Repeating The Same Dream And Finding Objects AGAIN!


🌙 Written by Kai Riverstone, international lucid dreaming expert and teacher. Learn how to lucid dream in 7 days or less.

I had a question today from someone who’d like to remain anonymous asking something like: Can I create a loot box of items in a lucid dream, and then find that same box it items again in a future lucid dream?’. I guess this is so they can use the items as like an inventory, much like a video gamer. 

Interesting idea, and one which I’ll explore by first talking about repeating dreams and having the same dream over and over again. So there are a few things that happen to people naturally, and one of them is that people often repeat the same dream over and over again. It’s never EXACTLY the same but the theme is similar, so for example people might always dream about something like a forest or an island.

This is NOT the same as being able to create the EXACT same dream every night and go back to it, and to be able to find that dream exactly the way you left it. That’s sadly not possible, for a few reasons. 

Why you can’t go back to a dream and find it how you left it

Because when we dream, our minds sort of create the whole thing from scratch every time. It would be awesome if we COULD just enter the same lucid dream every time because we could literally build an entire life for ourselves including a girlfriend or boyfriend, house, and whatever else you wanted to do and it would be like a second life, but sadly that’s not the case and you can’t.

So what can you do?

Well, it’s not all bad news. What you can do is to create a similar dream next time you’re lucid, that will sort of feel like the old dream and you’ll feel like you’re going to the same place, even if the tiny details are slightly different. To do this, simply visualise the dream you want to recreate (during waking life) and focus on it several times in your waking day.

As it gets closer to bedtime, focus on it more intently and then when you go to bed, if you happen to get lucid you can use your favourite method of getting around (mines flying) to travel to the dream location. This is a powerful way of increasing the chances you’ll dream about a particular scene or setting.

Now you can combine that with the box or items idea and find your box of items but they won’t ALWAYS be the same. This is actually so simple you’re going to wonder why you’re even reading this tutorial, but to find a box of items in a dream you simply go to where a box MIGHT be like a shop or a bedroom, and look for a box.

Look for it with the EXPECTATION that you’ll find your special box of items and that inside will be the items you’ve placed there, but bare in mind the items will probably be different and their properties might be skewed as well. For example lets’ say you placed a little hoverboard in there that lets you fly around, if you enter the lucid dream and find this item without the expectation you can fly, it won’t work.

BUT if you approach the dream and find the item with the mental belief that you CAN fly because ‘of course you can, you’re using your special lucid hoverboard’ then normally, you’ll be able to. hope this made sense!