How To Shift Realities INSTANTLY (Based On 3 Proven Studies)


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

Are you wondering how you can shift realities instantly?

Like sometimes, even before you decided to shift? 

I know that sounds absolutely insane. There’s no way that could even be possible, right?

But it is possible and I will explain how through scientific studies.

“What?! Science and spirituality?!”

Yes, you read that right. 

We have real science and real data showing that at a quantum level, you can shift instantly. 

A fascinating thing happens when you decide to shift.

There’s something about you and quantum mechanics that will enable you to shift realities instantly. 

So stick around if you want to know this.

In this article you will learn:

  •  The origins of reality shifting
  •  The scientific experiments that prove reality shifting is real
  •  How to shift realities instantly

Let’s dive in!

Shift Realities Instantly

There are some people who are still doubting whether or not shifting reality works. Some people believe it could work, but it would take a lot of time and effort.

Neither of those mentioned above is true and that’s what I’ll be discussing with you today.

How Can I Shift Realities Instantly?

There are scientific studies that show that we can be able to shift realities instantly using our emotions. We have to feel the emotions of already being the person who has the reality that we desire.

There is another important factor that needs to accompany those emotions but it’s our feelings that will ultimately lead us to shift realities.

This reality shifting proof is based on the experiments done where they discovered that a human being has the ability to instantly stimulate a piece of their DNA no matter how far they separated it from them.

We will talk about this more later on. First, let’s get ourselves familiarized with reality shifting.

how to shift realities instantly

What Is Shifting?

Reality shifting is the idea that you have the ability to change your current reality into your desired reality or what Tiktok and reality shifting Reddit threads usually refer to as ‘DR’. 

But please don’t ask me how to shift to Hogwarts. I think that has something more to do with lucid dreaming.

What I mean is a reality in this 3D plane. 

By the way, I have this Free PDF guide about lucid dreaming. If you’re interested in that, you can check that out. 

Maybe a reality where you don’t ever have to worry about money or one where you’re perfectly healthy and fit.

Or maybe one where you have your dream job or you’re traveling and having the best time of your life with your soulmate.

Reality shifting takes us off from the mentality that we are just victims of our circumstances.

sad woman sitting on a sofa

“I’m just not one of the ‘lucky ones'”

“This is just how life is gonna be for me.”

But that is simply not true. We can have our dream reality through reality shifting.

Reality Shifting Origins

It’s becoming an increasingly popular TikTok trend, reaching a fever pitch when TikTokers allegedly began shifting to different realities by using the raven method shifting, pillow method shifting, and so on.

But reality shifting goes way back.

So when did reality shifting become a thing?

In 2006, Rhonda Byrne published a self-help book called “The Secret” which also had a documentary of the same name.

woman placing her finger on her lips

It is based on the pseudoscientific law of attraction, which says that thoughts and feelings may directly influence a person’s reality.

The documentary film swept the world in 2006, transforming the lives of millions and sparking a worldwide movement.

It’s called “The Secret” because the whole idea of how the law of attraction works had existed since the beginning but it has been kept a secret by the small percentage of people who basically ran the world.

That’s why, if we look at history, there are stories about kings and slaves.

The majority of the people are either suffering or are living in mediocrity while a lucky few get to have everything.

The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. You know the drill.

Can You Shift?

Yes, you can shift realities no matter how crazy or absurd it may sound to you.

Perhaps you feel stuck and you think that there is absolutely no way that something could change.

woman bored at work

Maybe you’re in a job you hate but there’s no way you can quit it because you need stability because you already have a family who depends on you.

Maybe you want to be a writer but you’re working as a nurse because that’s what your parents wanted.

You’ve never honed your writing skills because you’re so busy trying to get through University.

Maybe you think you’re too old for a career shift.

Whatever it is, as long as your mind can see it, and as long as your heart has a strong desire for it, that can be your reality too.

But the first step is to shoo away every doubt you have about reality shifting.

For most people, it’s their self-limiting beliefs, conscious or subconscious, that are blocking them from shifting into their reality.

So to help you with that, I have compiled some reality shifting proof that I will explain to you in the language our skeptic minds understand the most:  Science.

How Is Shifting Real?

So, how is shifting real? I summarized them into 3 points to help you understand and then we’ll proceed to the guide on how you can apply this to shift your reality. 

scientist looking through telescope

Everything Is Connected

So the first interesting point that proves you can shift realities instantly involves a DNA experiment.

There was an experiment done on human DNA.

I have mentioned this experiment before in this article about why some people think reality shifting is fake. 

Basically, they took a piece of DNA from this guy, separated it from him by about 200 or 300 miles, and then stimulated the guy’s emotions. 

The DNA, which was 200 miles away from the guy, was reacting instantaneously to the stimulus that the guy was experiencing. 

There’s no explanation for this according to traditional physics and science. The only explanation can be that there is something connecting the two even if they’re 200 miles away. 

What does that mean?

That means that potentially, everything is connected. Everything is interacting instantaneously, sometimes even before the stimulus has been applied. 

There have been a few variations of this experiment where they did the same thing and then, the DNA would react electrically before the stimulus was even applied to the human.

It’s almost as if it knew what was going to happen. 

woman lying on flower

You Attract What You Are

The next point that proves you can shift realities instantly focuses on emotions.

In terms of photographic reality, emotions tend to be the language that we can basically use. 

So in this experiment and a few others as well, it’s the emotions that actually influence the DNA.

The intention is important as well but it’s really more about how you feel. 

So it’s about the emotions, the feelings you have inside you that dictate what you will manifest and what you’ll experience. 

An excellent example of this is, let’s say you’re trying to manifest money or financial abundance. 

If you within yourself feel like you’re struggling, if you feel like you need money, it’s those feelings that will be echoed back to you by reality. 

They’ll be mirrored back to you.

woman holding mirror

I know it doesn’t make any sense when you think about but it means that if you want to manifest something, it’s not good to feel like you need it.

You’ll ultimately get more of what you already have, which in this case is lack. 

As difficult as it may sound, if you want to manifest something, you need to feel like you already have it.

When you’re in this state, then it will effortlessly come towards you. 

This is easier said than done because if you don’t have something, how can you feel like you do have it? 

It’s almost a game of not really tricking yourself, but putting yourself into the role of having it already.

What you’re doing, at a deeper level can get a bit metaphysical.

man dressing up in front of mirror

What you’re doing is you’re becoming the person who would have those things that you want to manifest.

As a result, those things have to come to you because you attract what you are, not what you want.

Long story short, emotion is the key. 

You can shift and it’s possible, proven by these experiments on human DNA.

There are a couple of other experiments that prove you can shift realities instantly.

DNA Is Powerful

There’s another experiment that proves you can shift realities instantly and you will find it fascinating.

They took a glass tube, sucked all the air out, and all that was left inside were photons of light. 

quantum physics

They recorded these and they saw that the photons were scattered around randomly, just as expected. 

Then, they introduced a tiny piece of human DNA inside the vacuum and the DNA arranged the photons of light into beautiful patterns.

Those patterns actually stayed there even when they took the DNA away.

Again, this shouldn’t be possible. This should be crazy talk, right compared to traditional science and physics. 

But the experiments have been done and the results show how powerful DNA is. 

So those are the 3 points that prove you can shift realities instantly.

How To Shift Realities: A Step-By-Step Guide

To shift realities instantly, follow these steps:

1: Believe

So the first step that we need to take in order for us to shift realities instantly is to believe. You need to believe that it is possible for you to have the reality that you desire.

If you consciously or subconsciously don’t believe it, it doesn’t matter if you get everything else right. You will still not be able to shift.

believe message

With the points I have discussed above, I hope you were able to release those doubts you’ve been having about shifting.

Now, what do I mean about subconsciously?

When we were little, our brains were like sponges. We just absorb everything that we see around us.

It doesn’t filter whether it’s right or wrong, the subconscious mind just accepts it as the truth and we carry these beliefs through adulthood, most of the time unconsciously.

Let’s say you’re family struggled financially. You may have formed limiting beliefs about money.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees. Life is hard. I have to struggle to get enough money.”

And we end up subconsciously trying to reaffirm that reality over and over so that’s what keeps showing up in your life.

man sleeping while listening to subliminals

“How can I change my subconscious beliefs?”

Listening to subliminals while we sleep is the best way to reprogram our subconscious mind.

When we’re asleep, we can bypass the conscious mind and communicate straight to the subconscious or unconscious mind.

And do Subliminals work? Yes. Even advertisers use it to affect individuals without their awareness. For example, by displaying messages for such a little period of time that people read them without noticing.

With that being said, I have this reality shifting subliminal music that you can listen to every night to help you wake up in your desired reality.

2: Set An Intention

What’s so cool about shifting realities instantly is that there is an infinite number of realities that you can choose from.

As I said, nothing is impossible.

woman with view of the sea

A house with a pool? Traveling the world worry-free? Owning a coffee shop by the beach? If you can imagine it, you can have it.

But, of course, you have to be clear about what reality you choose to shift to.

You have to be clear to the universe to shift realities instantly. Otherwise, the universe would be confused.

It’s like driving a car and not putting a destination on Waze. So you just randomly go around and Waze is like:

“Where do you wanna go, bro? Whatchu tryna’ do?”

So we have to set a clear intention so that the universe could work with us properly.

3: Feel Like You’re Already In That New Reality

If your emotions can stimulate DNA instantly, no matter how far it is from you, imagine what it can do to your whole being and your reality. 

girl jumping

So the most important step, if you want to shift realities instantly, is to feel like you already have that new reality.

What does it feel like to already be living in that dream house? What does it feel like to be your dream self?

When you feel those feelings before having it, it’s already as good as already having it. 

Your feelings will then inspire action and you can shift realities instantly. For example, what does it feel like to be in my best shape?

I imagine it feels light, I feel great. So I eat healthy in order to ‘feel great.’

What else does the version of me who is in the best shape do?

I enjoy working out. I go to the gym 3 times a week. Oh, you know, that’s just my hobby. That’s why I have a six-pack.

man holding barbell

I don’t focus on the outcome because for me, I am already that person.

I embody that reality before it has never happened and in a matter of time, reality will follow suit.

So that’s what the scientific experiments that prove you can shift realities instantly are all about.


What Does Shifting Look Like?

Shifting may look like your whole world is crashing down. You may experience a lot of changes, sever a lot of connections, and be forced out of your comfort zone. 

The uncomfortable feeling might bother you at first but just relax. This is just your reality re-arranging itself. You can’t completely renovate an old house without tearing it down first.

The same thing goes for your reality. You can’t completely change it unless the old one is torn apart. It will eventually rebuild itself into the one that you truly desire.

Is Shifting A Sin?

Shifting is not a sin because we are only utilizing our natural ability of creation. We all have the ability to create the life that we want, one where we’re happy and thriving. 

Imagine if everyone is abundant and happy with what they’re doing with their lives. There would just be so much love and abundance.

The only way that shifting could be a sin is if you have bad intentions.

Is Shifting Realities Dangerous?

Shifting realities is not dangerous but might feel scary for some because it could knock you 10,000 miles away from your comfort zone. It can be so uncomfortable because our brains thrive in familiarity and it perceives unfamiliar things as a threat.

But it is perfectly safe as long as you believe that you are safe and that the universe has your back. Just trust the process and don’t expect anything bad to happen.

how to shift realities instantly

How To Shift Realities Instantly

So how can you shift realities instantly?

We can shift instantly using our emotions.

Of course, it’s also important to believe and set our intentions.

But the most important step is feeling what it’s like to already be the person who has that thing.

We can prove that through the experiments I mentioned where the human was able to instantly affect the DNA that was 200 miles away from him just by stimulating his emotions.

If a human’s emotions can affect DNA instantly, sometimes even before a stimulus is applied, what can we do with our whole being and reality?

Now you’ve learned how to shift realities instantly, 

Leave a comment reaffirming your intention to shift and also let me know what you think!

By the way, I have a very useful Youtube tutorial about reality shifting. It explains everything you need to know, exactly how to do it, and how it all works. So if you haven’t seen that, go and check it out.