Frequency Booster Audio Track Downloads

Read This First: Using These Audios To Enhance Your Frequency Instructions, Tips, Warnings And FAQs

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Your Downloads: (either click to play online in a new tab, OR right click and then click ‘save as’ to download)

1 – Dream Incubation Waves

2 – Lucid Dreaming Master Control 

3 – Sleeping Shifter Enhancement

4 – Deep Healing Soundscape

5 – Cosmic Supershift

6 – Dream Control Ascension

SURPRISE FREE BONUS: Gratitude Journal Prompts Ebook To Help Anchor In Your Abundance

A surprise bonus that wasn’t mention anywhere on the sales page, to help you anchor in abundance and manifest your desires. It’s a brand new ebook containing dozens of gratitude journal prompts that you can use to get inspired and think about what you’re grateful for.

Please email us if you have any problems. Also, read the PDF because that explains how to fix most common problems with downloading and accessing these tracks. Here’s the link to the MAIN folder for downloading all the files, I’ll update things there as needed.

Unannounced Bonus 1: Free Numerology Video Reading (Personalised For You)

I thought you’d find this valuable, so for a limited time you can actually get a free, personalised Numerology reading just for you and your ‘life/soul numbers’. This will help you understand more about your future, past, and purpose here on Earth. Very interesting to know, and I’ve personally used this and found it to be very accurate.

Unannounced Bonus 2: Free Soul Reading Message

Get a free soul reading showing you what could be blocking you from raising your vibrations, ascending and moving along your spiritual path. This is surprisingly accurate and can help you to unblock things you didn’t even know were stopping you!