, which explain in detail most problems, and how to solve them. The chances are if you’ve got a problem stopping you lucid dreaming, I’ve made a video solving it. Just go to my channel and search my posted videos.

THIRD option: Read the FAQ page

I created a detailed lucid dreaming FAQ page answering almost ALL of your questions and problems with lucid dreaming. Check that first, because it’s very likely that you answer is there.