Silene Capensis For Lucid Dreaming


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While it may not be on the mainstream list of popular lucid dreaming resources, those who have used Silene Capensis can attest to its ability to invoke vivid dreams with intense detail.

If you’re interested in using Silene Capensis or are just curious about it, then join us as we take a journey of exploring this plant’s effects and how best to use it, as well as how to manage any side effects that might come with it.

Silene Capensis Usage

The roots of the flowering Silene Capensis plant contain psychoactive components which have earned it a status as an ‘AChEI inhibitor’, meaning that it’s an effective lucid dreaming aid.

You can tell just from the robust aroma emitted by this plant, that it’s a truly entrancing herb.


For ages the Xhosa shaman of South Africa have widely used the plant to experience richly intense and clear dreams, and subsequently gave it the name ‘undlela zimhlophe’ or white paths due to its ability to connect them with the ancestors, which they also refer to as ‘white spirits’.

The Xhosa peoples revere the Silene Capensis plant as a powerful and sacrosanct healing herb, and while some take it for its purgative effects that cleanse mind, body and spirit, it mostly shines as a ceremonial plant. For example, during the Xhosa traditional death ceremony, the plant is used to bring closure and peace between the departed and the living, while it is also used in the Xhosa culture’s shaman initiation ceremony, where inductees undergo a 3-day full moon excursion, sans meat, sex and alcohol.

This 3-day session usually occurs at a secluded location, so that initiates can fully benefit from the potent effects of the Silene Capensis root, the object of which is to experience intensely symbolic dreams.

How to use Xhosa dream root (Silene Capensis)

When taking the plant for lucid dreaming purposes, it’s important to remember to use the roots, as that’s where the psychoactive components are.

You can purchase the root from a reputable online vendor, where it will most likely be referred to as ‘Silene Capensis Whole Root’. The root is primed by first breaking it up into tiny pieces, after which you steep it in cold water and store it in the fridge overnight. Or you can purchase an already powdered root which you’ll then steep in cold water over night, using a ratio of 1 teaspoon of powder to 2 cups of water.

All you have to do the following morning is to shake the bottle up until a full-bodied white froth forms, or stir it with a fork until you see the froth forming, and then drink it straight up until you’re so full that you feel like vomiting. This is actually a good thing because you’re required to do a bit of voluntary purging through vomiting, as one would do when using ayahuasca, in order to prepare your system for what’s to come.

For some, it usually takes several hours before the effects start to kick in, and if you want you can consume breakfast at least an hour after taking the root to keep your strength up, although that’s entirely up to you. Others will require a few more doses in order to feel the effects and if that’s the case with you then you can feel free to drink it in the morning and the evening as well.

It’s also a good idea to have someone with you during the trip, especially if it’s your first time experimenting with lucid dreaming herbs, but if you’re a pro then you probably already know what to do.

There are other methods of taking Selene Capensis that you could try such as chewing the roots or drinking it as a tea, where you’d stir the powdered roots into boiling water and then drink it after it’s cooled down. Another nice one to try, would be to wash oneself with the frothy mixture, a practice which forms part of the Xhosa initiation ceremony, and is said to have purging effects that enhance the quality of the subsequent dream state.

The best part about the Silene Capensis plant is that it’s absolutely legal to purchase and use, no matter where you are in the world. Although there’s a growing number of trusty online suppliers that you can find, we’d recommend that you treat it as you would any other purchase and check out the reviews on the supplier’s site before making the purchase, to check their track record for consistency and quality.

Silene capensis dosage (For lucid dreaming)

Although there is no reported dosage limit for the Silene Capensis root, it’s probably wise to take the recommended dose of 1 heaped teaspoon of powdered root to 2 cups of water, once or twice per day until you experience the desired outcome.

While most people experience the effects of the root within hours of taking it, others require a few more doses over the course of a few days before they experience anything at all. This might explain why Xhosa shaman initiates take the root over the course of 3 days in order to experience its full effects. Just be sure to apply the golden rule, which is to use caution and moderation and as with any lucid dream herb, never use it for more than a week without taking a break.

Most incredible effects

Those who have used the Silene Capensis plant report having an experience of extremely vivid dreams, where they’re able to perceive an exceptionally broad spectrum of color that is not normally possible in waking life, much like what you’d experience on DMT.

The symbolism to be found in these dreams can seem prophetic, and the Xhosa describe the experience as being similar to going ‘under water’, where one is able to receive guidance and wisdom from the ancestors. In fact, it is believed that if you hold a particular question in your mind prior to falling asleep, then you’ll most likely receive the answer in your dreams, via an ancestor from either side of your family.

The lucid dream forms are sharp and crystalline, while some of the experiences can seem bewildering and wild, you’ll find the recesses of your imagination literally coming to life in front of your eyes. The dreams can last for quite some time, and can be likened to profound excursions which users are able to fully recall upon waking up.

Another remarkable and quite common effect of the root is its ability to improve one’s quality of sleep, and profound relaxation afterwards.

Side Effects

It’s important to keep in mind as you explore the possibilities presented by the Silene Capensis root that your experiences may vary from those reported by the native Xhosa shamans. Suppliers also differ in the quality that they provide, and while some provide the real thing, others sell a watered-down version that leaves much to be desired.

Also, you might have to tinker with the dosage a bit before you get the right amount that’s able to induce the experiences that this root is so famous for.

Where to buy Silene Capensis in 2017 (Xhosa dream root)

There are various places you can buy Silene Capensis online in 2017, you have herbal stores dedicated to sourcing it, or there are actually now a lot of Silene Capensis products on Amazon.

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