Our Ebooks, Programs and Courses

Each link opens in a new tab. These programs cover all levels of skill, from beginner to advanced.

The Lucid Breakthrough Video course (POPULAR!)

The Lucid Breakthrough Video course is a detailed troubleshooting guide to your problems. I’ve collected LOTS of information from my students over 8 years, and narrowed it down to a handful of specific things holding you back. I answer and explain those mistakes and how to avoid them.

Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp Program (Printable Calendar Template And Instructions)

The most effective lucid dreaming course, which takes you step by step through what you’re doing wrong. It comes with a printable template and several Ebooks, showing you what to practice every day for 30 days.

Remember Your Dream Ebook

How To Remember 5 Times As Many Dreams, AND Make Your Dreams More VIVID, In Just A Few Days.  Several proven memory improvement methods specifically for lucid dreaming and remembering more dreams: REMEMBER MORE DREAMS faster!