Is Mutual Dreaming Possible? Sharing the Lucid Experience


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Can you share a dream? Can you enter the SAME lucid dream with other people, and share the SAME experiences? Let’s explore this:

The idea of sharing a dreamscape with other people is very appealing. When you consider that your dreams allow you to be and do anything that you want, who wouldn’t want to share their dreams with other people?

While other concepts of dreaming such as lucid dreaming are well-known and quite popular, mutual dreaming is still a subject that most people have not been able to put into practice.

The popular 2010 movie Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, gave us all an idea of what mutual dreaming could possibly be like. However, is mutual dreaming possible?

What is Mutual Dreaming?

Mutual dreaming is the concept that two or more people can actually share a dreamscape or environment. This is different from regular dreaming because mutual dreaming requires that all individuals are collectively on the same page about experiencing a dream environment.

The best way to envision mutual dreaming would be something similar to the dream environment in the movie Avatar. All of the subjects in the Avatar choose to share a particular dream environment. Once in this dream environment, all the subjects interact in a very lucid manner. 

In some ways, mutual dreaming could be compared to living this conscious reality within a dream environment. In this conscious reality, people agree to have dates or meetups in particular places. With mutual dreaming, the same concept applies except the meet-up place is the dream world.

Is shared dreaming real?

Many would argue that we haven’t quite gotten to the stage where people can actually share a dream environment. There are plenty of instances of people having encounters with other people in their dreams. You may have even shared similar dreams with people close to you. However, this is not really mutual dreaming.

In some ways, mutual dreaming is similar to teleporting to different dimensions. And often times when the theme of mutual dreaming is shared especially through movies such as Inception or Avatar, there’s always a technological link that allows several people to access the same dream environment.

There is always that outside component that makes mutual dreaming possible. It is because of this that mutual dreaming is not likely to be possible… at least right now. 

mutual dreaming 

The Connection between Mutual and Lucid Dreaming

It does appear that there is a connection between mutual dreaming and lucid dreaming. In fact, it appears that dreamers would have to master the concept of lucid dreaming in order to fully participate in a mutual dream.

If you’ve ever had a lucid dream, then you understand that dreams are not always something that happens to you. With lucid dreaming, you can control what you experience in a dream environment.

Perhaps lucid dreaming is a precursor to possible mutual dreaming experiences of the future. Perhaps one day it will be possible for people to share dream environments. Those who have invested time and practice in developing their lucid dreaming capabilities may find the mutual dreaming experience quite easy.

Experimenting with Mutual Dreaming

While mutual dreaming may not be a possibility at this moment; there are ways that you can experiment with the concept of sharing a dream environment with other people. Two of the most common ways to share dreams with others include meshing dreams and meeting dreams.

Meshing Dreams

Meshing dreams involve two or more individuals sharing a similar dream concept or experience. This experience can be either unarranged or prearranged. Often times with meshing dreams individuals are able to share dream details and find that they are very similar.

For example, with an arranged meshing dream two or more individuals may end up talking about dreams they’ve had and through the conversation may discover that they both dreamed about bats flying into their home.

With a prearranged meshing dream, two or more individuals speak to each other about a specific event that they experienced prior to going to sleep. Usually upon waking, these individuals are able to share similar dream experiences.

A good example of this is when two people watch a television show prior to going to sleep and then the next morning they both share dreams about experiencing elements of that particular television show within their dreams. In some ways, there is a lot of what some would perceive to be coincidence involved with meshing dreams.

You could also arrange to dream about a certain location, both dream about the location and then share details like what color the door was. Lots of times, you’ll dream about the SAME color even though this was never arranged before, only the location was.

The red door in a dream

Meeting Dreams

Meeting dreams are a bit more advanced. Where meshing dreams may be somewhat coincidental in regards to shared dream details, meeting dreams are often more detailed. With meeting dreams individuals decide to meet up within a dream environment and during the course of the dream share explicit information with each other.

Upon waking the individuals involved in the meeting dreams are able to actually share the explicit details communicated within the dream.

Mutual Dreaming…Not Too Far of a Stretch

Maybe…just maybe…the concept of mutual dreaming is not as far-fetched as many would like to believe. We’re constantly hearing that our current reality is in fact an illusion. What if this current reality that we believe is so very real is just another level of a dream…similar to the dream world evoked in the movie Inception?

We may never really know. Until then, there is always lucid dreaming to prepare us for the possibility of mutual dreaming in the future. Click here now to get started learning how to lucid dream using our beginners guide.