The Reverse Blinking Technique: Fall Asleep FASTER And Deeper


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The reverse blinking technique is something that can really help you fall asleep much faster, with almost no effort. It’s a very simple method, but one that can help you a lot!

But before we get into that, let’s think about what usually happens when people try and fall asleep. Let’s say if you’re not really tired but you’re trying to fall asleep anyway..

Well what’s probably going to happen is you’ll be laying there trying to fall asleep, and trying to hold your eyes CLOSED. 

That’s a big mistake because your eyes are likely going to feel like they’re not READY to be closed. So what you can do is actually reverse that and use your eyes to your advantage.

What is the reverse blinking technique?

The reverse blinking technique is all about getting your mind to fall into a deep state of trance and relaxation. It’s very simple to do actually. 

What you do is close your eyes and then every 5 seconds or so, open your eyes for a split second. JUST long enough to look around the room or maybe focus on something in particular. As soon as you’ve done that and got a ‘snapshot’ of the room, close your eyes again.

This done over a period of about 5 minutes will let your brain slip very quickly and easily into a deep state of trance. I’m not sure how or why it works, but it’s a very good way of getting your body to fall asleep faster. 

In fact, I find that any technique or exercise that gets you to ‘slip inside’ the process that your body goes through is going to work well. For example, the finger induced lucid dream works because it lets you side step your bodies relaxation process by focusing on the thought of moving your fingers.

It’s interesting to me how we can interact with our bodies in this way and do things like this. I’ve always been interested in ‘bio hacking’ and learning how we can achieve our true potential with our bodies and minds. That’s another topic really for maybe another website but I think this technique is really interesting.

What you can do as well is to combine this with something like the 61 point relaxation technique to make yourself even more relaxed and ready for sleep. 

How to sleep better

I have actually written another very long post about how to get to sleep faster, and I think you should read that if you’re having trouble sleeping. It’s over 50 powerful sleep techniques and methods that you’ll find easy to use and implement.

Beyond that, just try and focus on getting in line with your body and the natural patterns of the world. This means go to be when the sun goes down and it gets dark, wake up when it’s light, and sleep for long enough.

I also made a few videos about how to sleep better and faster! Make sure to subscribe though!

You might have to turn of your lights, unplug your devices if they’re making noises and tell your partner to stop snoring. Make sure your bedroom is perfectly setup for the best nights sleep ever. Then think about using things like the reverse blinking technique to make it even easier.

But your first point of contact should be to address the underlying causes of you not being able to sleep properly, and they’re usually the TIME you’re going to bed and waking up. Get in line with the sun!

Warnings about reverse blinking

Like any technique that lets you sleep faster, you’re much more likely to bypass the sleeping process that happens naturally. This means you’ll probably experience things like sleep paralysis.

This can be scary, especially if you see the sleep demon but try not to fear it. Try and just expect it and tell yourself that it’s a normal part of trying to go to sleep faster than your body naturally would on it’s own.

In fact there’s a good chance you’ll be able to turn this sleep paralysis into a lucid dream, which is what you should be aiming for anyway, right?

The reason this happens is because you’re making yourself fall asleep faster than your body normally would, your mind will still be awake. Your mind will be active thinking things like ‘Oh this reverse blinking technique’s pretty good, I’m feeling tired now’ and then BANG you’re facing a sleep paralysis demon hovering over your chest.

It’s because you aren’t letting your mind fall asleep BEFORE your body does. This means you experience the natural process of sleep paralysis. It’s honestly nothing to be scared of but if you’re not used to it, it can be a bit of a shock.

More tips for the reverse blinking technique

There isn’t much else to say about this technique other than it works very well if you do it when you’re ALREADY tired. Make yourself tired during the day by doing things like exercise or walking a lot and you’ll find it a lot easier to do this.

One thing you can do is to try and keep your eyes open as LONG as you possibly can while trying to sleep. This reverses the process and makes your brain think ‘OH maybe I am tired and I DO want to close my eyes and sleep, but I can’t!’.

It flips the table on the brain because usually when you’re trying to fall asleep and you CAN’T, your eyes feel like the don’t want to close, right? So don’t close them. Keep them open and lay there until you feel tired.

It works best if you don’t look around, just stare straight up and relax your gaze so you’re not focusing on anything specific, and you’re not looking around the room. MAKE SURE you don’t look at your phone because this has the reverse effect.

I’d suggest of course keeping a dream journal and writing your progress in there, so that you can look back and see what days worked best for you.

For example, one day you might try waiting 60 seconds between ‘blinks’ and that might work better for you than the days where you wait only 10 seconds between blinks.

The journal lets you track all of that and see what you’re doing right or wrong. We actually have a custom designed lucid dreaming journal if you want something a bit more special and dedicated to lucid dreaming!