Rubbing Your Hands Together To Stabilise The Dream


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A great way to make your dreams more stable and ‘grounded’ is to rub your hands together while you’re walking around the dream world.

It’s a great way to make the scene around you become clearer and if you’re having trouble stabilising Lucid Dreams this technique is good for you.

When you enter a Lucid Dream, sometimes it can be difficult to keep the dream clear and sharp and sometimes it tends to sort of blur out and leave you with nothing to look at until eventually, you wake up or just drift back to sleep. It’s annoying and happens to the best of us but there are things you can do to help.

Rubbing your hands together in a lucid dream

When you rub your hands together while looking at them, you find that the scene starts to become sharper and you can suddenly see everything again as if it were real life. It’s a pretty amazing thing to try because it’s like opening your eyes all the way. If you imagine a normal Lucid Dream and then imagine when it starts to ‘blur out’, rubbing your hands together in the dream is like opening your eyes again.

How does it work?

There’s not much information on it other than the fact that a while ago some people did an experiment to find out the best ways of staying in their dreams longer, or ‘prolonging the dreams’ and this was shown to be a success. Doing certain things like rubbing your hands together, spinning round, and more have been shown to improve your dream control and keep you ‘under’ for longer.

How do you do it?

To use this method, simply become lucid normally, (through whichever technique you prefer) and then when you’d like the dream to be more clear or if you feel yourself slipping away and back to the waking world, look down and rub your hands together. It helps if you also shout out some commands such as ‘become clearer’ or ‘I will stay in this dream’.

Rubbing your hands together for stabilization

Other ways to stabilize the dream

To make a lucid dream more vivid, stable and realistic, it’s important to be really good at doing reality tests like pushing your finger through your palm and looking at text etc. Here are some other ways to stabilize a dream:


  • Take a supplement that will make the dream more vivid and grounded. This gives you longer in the dream and makes it more likely that you’ll be lucid
  • Listen to binaural beats like these which are proven to make lucid dreaming EASIER by guiding your brainwave into the right state